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Now for the time being office Mumbai

The TIMES NOW is provided to you by the Television Division of Bennett, Coleman & Company Limited. Have a look who you know at Times Network, use your professional network and let them set you up.

Mumbai Times Network office fire, transfer suspended

The Times Networks channel halted broadcasting due to a fire that blocked its Lower Parel office in the early morning of Friday. Consequently, not all stations of the channel television were broadcasting at first, although the station was able to deploy Times Now and Mirror Now in a few short moments, and Times Now HD was also deployed until 8.30am.

But the three stations run the same feeding. More than 15 persons were injured and at least 21 others murdered when a large fire started in a public house next to the Times Network office in the Kamla Mills connection. This fire was announced around 12.30 pm from The Mojo bar, a roof top Kamla Trade House dining room, and quickly spreading to other nearby bars and Times Network canals.

Until recently, the precise location where the fire occurred in the Times Network office was manned by the Times Now headquarters group. As part of a large renovation project three months ago, this office was moved to the Delhi office. TV9 Marathi office is also in the same building and is affected by the fire.

On the date of submission of this document, the duct was operational from the site although broadcasts were suspended provisionally. Channels gave us life feeds on their Twitter handles.

Work at TIMES NOW: staff evaluations

Short-lived environments, unpredictable times, often changing shift patterns. Staff training has no precedence, not even a small one. A great way to learn, always a vibrant working climate. To have been chosen as a future TIMES NOW co-worker and my following trip here was a step that shaped my future carreer. Working cultures and experiences at TIMES NOW are among the best in the world.

One of the most difficult parts of the work would be the irregular working times to which one adjusts over the years. Active as Outdoor/Indoor Broadcast Engineer of the 24 hour operative group.

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