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New York Times in print for Monday, October 15, 2018

President Trump has opposed pressures to suspend or abandon weapons deals to Saudia Arabia despite allegations that a Saudian reporter was murdered and smashed to pieces. Yamal Khashoggi had both an affinity for Islamic policy movement and strong links with the Saud king's lineage - until they were edited by a new Kronprinzen.

Earlier in the year, when the Kronprinz was meeting with Hollywood celebrities and Silicon Valley Titanium, the press was full of praise. Eventually, David Price takes Red Sox to a post-season victory. Eventually, David Price takes Red Sox to a post-season victory.

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In the next installment, we will look at Singapore City' s burgeoning virtual identities and how they are revolutionizing the way we engage with each other on-line. The Singapore Premier League champion Albirex Niigata is the greatest winner of FAS Nite 2018, and justifiably so, as he is the first side to end an undefeated year. Sport journalist Shamir Osman talks to the top award recipients.

It is one of four pilots designated by the government of Indonesia to handle foods, beverages, cosmetic products and medicines according to Muslim standard. 2:39 Is the British Hainan restaurant poultry travel prescription good? The Singapore Airlines airline has started the world's longest non-stop service from Singapore to Newark. Ching Wai Won of Singapore possesses a plant in China that produces electrical bikes, but increasing cost and rates levied by the United States and Europe force him to move to Malaysia.

Between June and August of this year, Singapore business man Ching Wai Won traveled almost 6,500 kilometres on an electrical bicycle through 12 different nations, from Europe to China. The 19-hour non-stop Singapore Airlines service to Newark took off from Changi Airport on 11 October. Stay with Rachel Quek and Hairianto Diman as they discuss the new rules that forbid employer to keep their maids' salaries; why more Singhalese wives stay singles; and the physician who has won the heart of newts.

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