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Teachers can now be promoted to profs - Higher VAT, which increases pollution: Upload The Times of India for iPad and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The Times of India for the iPad in the App Store

Times of India's offical application puts the latest British press in the spotlight and informs you about events in India and around the world. Upload the TOI application to your iPhone and receive the latest TOI content from around the world every single time! - Mornings and evenings update - Get every mornings and evenings update and get the latest information about the day's latest events with our intelligent update function.

  • Latest and Trend News  - Get the latest and trendiest Latest and trendiest Latest and Latest from India and around the globe. TOI provides everything an enthusiastic newsman is looking for - current affairs, the latest press releases, trendy information and comprehensive reporting on sport, leisure, business as well as new technologies. Of India Breaks to world news, politics break to crime show information, application information to Bollywood information and object appraisal from Bollywood, Hollywood and region object - get the most pertinent defender of honor information.

It' s rather odd that I feel attracted to TOI on the spur of the moment to take a look at all the news but also at details of film critiques. They are enlightening and the moments captivating, but never repulsive. In my opinion, my fingers often knock on the TOI application to make NY times Hardcopys, which are definitely superlatives.

Well, it would be great to get the copy of TOI, which had a lot of fun to read during my last trip to India. However, the advertisements and messages would be superfluous, I think. Also, my interest in sport has shrunk to cricket etc. so if I didn't have a preference for entertainment, I guess I might not be enjoying the TOI to the same degree.

Conversely, because the global amount of messages is too high, it would be better to tolerate regional and domestic messages. Several times, while trying to scrolling the articles down, it will move up and difficult to grab it to actually reading down. Cracket: Cricket: I' ve tried many times to see cover of the ongoing running test match, and couldn't find anything in the crime section.

It' weird that India has so many IT pros, but TOI can't find anyone who can create a proper application and enhance it over several years. In this context TOI should take some lines from the New York Times application. ©2016 Times Internet Limited.

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