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lndia news videos from the times now. Facetbook announces new initiatives and expands current programs for start-ups in India Latest news from South Africa, the world, politics, entertainment and lifestyle. In Kerala Times Now described Kasargod as India's Gaza. Head and newsreader of the best-known Indian news channel Times Now.

2017's Top Fake News story, published by the media in India.

The year 2017 will go down in history as another year in which faith in the majorstream press has steadily declined. It was a year in which primary stream mediums gave hard competitive play to socially minded mediums in the creation and distribution of counterfeit news. Old News provides a summary of the most revealing cases of major news outlets being found report fraud.

Facts testing is the first sacrifice in the scramble for the first news. This year there was also the uncanny diversity of counterfeit tales spread by majorstream music. These are the top 10 counterfeit tales spread by major news outlets in 2017. You will find everything from idle journalists who fail to verify fundamental facts to agenda-driven, deliberately seeded narratives.

Watch out for the perpetrators, watch out for the pattern, and watch out for how a falsified story is advanced to influence popular sentiment. Republic TV's news on Jama Masjid, which is in the darkness due to non-payment of utility bills, will make it into every top ten false news lists.

These were forged messages coming from various Hindutva handholds and Postcard News, a well-known website for forged messages. Repulic TV sent a fact-finding crew to the site, snooping around Imam Buchari's house, counted automobiles and recorded their make, but did not ring the bells to check if the tale was real.

Based on this so-called inquiry, which ignored the twittering clarification provided by OSES, Republic TV breached the news that OSES was giving Jama Masjid a push for non-payment of over four crimes. Alt News revealed the forged message in his column, whereupon the canal silently erased his whisper and tape without any excuse or statement.

When Aaj Tak chooses a tale that is so cryingly forged, he earns full grades. India Today's "story" of the Indian Hindi Canal originated in a Moroccan blogger's Satiric article and was rejected in 2015 by Daily O, a website held by none other than India Today itself.

While the less people talk about this so-called breaking of the news, the better, it leaves us questioning the motivations of Aaj Tak behind the spread of such obviously falsified notions. More about this bogus message can be found in this Alt News post. Time Now anchored anchor, who screamed her lung about a seven-year-old photo-shopped picture, was totally funny.

" Rahul Shivshankar from a photo-shopped picture that has not only been doing the WhatsApp laps for years, but was also exposed years ago. Find out more about this counterfeit fare ticket that made it to a prime time show on domestic TV. In Kerala Times Now described Kasargod as India's Gaza.

O really Times of India? An in-depth look at the history and its sources should have given you an indication of the odds that it is real, but instead of doing so, Times of India featured the history on the cover of its Kochi issue. In the meantime, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) followers who posed as the companions to Tom Moody's Facebook mail commentary now announced the links to the Times of India review deriding CPM.

When the real thing was unfolding on softwares, it was clearly Times of India that became the mockery. Unnecessary to say that the paper did not see its mistake despite the turmoil in the public networks. There is nothing more exciting to the India press than news about Dawood, even if it is unfounded.

Another round of state parliamentary election around the turn of the century, it was time for Zee News to let the German term fall. Stop breathing, the origin was not the UAE agencies, the Foreign Ministry or even the India Embassy, but Zee News' own "sources". The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) twittered this as an important political achievement, citing press coverage as a resource rather than the ruling party.

One falsified testimony made in a non-existent interviewer during a journey that never took place was enough to start discussions on Republic TV's Prime Times and CNN News 18 about the attack on Roy. Falsified messages came from an arcane Pakistani website named timesofislamabad.com and were distributed by postcard messages and other known falsified news sites.

Roy Arnab Goswami named Roy a "One Booking Wonder Whiner" and kept telling about his favourite subject Lutyen's medias and pseudo-liberals: "Mentioning the name of the India military, they all came together, especially the Lutyens medias, and the counterfeit pseudo-liberal multitude, they came together to misuse our military, and then in time and almost in a pre-planned way, a novel in which miracles like Arundhati Roy crawled out of the wood to strike the India military again.

" On the other side CNN News 18's Bhupendra Chaubey Chaubey Chaubey wanted to know if Rawal was right when he demanded that Roy be "tied up as a man shield". No revocation or excuse was given by Republic TV or CNN News 18 for the attack on Roy on the basis of bogus news. The news really makes you wonder how absurd a tale must be for the India press to recognize it as a forgery.

Parts of the India press were swindling around President Kovind, who won three million supporters in an hour without considering whether this was really possible. It was a flawless example of the flock mindset of the India medias when fundamental factual control has no place in the hurry to spread news.

Shortly after the news of the murder and maiming of two India junta guards along the Line of Control (LoC) was announced on 1 May, many news agencies began to report retaliatory actions by the India army. Mr Aaj Tak was the first to divulge this news, followed by detailed accounts of reprisals by the India Army through Aajtak's affiliated companies India Today, Zee News, ABP News and India TV.

Kirpan turned out to be indeed an India guard and the news of immediate revenge by the India was forged. The television stations had gone off without obtaining formal military clearance. A spokesman for the armed forces in the Hindustan Times confirmed: "We did not carry out any retaliatory measures in the KG sectors on Monday evening.

" Learn more about how this trunky forged message evolved here. Republic TV and Times Now were both thrilled enough with a Robert Vadra image to start off hathtags and prime time shows. Old News had to give Times Now and Republic TV a short introductory tour to prevent such beginner errors.

Gautier told these funny stories in a blogs entitled Nostradamus and India posted in the Times of India. Although everyone laughed well at Narendus, Vajpayum, Advanum and Murlum Joshum, Zee News found it a credible story worth telling their audience. Click here to learn more about these funny parts.

One really bad news was the eight-second Hindu sentence on a stamps offering abused by an unknown man. India Today's graphical gossip, which later turned out to be a hoax, revealed the danger of bogus news. The India Today's TV news was seen as a confirmation of the news, which was so far only an assertion by a BJP MLA.

India Today correspondent Shiv Aroor explains his attitude in this review. Slapped by Prem Panicker, former editor-in-chief of Yahoo India, he writes about how the history of India Today reinforced an unfounded assertion and gave it air, leading to common tensions. Difficult to select the top storys from the tens who made the rounds this year, conscientiously divided by the major news in India.

There' s much more out there, like when Times of India pronounced the missed JNU students ISIS sympathizers, when Times Now showed a Kerala Students Association Rallies tape as a BJP demonstration, or when Times Now tried to disparage #NotInMyName demonstrations with biased facts, when Punjab Kesri said that Hamid Ansari's deputy president's purse was six times the president's purse or when Times Now assaulted the UPA for Paki entry and ignored the fact that most BJP visa issues were made under the BJP regime... See more and more on Alt News.

Actually, this post was posted on Alt News. Here you can find the originals.

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