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Now High Times says it accepts crypto payments for its initial public offering.

As it turns out, the High Times is still willing to accept crypto currency for its current stock market flotation (IPO). However, despite the move, it seems that on the equity side of the business Betcoin has been retained as a method of payments. At the time he was asked to submit comments, High Times agent Jon Cappetta affirmed that the firm actually accepts both Bitcoin and Ethernet as means of pay.

High Times does not take or hold any crypto currencies - rather, a third person named Fund America picks the two crypto currencies and converts them into US dollar, which the business then receives. "We accept [crypto currencies] as a method of payments, but from a technical point of view Fund America accepts the bit coin and ethereal....

It' s like going public internationally, and we have accepted the sterling or the euros, these types do not take this currency, they convert it into dollars." He said the rationale for the previous walkback was due to SEC concern after the firm first said it would agree to bitscoin, which was primarily about whether High Times would directly obtain crypto currencies.

"is that we accepted it... similar to a plastic processing device... However, it is transmitted to currency and we get that, we don't specifically hold [crypto currencies]," he said. Cappetta said the High Times flotation itself is going well and the firm is considering a straight quotation.

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