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This is Times Now exposed!!!!! Aah! Watch this videotape to see the journalistic practice of Times Now.

Times Now', one of the most widely viewed British stations in India, was presented again because of its unfair journalists. Recent events include coverage of the Popular Front of India (PFI) organized protests. Times Now has been conducting a recent anti-grass roots front against India and calling for a banning of the organization on the basis of accusations by right-wing organizations.

Thereafter Times Now has speeded up its assault on the popular front of India, with various hathtags and half-truths. On YouTube, a videotape posted by an unfamiliar actor revealed Times Now's journalistic practice. When the Media, BJP and Sangh Pariwar coalition expedited the assault on the Popular Front of India and called for a banning of the organization, PFI protested against it nationally with a slogan "We also have a say".

Part of this nationwide campaign took place in Thiruvananthapuram on 7 October. Times now reporters reporting the protests from Trivandrum said first that about 2 of Lakhhs Popular Front Of India operatives were assembled for the protests after he said at some point that about 1.5 Lakhhs PKI operatives were assembled in the town and later the same reporters said that 50,000 PKI operatives were assembled for the protests in Thiruvananthapuram.

Yes, the same journalist said three different numbers on TV, while he reported on the number of attendees at the demonstration. In the same news on the same date, in the Times Now News Hour Debate, when PFI President Karnataka asserted that there were more than two Lakhhs at the demonstration, the Anker said that PFI made high demands on the number of protesters.

It is not the first times that the Times Now Canal has been found distributing propoganda, lying and hate before. This June, the station used a 7-year-old photo-shopped picture (exposed by Alt News) as proof of the claims of "Love Jihad". The People' s Front of India later sent a letter of intent for connecting the organization with an exciting history.

Have a look at the movie here: This is Times Now exposed!!!!! Aah!

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