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See also the live broadcast of all important news on Times Now Live TV & Times Now Live Audio. India's times in the App Store Times of India's offical application puts the latest news in a nutshell and informs you about events in India and around the world. Get the TOI application on your mobile device and enjoy news, live TV, pictures, video & more from around the world - anywhere, at any time!

  • BRIEF - For those who quickly scan news, relish article in a brief and concise form and keep up to date with the latest news, fast! - Mornings and evenings update - Get every mornings and evenings update and get the latest news and events of the daily with our intelligent update function.
  • Live TV - See what happens! Capture live reporting of all the latest news, corporate and Bollywood news on Times Now, ET Now, Zoom Live TV and Mirror Now TV along with live sound directly in the application! - Latest and Trend News - Get the latest and trendiest news from India and around the globe from our news section.
  • Read off-line - Read messages in off-line reads even without web access using the off-line read function. Check out the news centre at any time to get important news items. - Night read - Don't worry your eye anymore! You can use the black and sepia topics integrated in the application to ensure a comfortable viewing sensation even in low lightning.

TOI provides everything an enthusiastic news editor is looking for - current news, the latest news items, trendy news and comprehensive reporting on sport, amusement, business opportunities and technologies. Of India News to Worlds News, Politics News to Cricket News, Tech News to Bollywood News and Movies reviews from Bollywood, Hollywood and region movies - Get the most pertinent cover of fame news.

There is also a photo gallery of Bollywood personalities, industrialists, political figures, sportsmen and sportswomen and events/parties under discussion. See also the live broadcast of all important news on Times Now Live TV & Times Now Live audio. Be aware that live TV is geocentric and may not be available in all locations.

Fantastic experiencing the latest news all the while. It' s pushing me to keep up with the latest news. Wonderful application for message and alert read.

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