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Breaking news today, news on politics, sports, entertainment, business, lifestyle and much more on times of India. Ryder Cup 2018 Timetable, Livestream, TV Channels, View on-line streams, Starting times, Formats Although the United States had lost four of the last six Ryder Cups, after a dominating victory over Europe two years ago, they went up to the top 42 of the series. Thats been turned all the way upside down as the Europeans won dynamics last Friday and have collected to a 10-6 wire over the Americans through two days of activity at Le Golf National in Paris.

Of course, the United States are no longer the favourite, and Europe will be looking to win on Sunday by putting in 4.5 of the 12 points left. The Ryder Cups are almost always crazy, and the best thing about them is that they always felt near to the end. Featuring stars and prospective scattered resound of family golfers in both sides, I am looking forward to a fantastic finale in Paris in what could be the best 2018 game.

Ryder Cup takes place from Friday 28 September to Sunday 30 September in Paris. On the first two of the Ryder Cup activity weekdays, column sessions with different kinds of golf that will be played will be included. Golfer from the United States and Europe will be competing in four-ball action early in the day and in fours later in the day. There will be a competition in the four-ball activity.

Sunday the players will play individual games. There are two golf clubs that represent each nation and compete against each other. There are two golf clubs that represent each nation and compete against each other. One point is given to the player who wins each of the holes; if the number of points is the same (e.g. if both sides make a birdie), no points are given.

After each game, the victorious side receives one point for their land (or 0.5 if it is even). An early game may end if the winner squad has more gaps than there are still room for the game. The Sunday is made up of 12 individual games, which are held throughout the course of the game.

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