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Mumbai: Times Now journalist with Knuckle Duster assaulted Mumbai, October 14: A reporter working with the Times Now news network was assaulted in the early morning of Sunday by four non-identified villains near Gamdevi policestation. "This evening, when I returned with my boyfriend Cavell D'costa, I was assaulted by an unfamiliar group of humans right in front of my Bombay House. A FIR was recorded at the Gamdevi Gendarmerie.

"Four men assaulted me out of nowhere. The only thing I can say is these guys have been waitin' for me a long while. You also beat up my boyfriend and stole his cell phone," Herman said to ANI newswire. What history has affected humans so much, I don't know," he said in the Facebook mail.

Jaipur, 18 October: In the midst of the Zika influenza epidemic in Rajasthan, 324 healthcare workers were dispatched to the affected stations of Jaipur's Shastri Nagar. Thursday the number of Zika viruses in Rajasthan increased to 106. Twenty-five of the affected persons are expectant mothers, an officer of the Union Ministry of Public Health said.

Six new Zika cases were affirmed in Jaipur and two neighboring wards. Zika cases were found in some Moskitos, which were taken as specimens from the Sindhi camp and the heavily settled Shastri Nagar. India 2018 Zika virus outbreak: The IRS was conducted in 58 homes where Zika virus was found in beneficial people.

The Zika virus: A PTI reported that today almost all Zika viral infections are recovered after therapy. London, 18 October: Spirits lord Vijay Mallya is in another emergency following a recent decision by the London tribunal to buy six luxury cars belonging to him to fund a syndicate of bankers.

The Mallya, which is indebted to the debt of 10,000 rupees to the country's banking system, has luxurious automobiles, among them personalized license signs with the letters "VJM". The TOI reported that the luxurious vehicles included a Porche with James Bond number OO07 VJM and 2006 Ferrari with BO55 VJM, which means Boss Vijay Mallya.

According to the article, "the order from the Cockerill judiciary comes from 11 October, according to which the law enforcers of the supreme courts are free to resell their Mini Countryman, Maybach 62, Ferrari F430 and F512M, Range Rover and Porsche Cayenne". Imprisonment for Vijay Mallya and others? Shelters in Arthur Road Prison in Mumbai are being refurbished to comply with European and British prison standards.

The British court's move comes after Mallya loses a case against the Bengaluru Debt Recovery Tribunal before the London Tribunal. British courts have permitted law enforcers to extradite from Malaysia's two residences in the United Kingdom. Mumbai, October 18: Mumbai police have detained a man charged with harassing a pro journalist and a 14-year-old young woman in Andheri's suburban West.

The Hindustan Times reports that after the defendant bragged about the incident to his peers, Hindustan Times cops tracked him down and detained him. Reportedly, when Khan laughed and bragged about his activities in front of his co-workers, one of his waiters friend briefed the cops.

Defendant was arrested for interrogation by Oshiwara Metropolitan Highway Patrol.

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