Timesnow tv Live Streaming

Time Snow TV Live Streaming

Pluto TV streaming OTT service comes to Europe. Launch of BCCL website for live streaming television and event videos The Times Audience Network (TAN), the Bennett, Coleman & Co. Limited (BCCL) interactive streaming facility, has established an on-line feature, Live.Indiatimes.com, to broadcast live television and off-line event and conference streaming capability.

TAN Sameer Pitalwalla, Chief Executive, TAN, revealed that Live.Indiatimes.com will be an anonymous asset of the Times Group and that the business will broadcast the live videos from its own television stations as well as those of other groups.

Live reporting from the Indian newscast India TV, for example, is also available on the website, apart from BCCL-owned television stations such as Times Now and Zoom TV. Mr Walla points out that there are planned to soon include live feeds of videos from an Hindi economic newscaster and some local television stations.

In addition, the Times Group's UK economic newscaster ET Now will also be available next weekend. While Pitalwalla added that the emphasis will also be on live streaming videos of celebrity off-line shows, he declined to mention the type of shows that would be catered for.

TAN recently broadcast for the minutes the live TED India broadcast (TED.Indiatimes.com) which took place from November 4 to 7 at the Infosys Campsite in Mysore. It is interesting to note that the firm has incorporated the Live.Indiatimes.com site with online community services such as Facebook and Twitter. It means that the user will be able to update their networks of contacts on the above listed community pages directly from within the site or sending news.

Mr Pitalwalla thinks that the inclusion of softwares will help the firm raise awareness of the site, as consumers will be able to link from Live Indiatimes.com via Facebook and Twitter. In addition, the firm is planning to money its live streaming real estate on-line through advertising. Initially it offers advertising features such as pre-roll, overlays, advertising banners, brand-name videoplayer skins and page sponsorship.

TAN in November heralded the release of various TV stations such as Times Now, ET Now and Zoom TV having available videos on GPRS-enabled cell phone.

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