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Its editorial "Debates" were often described as uncivilised, prejudiced and sometimes not even suitable for a domestic crowd. Hosting and moderating these discussions, he coerced these discussions, as opposed to a neutrally stance, into one-sided conduct on the basis of his own ideas, often keeping the earldom folk held captive with his notorious slogan "The National Wants to Know".

It was never permitted for the participants of his discussions to express themselves if they were not dragged along with his ideas. He is arrogant as the individual who manages the information flowing through his canal. He abuses in a verbal way - even if not in words, but in aggression and in a voluminous way that can be described as crying - everyone who has opposed his own point of view is quite frequent.

Even as a newscaster, Times Now has fallen through in this respect. One can justifiably say that over the years Times Now has always been prejudiced in its coverage. You have never pursued a politics that aims to report messages as they are and let the audience decide what is right and what is wrong. What is the point of this game?

Times Now, as a newscaster, has taken it upon itself to determine what the people want to know and what is right and what is wrong for them.

What better way to get your TIMESNOW or NDTV or any other one?

Well, I am an enthusiastic readers of the latest and would like to keep up to date with all the latest information and happenings. I am watching TV on the Republic World website and in my own personally experienced I have found that Republic World provides the quickest and most convincing newscast. Ultimately, all the key actors in the communications sector are covering these important incidents, but the important and crucial for me are the pace, genuineness and newness of the contents.

When it comes to the above mentioned things together, I think Arnab Goswami's message station will take it home with a certain amount of variation. I' ve been following their channels for a long time and the huge variety of messages they broadcast is simply astounding.

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