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Special domain is a domain that can only be registered for a fee because the domain is short or contains a meaningful dictionary. Domains are of great value! . tk is the Internet Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) for Tokelau, an area of New Zealand in the South Pacific. However, a recent report (PDF) by Verisign, the global registry operator for .

com and .net, found that .tk is the third most popular country domain (or ccTLD) after Germany (.de) and the UK (.uk). Help article is a FAQ for .tk domain names.

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tk is the domain name of the domain for Tokelau, an area of New Zealand in the South Pacific, which is the Top Level Domain (ccTLD) of the German government. Tokelau allows any person to create domain name registrations. Additionally to the name itself, end-customers can forward their web traffic via HTML framing and e-mailing, with a limit of 250 IPs per login, or use full DNA, either through their own or third-party server, or through Dot TK's server.

Dot TK demands that free domain names have periodic visitor flows, and if the redirection destination of a domain does not work (even temporarily), the domain will be taken off-line.

Failure to comply with these conditions will result in the domain being substituted by a Sedo advertising space and no prior notice will be given. In order to get a "special".tk domain name, it must be purchased by the end-customer. These include brand domain name for most Fortune 500 businesses. Domainnames that have been purchased in the first two years costs 19.90 US dollars.

Possibly precious name with less than 4 chars are also not available for free registry and usually have to be bought at a $1000 or higher value for money. In April 2010, Twitter started a new Twitter feature for Facebook users[3] that offers a shorter web page abbreviation feature that takes up less room than many others, and for Facebook, where Facebook accounts can be renamed with name.

Complimentary and chargeable domain names

Available domain names work just like any other domain name. Endings are currently available for free registration: It is not possible to register all domain names for free. There is a limit to the number of domain names that can be bought as "Special". Thus, for example, all 1-, 2- and 3-digit domain names as well as the current ABAP key words are regarded as such.

Any other domain (which is not Special) can either be bought (Paid Domain) or it can be registrated for free (Free Domain). Prices start at $6.95 per domain per year. Specific domain names are more expensive by name. Better still, these normal domain names are available at cost price. Our services include generically top-level domain names such as COM, NET and ORG as well as national domain endings.

Also the new top-level domain names like .BERLIN or .BLUE are available at cost only.

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