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Create your website for free. I' m not a representative of in any way. In this step, an account will be created on the website so that you can manage your domains.

Free-of-charge website creation (

Build your own website FREE with! Use's simple Website builder to build a face-to-face, group, or small businessman website. Make the most of your free WebsiteAt Webs, we offer you all the utilities you need to build a professionally looking website in just a few clicks.

Customize with a blogs, forums, calendars, galleries, photos, and more. And you can even include members and profile yourself so you can turn your site into a collaborative environment where your friend, colleague and familiy can communicate and work together. You can then use our simple page editors to insert new pages and type in text, pictures, movies, widgets and more with our oh so simple page editors.

Easily add and remove column names, resize and color fonts, reverse changes, and more. You can also send your friend an email - with your consent, of course. Add comments so your boyfriends and girlfriends can shared their thoughts! View and split your movies, up-load your movies to make your own movie canal. They can also read from YouTube or anywhere on the web.

Allow your members to insert their video in your gallery! The user-friendly user surface makes it easier to easily insert event information - and you can also allow comments on these as well. Get hold of and append to widgets from around the world. Lots and lots of choices of widgets to keep your website up to date, educational and funny.

Feeds, cards, surveys, meters, matches and more - all from one place to the big one. Expand your company with a webshop and market your goods and provide your service on-line.

Go get a free .tk website!

Hi, this is a very useful Tutorial if you don't have the cash to buy Website. Take a few very simple paces and you will get your free website up and running in just a few moments! Stage 1: Get a free website hosted here: or on another website like this. Stage 2: Go to and type your preferred .tk website in this field.

Stage 3: Choose the Submit Domains to radio button (you can buy a DNA if you want) and then fill in your free viaethostomain ( ) in this field. Activate the 12 month opt-in, add capturecha and click Subscribe: Choose one of these verifications or use email validation. 5: Fill in your name and your preferred username and click Submit my profile.

Stage 6: Check your email and you're done! Don't miss to come back to after 1 year to extend your website for free! Alternatively you can do this: allows X10 hosting. I' ve got a place there for almost 1 year. Rufutation: has removed my domainname. The cause is that I use copyrighted material, but I only use the domainname for DNA, how can I use copyrighted material?

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