To Customize

For adjustment

Customize. transitive verb definition: for creating, customizing or changing according to individual specifications. Medium Candy Apple Red", applied with a metallic sheen, is a popular color among car owners who customize their cars. Marketers can customize each ad for a specific user based on the user's previous settings. Here's how you can customize your name tag.


Conn (used with object), customer-specific, customer-specific, customer-specific, to be modified or built according to customer or person-related requirements or preferences: to design an automotive individually. There was no point, except maybe as something he could adapt as The Bieber Haiku. The Marbel also works with your phone, so you can customise your driving experience with a variety of different driving styles.

However, today customers are adapting services and product offerings by using a number of vendors. v. 1934, "to make (something) to a customer's specifications," American English, by custom (adj.) + -ize. Customize; Customize; Customize; Customize; Customize; Customize.

Customize " Samples ("customize")

Editors can either customize the features or customize the features with individual plug-ins. Furthermore, he designed in different ways that allowed us to customize the UI and expand it. Mid aged apples rose, painted with a metal shine, is a favourite colour for those who want to personalise their vehicles.

Marketers can customize each ad for a specific person on the basis of the user's prior settings. Next, the new gamer must recreate and customize the Avatar. Throughout the construction of the vessel, the gamer can customize the arc, motor, gun, and components. You can also customize your own char support attack.

You can also customize the weapons of each vessel and buy new ones on the open and open market. Customize your characters with caps, blouses, shirts, and more. Coaching allows gamers to customize the squad to suit their needs. At the end of each meeting, gamers will receive location-specific clothes to customize their own personalization.

Gamers can customize the look of their character. User can customize the view and turn alerts on and off. Gamers have several ways to customize their character, such as fractions, user-defined professions, and levels. You can customize the look of the thumbnails and the collector files.

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