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Facetbook is working on an intelligent set-top TV setbox that will provide voice call capability an hour ago Tech NewsInternational codenamed'Ripley', which would use the AI to recognize and track individualsutomatically. Smartsticker' can inform wearers of potential healthcare hazards3 previous hoursTech NewsScientists have developed portable electronics that can be simply clipped to the user's body to track exercise and inform wearers of potential healthcare hazards in a real-time environment.

According to rumors, Apple has just reported that it will be hosting an October 30 at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, Howard Gilman Opera House, New York, USA, on October 30. There are rumors that the Cupertino-based technology company will present new iPad Pro phones at the show, and we may also see an updated MacBook Pro laptop from them.

3-D imprinted lithium-ion rechargeable battery designed 7hrs agoTech NewsResearchers have created a new process to imprint lithium-ion rechargeable battery used in smart phones and laptop computers in almost any form in 3-D. The Red Red Red Redeemption 2 preloading begins tomorrows, so you can preload 7 hrs aheadGamingRockstar Games is about to start the continuation of one of its most popular and anticipated games - Red Redeemption Red Dead on 26 October 2018, and is now available for preorder at a start value of 3,999 OS.

Frontbook stockholders support Zuckerberg's suggestion to eliminate chairman's proposal9 hrs agoTech NewsSeveral publicly held fund, which holds stake in Frontbook Inc on Wednesday, supported a suggestion to eliminate chief executive officer Mark Zuckerberg as chair, said the welfare news service tycoon mistreated several high-profile scandals. to support the suggestion.

The Lenovo S5 Pro comes with a 6. 18-inch Full HD+ screen. COAI9 Stunden agoTech NewsHe said that telecommunications companies will need some quality check period to check the document they share with clients, but its link will still work until the document is checked.

Quinco Introduces Quantum Luminit smart LEDs to Market, Prices Start at 26.9909 Hrs Previous RsMore GadgetsElectronics Videotex International Mark has heralded the introduction of its new Shinco Mark with a line of 4K Ultra HD Quantum Luminit Smart LEDs to Quantum Luminit LEDs. Governments set a new policy for telecommunications operators9 hrs earlierTech NewsDevelopment has taken place against the backdrop of the sudden shutdown of service by some telecommunications providers who have recently abandoned their subscriptionists.

This is why Ericsson fired 50 employees 9 previous hoursTech NewsMobile Telephone 59 Ericsson said on Thursday that he fired 50 individuals for a US investigation into corrupt practices which he cautioned could result in a fine. The OnePlus 6T will be released on October 30th. The OnePlus 6T will be available on Google Pixel 3 10h ago.

The Huawei Huawei Mate 20 Per Unveils Along With Other Indian Flagship Ships In November10 Previous HoursMobilesChinese smartphone maker Huawei will be launching its Huawei Mate 20 Per along with other recently introduced Huawei Mate 20 units in India Next November in November. Here is one of the slimmest phones in the worlds that most of us can't buy 11 hour agoMobilesWe have seen several of the world's first smart phones and the market is getting higher every year, with original equipment manufacturers doing their utmost to make their phones ultra portable.

Galaxy Tab S4 with Dex assistance introduced 57,90011 Hrs ago at RsMore GadgetsSamsung has extended its range of tablets in India with the introduction of the Galaxy Tab S4. Facebook's choice of "war room" to fight bogus messages and bank accounts11 previous hoursTech NewsIn an otherwise harmless part of Facebook's extensive Silicon Valley Camp, a closed gate carries a sticker with the inscription "war room" on it.

Reported11 hrs agoTech NewsGlobal issue for devices -- PC, pills and cellphones -- is projected to grow by 2. 4 percent2019 , and will reach $706 billion, up from $689 billion in 2018, the Report said.

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