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Search for a specific time zone object. GMT' strip for conversion to local time, no support for other time zones. NOW() returns the current date and time.

Actual time in Virginia, United States of America

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PowerApps - Now, Today and IsToday Features

Delivers the actual date and time and checks if a date/time value is today. With the Now command, the actual date and time are returned as date/time values. Today will return the actual date as the date/time value. This period is 12 noon. It has the same value over a single working days, from today's date at 12:00 to tomorrow's date at 12:00.

IsToday checks whether a date/time value is between today's date and tomorrow's time. Retrieves a logical (true or false) value. Each of these features works with the location time of the currently active subscriber. Today and now are fleeting features. Every time one of these features is analyzed, it will return a different value.

If used in a dataflow equation, a transient operation returns a different value only if the equation in which it occurs is re-evaluated. Unless the equation changes otherwise, it has the same value throughout the entire run of your application. E.g. a labeled1. text with Label1.Text = Now() does not modify while your application is on.

Values are revalued if the role is part of a calculation in which something else has already happened. If, for example, we modify our example to include a fader controller with Label1.Text = DateAdd( Now(), Slider1.Value, Minutes ), then the actual time will be fetched each time the value of the fader changes and the text attribute of the fader is re-evaluated.

If used in a behavioral formulation, transient features are rated each time the behavioral formulation is assessed. This is the date/time value to be tested. As for the example in this section, the actual time is 3:59 a.m. on February 12, 2015, and the default is en-us. Insert a Schedule Contol, change its Duration to 1000 and change its Repeat to TRUE.

Assign the OnTimerEnd attribute of the library controls to this formula: Wherever the clock begins from the beginning (after every second), this equation resets the CurrentTime variables to the actual value of the Now value. Insert a label constraint and assign its text attribute to this formula: You can use the text feature to reformat the date and time as you like, or change this to CurrentTime only to display hour and minute, but not seconds.

Labels continuously display the actual time up to the second. The AutoStart option of the slider should be toggled to truth and the visibility option to false. Make the OnStart feature of the monitor so that the CurrentTime variables has a value that is correct, as in this example:

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