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Hot 10 Blog Designs

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Top 10 Reiseblogs

Some of you may know that I have been working in the field of designing for 10 years and have worked as a free-lance artist in different businesses while maintaining this blog. Actually, most of my revenue comes mainly from my free designing work at The Pete Designs.

Today I want to immerse myself in the designs of tourist logs and introduce the best designer tourist logs that take story telling to the next stage. These days, logs start to look more and more the same, with default generics, hard to navigate, far too many superfluous pop-ups, and don't let me start kidnapping scrolls (why do they?).

Personally, I think it's due to the fact that website creation has become more accessable and blogging can be done using easy automatic editing features so the blogger can concentrate more on typing, content management, content management, content management, content management, marketing blogging and more. All this is good for novices, but as these bloggs grew, most programmers would forget the layout and instead double back search and email and sometimes sacrifice the users experiences for profits.

Your identity will be watered down over the years and therefore most of the logs you see today look similar. To encourage great styling in the motion picture business, I've chosen to browse the web in pursuit of the best motion picture logs that offer a great usability, great storyline and sites that transcend the boundaries of what motion picture logs can be.

These are the 10 best designer logs for 2018: As well as taking story telling to the next stage with her fonts, The Trip Episodes also brings videoclips, sounds and photographs. Like no other blog I've seen, the Blog Episodes leads travellers to the kingdom of shorts.

They appreciate it, it's the "12 Stunden in" show, which not only provides a detailed guideline on how to pass your restricted period in a town, but also the guidebooks are clearly subdivided into lessons of amazing typeography and breathtaking photographs. Young people in Paris bring story telling to a lower realm beyond the common themes that are popular in tourist newsletters, and more in the area of a deep appreciation of the culture and tradition of each country.

It is a touch of freshness to hear tales of "The Amazon Most Endangered Hunters" as another tour leader through a town or a state. One of my favourite bloggers for travelling. Writing her passports from the point of view of a third-world landowner ( like me), she tells her tale with surprisingly thorough detail, soft pastels and an easy to digest listing.

Aesthetics of her items only cry out how much care she took for them. In addition, her essays are always featured with a breathtaking title image with on-point hypography. The Camels & Chocolate blog is one of the most colourful tourist logs ever. Kristin, the blog's proprietor, has really put a great deal of effort into the blog's designs, from the on-point colour schemes to the aesthetics of her work.

Article like "Real-Life Narnia: The " A Guide to Jasper " has also concentrated on the photograph so that it felt as if we were travelling with it. Throughout the Dusty Roads writers, Andrew and Emily are one of the best trip bloggers in the world. Each of her items is backed by a wealth of information and breathtaking photos that will encourage everyone to come and see the place.

Your The Forgotten Animals of Bolivia story has not only an astonishing photograph, but also a clear styling that focuses on the contents and is easy to digest. When I was travelling in Colombia and Ecuador, I recall that I read their blog many times. Matthew is a great adventurous photgrapher and an outstanding author.

The blog is optimized for information usage, with a clear lay-out, clear and oriented towards contents. Â His Hawaii story is a good example of his outstanding writings and inspirational photographs. A great example of a great traveller's blog, with everything from fun adventures to a nice lay-out that doesn't water down the contents, it' s easy to find what you're looking for in it.

A feature like "Paragliding off the Elaskan Mountain Range" shows their ability to get first-hand tales from the adventurous and guide them with adventurous photographs in between to give you a feeling of greatness. You' ll experience the thrill of adrenalin just by rereading her work. The Classe Touriste will take you further away from the trodden paths than most tourist logs.

Conceived to give you the feeling of almost having read a paper full of adventures with great types etting, photographs in a raster and a clear lay-out, the blog is a great place to read. Classe Touriste, for example, takes you to places like North Korea and convinces you to do the same with her breathtaking photographs.

Wild Abandon is a curious and imaginative blog of the Kyla and Jill duos with tales that will make you run away with them and take long journeys around the globe forever. It' s like the On the Road Jack Kerouac novel introduced in the 21 st centuries and divided into smaller tales for online use.

For her Yosemite history, for example, her lay-out is almost imperceptible and lets the tales and the photographs radiate and take over. There you have it, the top 10 logs that I think have the best designs. Are you looking for more inspiring items?

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