Top 10 Church Websites

Popular 10 Church Websites

Below are some of our most popular church websites for 2018. For example #10: You can come in as a stranger, but you will go as a family. Top 10 of the best church websites of 2018. Explore our hand-picked collection of the 10 best church websites from 2018. The Good News Church has easily made it to our list of Top Church websites!

Top 10 best church websites of 2018

The website of the Evangelical Christian Schools has a nice and appealing graphical environment. They have large images of their website spread across happy kids giving a sense of heat and comforts. Clear typefaces and colour palettes also contribute to the users' awareness of the schools and convey a sense of class and style. The Saddleback Valley Christian Schools website is clearly aimed at potential parent and student audiences.

The website serves as a promotional platform for the schools and is designed to tell a compelling tale to future generations with the aim of bringing them to university. Nice, contemporary styling with light photographs and extraordinary videos emphasizes this page. A nice "Chat with Us" badge and wide screen pictures of pupils with luminous test stories immediately convey authenticity to the Eastern Christian Schools website visitor.

Although the site mainly talks to potential family members, they also do a good job by spreading their "parent" link throughout the site. The SFC does an amazing work by talking to potential teachers and pupils through its website. Consistent call-to-action strategies drive patrons to "plan" a trip to their campuses to see for themselves.

Lovely video and photographs make this a place that clearly stands out from the other. Throughout his website, Christian uses great images and updates his blogs proactively with new contents. They have kept their copy quite small and help the visitor to quickly browse through the site to determine if it is profitable to take the next steps.

And we also like to see how they highlight the effects of their schools on graduates and their professional outcomes. Mount Zion Christian has not only a big name and an logo, but also a singular user experience (UX) with its gooey homepage browsing after scroll.

The Lincoln Christian School website begins with a series of several beautifully animated revolving heroic pictures and multiplexes. Prior to scrolling anywhere, the end consumer is fascinated by the three major motivations for choosing Lincoln. The Hamburg navigation of their website is cutting-edge and leads deep down viewers to extra pages that retain the same nice look.

Altogether a very easy, neat website where the users feels at home. This is another website of the Christians who are not too timid to show these faces. Your primary call to Action is "Request Info", which will help potential adults to make a resources pack with everything they need to make their important decisions.

Your home page consists of several "I am..." screens that guide the users into the "bucket" they are falling into and help them create custom contents. Combined with a well thought-out page layout, this ensures excellent user-friendliness.

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