Top 10 Portfolio Websites

The 10 most important portfolio websites

RoAndCo's website is an experience in itself, in line with the studio's way of working. Do you *want to know more* about how to create a premium portfolio? Jan 2018 arrived in all its cold, cold splendour and I only spent the first few days looking at the portfolio pages.

Breathtaking 10 web designer portfolio

Use these portfolio samples to help you improve your web portfolio instead of following the same old WordPress portfolio topics. Continue reading to see the portfolio styles that are inspiring you - and to learn a little more about the designers. Turhan Cihad is a frontend creator who lives in Ankara.

His love for interactivity, experimentation, data visualization and scarlet panda is a great thing. He is a creator and creator at Thai Ltd in Tokyo. Noguier is a 21-year-old Parisian living fashion photographer and artist. It is Robin's passion to solve engineering issues, build intelligent screens, and envision useful interaction. Independent Athenian fashion stylist Irene Demetri is located in Athens.

Starting as a design professional for optical communications, she became passionate about the realm of media. Create user-friendly web and phone themes. So Guillaume Juvenet is a 21-year-old creativity engineer from Paris. They create websites that are nice, engaging, responsive action and kind. It is Vito Salvatore, an Italien digitally designed and artistically directed artist.

James Bryan is an active professional who seeks to harmonize high-end designs, engineering, animation systems and sounds with fun, groundbreaking concepts that provide inspiration and information to create goose bumps faces and award-winning results. And Bethany Heck is the head of Microsoft Power BI and the founder of the Eephus League. Hein is a graduate student of Erin, a graduate student of business administration and a graduate student of economics. Erin is a graduate student of business administration and a graduate student of economics.

Best 20 new portfolio locations, January 2018

Jan 2018 came in all its cool, chilly splendour and I just spend the first few day looking at the portfolio pages. There is no particular topic this particular month, unless you are counting just about every variant of minimumism. I see more and more efforts to find a equilibrium between extremist designing philosophy and I have to say that I like some of the results very much.

Please note: I judge these pages by how good they look for me. When they are creatively and originally, or classically, but really well thought out, it's all good for me. Many of these pages, for example, rely on JavaScript to view their contents at all; this is a poor idea (TM), kid. Creux receives the prize for its dedication to a design idea.

You work a great deal with videos, so you've adopted the time-line idea to the way you navigate your one-pager. We' ve seen this before in a portfolio item, but CRUX has a less minimalistic view of the game. It' s about blending aspects of minimalism, brutality and presentational styles to make something that felt like it had been ripped from two totally different handbooks of art.

The portfolio of Ben Mingo is classical minimalistic and is enhanced by animations. To create its own side of the business, Zero uses a moderate stylised version of minimumism. Combining classical Minimalism with stylistic elegance, this website is easily navigated, yet full of character and power. The Adoratorio is a smooth but simplistic example of a minimalistic approach to motion.

It'?s clear, it'?s beautiful. Glyph Studio uses a high-grade prestigious style. He also has a nice one-sided portfolio. I' d describe the aesthetics of designing as aggressive pleasing, especially. Combining pastel tones, minimality and wallpaper videos, Jake Stangel makes the point easy to understand.

Right from the start, this portfolio offers you a range of motion graphics directly from the old science fiction film of the 70s that you have on VHS. In order to counteract the somewhat distractive motion, the remainder of the site is quite easy, with a large typeface that usually remains legible, even above everything else that is happening right now.

Wibicom's portfolio of presentations is quite common if you go on like this. It is interesting to me that the scroll down on the start page leads directly to the main pageavigation. There is no introduction contents, no bells and whistles beyond a little animated music. The Sympozium is a beautiful website that looks classic and professionally, while at the same time integrating some more contemporary trend such as symmetry.

Roundtable uses a minimalist approach that now almost seems like the old time. While the portfolio part of the website itself is organised as an almost stand-alone unit, a portfolio-specific navigational feature is displayed when searching this part of the website. Similar enough that the transitions don't seem too jerky; but they make the portfolio expertise clear so they concentrate on flipping through their work, and the remainder for the users who are willing to get serious.

Tajima Tao is a film maker, and his website shows his work by being in constant movement. Animations and backgrounds (as well as embed video) are quite common. It' s like in the banking booklets I was reading as a kid - while I wait for the grown-ups to finish up with the banking material - that they have grown up and become websites.

So Contemple went crazy with her designs and animations as well as with her weblink. There is a lots of cartoon, but it is a good cartoon. The Pierre Georges portfolio will not overwhelm anyone with madness. It' just a neat, comfortable portfolio with big text and much larger pictures. The portfolio of Jessica Chabot is very easy and is characterized by a few easy squiggles.

The portfolio of Brad Geiger is an example of how post-minimalism is beginning to move back towards classical minimumism. Library offers us a fairly straightforward portfolio based on brickwork layout. It' s just about all the pictures in this core notion.

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