Top 10 Restaurant Websites

The Top 10 Restaurant Websites

This is a summary of our most popular website designs for restaurants. 14 Best Restaurant Websites for Design Inspiration A good looking website with outstanding visual language can attract many people. However, it is the delicious pictures that make these pages great. Their location, menus and opening times should be easy to access. Here we have some of our most popular restaurant websites for you to use as a creative idea.

The Rozzis is an outstanding example of a restaurant website that focuses on the visual.

When you are looking for a default restaurant website sample look at this. Booking a seat can be done by pressing the Booking icon at the top right, which is very handy for prospective clients. Sony Australia has an sleek, one-page website with appropriate pictures and call to action in each section.

Click on the top of the page for fast and easy navigation. Australia's finest seafood restaurant uses skillfully designed graphics to attract your eye. This type of websites are not suitable for every company, but if they are done right, like Catch, your company will set itself apart from the masses.

Using strong colors and subtile animation makes this website a real eye-catcher. There is a galleried area with a picture merry-go-round showing the eating and the surroundings of this place. Here is another lively and colorful restaurant website. This homepage uses a picture merry-go-round with some paraallaxffects.

One of Australia's most award-winning Australian restaurateurs, Quay has an outstanding website that lives up to its name. There is a Hamburg map on the right side which is well organized. Qince is an outstanding example of how you should create a restaurant website. Minimized home page provides fast and easy browsing to your favorite meals, home meals, staff and booking choices.

The pages contain a full range of vivid pictures of both the restaurant's eating and decor. Easybistro & Bar uses a slide show with pictures on their homepage. At the top of the screen there is a booking icon and at the top right there is a menubutton. When you click on the menubutton, a full-page browser opens where you can view the menus, personal menus, more about the cook and link to our community members.

Here is another great example of a default restaurant website look. On her homepage, Ilili uses welcoming pictures that present both her meals and her interior. Browse the site for fast and easy information on your site, menus, catering and more. This website contains breathtaking full-screen pictures. If you scroll through these pictures, you will certainly be inspired to try out their restaurant.

Website styling makes important information readily available via the top right hand menustick. And if you only want to create your restaurant's website with pictures, Au Cheval is an outstanding example of how to do it. In The Snow Cafe Fox uses a right hand navigator and many pictures on his homepage.

This site uses full -width pictures to divide the page into different parts with call to action button. We' ve seen several websites using several full frame pictures on their homepage. First of all, this Australian shellfish restaurant is characterized by a full-screen wallpaper. Remaining home page pictures will be scaled down as you move down the page.

On top, the gooey navigation bar makes it simple to navigate the menus, contacts, booking forms and online community members. While it may seem difficult to be the only one of the thousand restaurant websites on the Internet, it is not necessary to be different from all of them. Most importantly, it attracts consumers with great graphics and a great usability.

More broadly, these two characteristics are what distinguishes good websites from average ones. We have been one of Australia's most reliable web designers, developers and digitally marketers for more than 15 years.

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