Top 10 Theme Music

The Top 10 Themed Music

On The Greatest list, Back to the Future is ranked 10th (or 10th). Which are your top 10 favorite songs of all time? #130 top movie themes tracks The blacksmith Will Turner joins forces with the excentric buccaneer Jack Sparrow to rescue his beloved, the governor's son, from Jack's former fellow pirates, who are now dead. One gentle highbite from the Shire and eight fellows went on a voyage to defeat the mighty One Ring and rescue Middle-earth from the Dark Lord Sauron.

Sir William Wallace begins a rebellion against King Edward I of England when his clandestine fiancée is put to death for attacking an Englishman who tried to violate her. Having discovered that an Texas-sized ansteroid will affect the world in less than a months, the N.A.S.A. is recruiting an unsuitable crew of low drills to rescue the world.

Skywalker unites with a Jedi Knight, a conceited pilote, a Wookiee, and two Droids to help defend the Galaxy from the Empire's world-destroying combat base, while trying to protect Princess Leia from the wicked Darth Vader. People in a faschist, military outlook are waging war on giant extraterrestrial beetles in a contemporary global political comedy.

They decide to help the people around them and discover thereby the affection. Seventeen-year-old nobleman fell in love with a friendly but impoverished performer aboard the luxury, unhappy R.M.S. Titanic. One last drake and a desillusioned Dragonslayer Sir must work together to stop an evil emperor who has been granted partially immortal status.

Pandora, a paralyzed navy sent on a uniquely quest to the Pandora lunar surface, is thrown back and forth between obeying his orders and defending the earth he considers his home. One of the last of an extinct species camouflaged as an inconspicuous man, Clark Kent is compelled to expose his true nature when the Earth is raided by an armies of survivalists threatening to take the Earth to the verge of devastation.

The young Albert registers for service in the First World War after his loved animal was bought by the troop. Glandalf and Aragorn head the world of humans against Sauron's armies to direct his eye from Frodo and Sam as they come closer to Mount Doom with one ring. With eight years to go since the Joker reigned over anaarchy, Batman, with the help of the mysterious Catwoman in a state of complete destruction, is compelled from his exiles to rescue Gotham City from the savage guerilla terrorists Bane.

Hannibal Lecter lives in a state of exil and tries to connect again with the now fallen out of grace F.B.I. Agent Clarice Starling, and finds himself the goal for vengeance against a mighty one. An Antarctic research crew is chased by a shape-shifting extraterrestrial who takes over the look of their casualties. Through a cloakroom, four children journey to the country of Narnia and discover their fate of liberating them under the leadership of a mystic beast.

A decade after the first encounter, Anakin Skywalker shared a banned romantic affair with Padmé Amidala, while Obi-wan Kenobi investigated an attempted attack on the senator and discovered a hidden clamp force made for the Jedi. If two children find and perform a magic boardgame, they free a man who has been caught in it for centuries, and a variety of hazards that can only be halted by completing the gameplay.

19-year-old Alice is returning from her early life to the magic realm, where she finds herself with her old boyfriends and discovers her real destiny: to put an end to the Red Queen's rule of horror. Oskar Schindler began to worry about his Jews in German-occupied Poland during the Second World War, after experiencing their Nazi German oppression.

From Kansas, a disgruntled Kansas circuit wizard is taken to a magic country named Oz, where he must fulfil a prediction to become a king and free the country with its great (but fake) forces from the evil witches. During the early 1900s, three siblings and their fathers who lived in the secluded Montana wild were affected by treason, story, love, natural disasters and world wars.

Homicide in the Louvre and references to Da Vinci painting led to the uncovering of a sacred secrecy that had been guarded by a clandestine community for two thousand years and could shatter the foundation of Christianity. The most powerful of Earth's powerful characters must come together and teach themselves how to battle as a crew if they are to stop the roguish Loki and his extraterrestrial armies from slaving Mankind.

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