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Newsspaper is one of the best-selling news and magazine topics for WordPress. It should be your top priority as an entrepreneur that your customers can get in touch with you. The MonsterInsights is the best Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. Top 10 WordPress Themes Bestsellers, Bestsellers, Bestsellers, Bestsellers! List of the best-selling WordPress themes of all time.

Number 10

Then you can see the number of page views and your most beloved contributions. The Top 10 add two Widget that you can use to show a listing of your favorite postings, and the count crosses all your blogs. Though there are several similar plug-ins available today, Top 10 is one of the most feature-rich pop-up mail plug-ins with supports for thinumbnails, shortcuts, widgets, user-defined mail type, and styles.

Built-in peer -to-peer peer review system also reduces your servers overhead by buffering the delivery of your favorite post. It uses to track the cache and is therefore fully compliant with most common plug-in caches. Now you can see the files stored by the plug-in in the wp_top_ten and wp_top_ten_taily daily table in the DB. Much of my spare freetime I spend to maintain, update and support this plug-in.

When you have used this plug-in and find it useful, you should consider making a contribution. So if you have a nice thing you want to add to the plug-in, or a bugs you could fix, consider forkin dling the whole thing and send me a puller. Enable the plug-in in WP-Admin.

Visit the Frequently Asked Questions on the plug-in page and the Frequently Asked Questions in the WebberZone knowledge base. Enable the plug-in in WP-Admin. With [ tptn_list] you can add the favorite contributions anywhere in your contribution. Requires three major options: Threshold, Headline and Threshold every day as follows: Limit: Max number of contributions to be returned.

Actually shown number may be lower according to your categories / postal exclusions setting. tptn_views ] allows you to view the number of times you have visited the site. It assumes an option value `daily` as follows: You must add the following features by modifying your topic file where you want it to appear.

Could this plug-in substitute Google Analytics? Top 10 is intended to keep track of and show only the number of page impressions in your blogs. There is no intention to substitute Google Analytics or any other full statistic use. What can I do to make the column sorting on the Custom Post Type pages sorting?

Append the following source to your features. Your topic's Php files. add_filter('manage_edit-{$cpt}_sortable_columns','tptn_column_register_sortable'); Substitute {$cpt} with the slot of your user-defined mail-types. For example, to make the column on your project mail types sortingable, you need to add: add_filter( 'manage_edit-projects_sortable_columns', 'tptn_column_register_sortable'); Awesome Plugin!

I' ve been using this plug-in for a few years. Great ease of use, neat formating features, and it definitely will help raise visitors' participation in other postings. Some of my customers' requests were to show 8 top ten messages and have a very distinctive look that differs from the plug-in screen. Due to its flexibility, I slightly enhanced the plug-in and made my own custom views.

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