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Top 103 Websites on WordPress Create your website with WordPress. Today almost every fourth website is based on WordPress. More than 409 million viewers each and every month see more than 15.8 billion pages on WordPress, and WordPress publishers generate about 43.7 million new postings and 58.

8 million new commentaries each and every month! What's more, WordPress publishers are able to see more than 15.8 billion pages on WordPress each and every year! Estimations show that there are currently more than 60 million different sites using WordPress that are currently on the web.

WorldPress is a big thing. If you are not trusted (don't be afraid, that's why we are here!), WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) that allows your user to build and maintain a blog or website. Okay, okay, okay, so you know that a bunch of people who blog about WordPress do it? However, you may not know that some of the greatest people out there, brand owners and sites you go to every single minute, rely on and like WordPress to keep their pages going and look like stellars.

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WorldPress now used on 30% of the top 10 million pages - WordPress Tavern

WorldPress is really as intuitively and flexibly as blogging platforms. I am pleased to hear that WordPress runs thousands of websites. Briefly, none of the pages counts towards this meter and the pages that have a customized top level domain (and the pages with customized top level domains are 0.4% of the total).

Here the WordPress power 30% of the web flag on is really deceptive. You should either change it to 0.4% or connect the CTA key to WordPress, like other businesses like Microsoft and Taco Bell, is clearly possessed of being the "most popular" in its own market segment, not the "best".

" Unfortunately, Matt Mullenweg has placed a priority on quanity over the qualitative approach to our work. It would be great if Matt would become obsessed with making WordPress more end-user-rich and less time-consuming and costly to service. However, he seems to believe that anything you don't like about WordPress can be done with someone else's plug-in.

In fact I like both Microsoft and Taco Bell, but apart from that WordPress is free both in its licence and effective in its cost. The largest rivals after I3Techs are also free, like Joomla and Drupal. Concerning WordPress, it is by no means "effective" to use it for free, unless you hardly use it.

You know that to get the most out of WP for a single location, you need to research, buy and manage multiple plug-ins and topics, and spend tens of millions a year on advanced engineering and support work. WordPress, like Joomla and Drupal, is essentially a custom built use. Don't you think that about 99% of inefficient shopkeepers can' t create a real WordPress-based website?

That' s why I am pushing back against web folks who mistakenly say that it is really simple for shop owner to create and manage a WordPress-based website. The last time I worked for a small company, I had 9 plug-ins - backup, anti-spam and more. However, about how much do you bill for a web site doing busines?

I' m mainly concerned with web pros who mistakenly promote WordPress as a great inexpensive and simple way to create a DIY web-site. You need skilled and gifted web professionals like yourself to create a real WordPress-based commercial website. Matt Mullenweg is also trying to make WordPress so dominant that both shopkeepers and web professionals will have the feeling that they have no option.

Use WordPress for free. At all you have no clue how many lessons and how many lessons are spent bringing to live a complicated open code program that is given to you for nothing. In my opinion, it is a little irreverent to make such a claim maximime when the asset you are talking about is not associated with WordPress code creators.

WorldPress has a big impact on most of the part of the work. However, in China most site builders still use very old CMS. I have been using Wordpress for 3 years, I am feeding it is much better than other CMS in China. Hopefully someone can see that and take more care that more Chinaans know and use Wordpress.

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