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Here we bring you the top 10 handpicked WordPress topics from March 2018. WordPress Themes top rated Suitable for joinery, civil engineering, decoration, electric, crafts, home, servicing, plumbing, refurbishment, repairs and covering, property, design joinery and photographs, commercial and service, automobiles and motorbikes, medicinal sites. It will be a great addition for builders, builders, architects and renovators, businesses and service providers, communities and individuals, healthcare, realty, engineering and photographic sites.

This topic is best for repairing companies' web pages on-line. The topic is tailor-made for lawyers, legal firms, legal firms, law firms, lawyers' offices, lawyers' and businesses' web pages, massages, chiropractic, manuals therapies, manipulation therapies, massages and health webpages. It can be used for cosmetic surgeries, dentistry or any other clinic or health facility.

It has been specially developed for Arts & Fine Arts, Photos, Artists, Photogallery, Photographic Exhibitions, Photographic Laboratory, Portfolios and Photographic Portfolios Sites. It is intended for mode, aesthetics, social cultures and web-sites. It is a good choice for artists, painters, designers, photographers portfolios or authors, museums and exhibitions sites.

Ideal for any kind of company, firm, enterprise, company & service, company & individuals, clothing & cosmetics, sport & travelling websites.

top 10 educational WordPress topics March 2018 issue.

We know that the only thing that can make a difference in the rest of the universe is our learning. Here we present you the top 10 handpicked WordPress topics from March 2018. Educational WordPress topics we have selected this months are below. For a high-quality WordPress topic, click here to see our Top 10 WordPress Top Topics.

The Child Educational Topic is a quick, bootstragbased WordPress topic for download. The device is portable, so it looks surprisingly good in terms of cell phones andtables. It is a very simple to use WordPress topic for children's or educational sites, but can be used for any type of on-line and off-line commercial website.

Children's literacy is a very versatile subject in terms of page designs, as it is built on SiteOrigin Page Builder, which means that any kind of page design is possible. It is a free WordPress topic, but has a certain level of content value. The VW Bildung Lite themed website is an appealing, versatile WordPress scholarly topic that is perfect for the web sites of educators and academics.

Designed to be easy to use and best fits the latest WordPress release. This topic helps you to create an informational, attractive and at the same times attractive company and various other kinds of web sites. The VW Education Lite themes are interoperable across browsers and work well with any web browsers. The translatable subject has an ultimative styling with the best choices that makes it nice and one of a kind.

Featuring optimised code, this SEO-friendly site will help your site gain high ranking in Google and other popular online services. It is useful for several training sites and blogging. The Edu Care is a cutting-edge, easy-to-use and highly reactive WordPress topic with breathtaking styling and versatility. The topic is able to meet the general needs of all sites of learning institutions as well as higher learning institutions, higher learning institutions, secondary and tertiary institutions and others.

The Edu Cares is fully Woocommerce compliant and fits best with the latest WordPress release. The Education Park is an unbelievably fine Education WordPress topic. Its design is clear and easy to use. You can use it for education, courses hub, LMS, training center, blogging etc.. The BOOTSTRAP Education Park is a fast and agile solution built on the BOOTSTRAP CMS frameworks, which allows you to adapt your website to your portable device, your desk or any other display area.

The Education Park is a cross-browser topic that works with all major webmasters. Contains functions such as Custom Menu, Social Media Options, Custom Call to Action Block(CTA), Custom Banner Slider, Multiple Websites and Page Layout, Blog Layout, Logo Colour Options, Custom CSS, Custom Layout, Standing Text, Translatable, Highly Optimised for Better Results.

This is a WordPress One Pageme, a WordPress one pageme, that is easy to use, neat, beautiful and appealing. Complete layouts, with sliders, services/features layouts, blogs layouts, full width page layouts, full page layouts and voocommerce capability. Completely reactive, cross-browser compatibility, SEO-friendly, Education-one theming is versatile and suited for any kind of company.

Textbooks are a subject for universities, as well as educational institutions and organisations that focus on learning. Rhyme is a basic multipurpose blogs topic. Reimt fully supports bootstrap brickwork Layout. Rhyme Topic offers an infinite range of colors. Reime have a mail slide on the front page where you can organize your contributions by categories. Rhyme Topic is conceived for a blogs, but you can use it for messages or educational sites.

Journalistic is optimised for the Google and Bing searchengines, and is at the same place a WordPress topic that is easy and up-to-date. It allows journalist, writer and author to post messages by blogs or letters with our minimalist multi-purpose magazine/newspaper themed. We' ve created a neat piece of coding so the loading times are short, rapid page speeds are a big part of our SEO-friendly design.

If you like to eat, need fashions, photographs, traveling, or a store inventory, then our minimalist topic is a good one. Blogs can use advertisements such as Adsense and affilate advertising for your blogsite about blogs, movies, actors etc. as well as writing a journal/biography about your own lifestyle with our typographically optimised, reader-friendly, slim and lightweight layout.

However, we do not yet fully endorse one-page / one-page web pages with postsuilder plug-ins, but we will soon be adding this along with the creation of specific whites and darker designs for schools, educational, bus and conferencing pages. The Journalistic has many functions such as the widget, head picture and reactive look, so it also works on cell phone. iThemer is a resume and portfolio topic with a basic lists page lay-out.

Animated banner about us, services, work & mix with fancy box, counter up, experience and education time line, carousel grid blogs, call to action, contact area with contact 7, customer and footer widgets. iThemer WordPress themes are specifically conceived for the multifunctional portfolios topic and can also be administered as one-page themes.

The Educa is a fast-reacting WordPress topic for an education school. It is a multi-purpose topic and can be used for other companies as well. The design is included with Font Awesome icons, the design can be administered with the right side bar. Topic with Bootstrap 3, which optimizes it for tables and portable devices.

Translatable design with great support for browsers.

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