Top 50 Wordpress Themes

Hot Top 50 Wordpress Topics

Here are the 50 most frequently used topics based on all our scans. You can see that each of the 50 most important Wordpress topics has the following:. We have found 50 of the best to help you.

Hot Top 50 Wordpress Topics

Having created several hundred thousand Wordpress pages, we have chosen to give you some information that you can use to your own benefit. Here are the 50 most frequently used topics using all of our scanning. You can see that each of the 50 most important Wordpress topics has the following:

An interesting fact - Since there are so many Wordpress topics, even the top Wordpress topic will appear on a low percent of Wordpress pages. We use this plug-in on 3.23% of our pages that we scan. We use this plug-in on 0.35% of our pages that we scan. We use this plug-in on 0.25% of our pages that we scan.

We use this plug-in on 0.23% of our pages that we scan. We use this plug-in on 0.23% of our pages that we scan. We use this plug-in on 0.15% of our pages that we scan. We use this plug-in on 0.13% of our pages that we scan. We use this plug-in on 0.13% of our pages that we scan.

These were our top 50 Wordpress themes to scan. This means that these topics are actually used. Some of the free themes are also quite good here. Questions are: How good do the websites that use these free themes look?

WordPress Top 50 Parallax Topics

You are still looking for eye-catching WordPress template for your forthcoming projects with an elegant but still sophisticated look? Luckily, we've got you covered by the compilation of an ultimative set of WordPress pallax template files suited for any conceptual.... Some of the best WordPress themes are highly versatile, so you can use them to create both your own corporate and your own web site assets.

Superior para-lax scroll effect is ideal for giving additional movement and detail to any website. Using a ready-made WordPress pallax on your website not only saves your website a lot of effort and costs, but also helps to build a high-quality web site from the ground up. Astonishing WordPress templates have become one of the biggest online trend because of their appealing but minimalistic look and diverse features.

You will never have a second opportunity to make a good first impression on your customers, so the implementation of the Pallax Scroll effect in the layout of your website will have an immediate effect on your on-line projects using WordPress Pallax template. Clearly, the advantages of the para-lax effect are clear, as it provides a million amazing ways to offer an all-time one.

It' s best to use Parallaxe website WordPress layout if you need to show the cartoon how a project is made, its evolution stage or just tell a tale. If you need a WordPress inspirational topic for a WordPress topic, you can check the Elite choice of our WordPress template to create a website with WordPress CMS.

Choose the most appropriate article from our best WordPress themes to win new customers for your next winning on-line work! One sure-fire way in this case is to give the boring pages a parallel effect. Using this cutting-edge technology, different website layer can be scrolled at different speeds, giving the site a feeling of deepness and dynamics.

Review the Parametric Effect in Effect in our WordPress Parametric Themes. The WordPress Parametric Themes correspond to the best web designing tradition to help you create the best Parametric Themes pages. Reactive and retina-capable images, cross-browser interoperability, validation, semantic encoding - all these things can make your website work perfectly in any webspace.

Cherry Framework 4 supports Cherry' s parallel axis scroll template to administer the contents. It is not one of those WP framework that distracts with many choices instead of helping on the way to the flawless website. Regarding adaptation, the website template scroll bar is built with one of the leading drag-and-drop editing tools, MotoPress.

You can see that with one of these pallax designs you can make both an optically vibrant and a functional look for your website. Advisto Parislax website submission has a soft look with legible scripts, compelling wallpaper and a . Experience the strength of elegancy in the online demonstration. Developed for IT and other high-tech organizations, this professionally parallaxed scroll able document is ideal for the most demanding of applications.

The best topic ever! The template is simple to use both on the computer and on portable equipment. Effect of paraallax scroll is used in the Advantages block and Subscribe to Newsletters registration so you can start one of the best paraallax sites in the area. In order to expand your coverage on your favorite sites, this compelling WordPress topic includes Facebook, Twitter and Instagram widgets.

This customer has chosen this smooth topic from several. I liked the play with parallaxes and the colour scheme pattern. It' s really simple that I can show the website demonstration to my customer without having to spend a second! GutenBerd is a best seller among the best selling scrolling website template parallaxes with excellent printouts.

Become a true innovator in customising your designs with a variety of layouts. Simply use WordPress Customizer to customize your WordPress designs. Imprise with your exquisite designs and beautiful wallpapers, Parallax scroll motion and wallpaper visual. Watch more great functions of this WordPress Parallax topic in the WordPress Demonstration to fill your topic with rich and varied contents according to your needs.

Mechanna was developed by leading industrial companies and will amaze your visitor with a classical look of background and sound, legible lettering and fashionable para-lax animations. Get the power of Mechanna's professionality in the full demonstration. All in one words, the WordPress Search engine contains a number of functions that free WordPress topics do not have.

This is a visual appealing WP topic that has been specially developed for brokers, architect and home decorator. Parametric wallpapers are deployed in a number of different blocs throughout the entire look and feel, from service and test menus to posts and footers. As you scroll, the menus remain locked in the top right hand edge of the page. Proper styling and encoding.

They are all simple to handle. It'?s just great how design works. This WP topic is a great choice for advertisers, consultants and outsourcers. Optically, the styling is characterised by round off features, memorable yellows and parallel effects that make the large introduction area appear more vibrant. Some of the best WordPress template 2018!

Much better than any free Parallaxe HTML submission. It' s a great reactive submission and the style sheet is simple to customize to give a look that suits my clients' needs. He showed it to the customer and he liked the concept of the layouts and designs of this subject. In particular, the fast response function, where the display is resized according to the unit used.

Even the function of the pallax was impressing. The Torsten L. 7 Level is a WordPress topic full of Google scripts, community content features, comment system, calendars and MotoPress sliders. It has an informative lay-out that reveals many strange little things about your company, in particular its service, references, project, client, etc.

It uses the pallax effect to emphasize your call-to-action messages. It' one of the best scroll charts I ever saw for para lax. Excellent colour combinations, good navigational skills and simple communication and editing. Many great features in this sample and our customers were amazed by the results.

The parallax gives a feeling of movement to the bloc with a subscriptive formula that is followed by large societal bonds. Using this topic, your website can also profit from stuffy navigational, blogs-integrated, voice and visual features. The Little Italy range provides a visual appeal for your pizza parlour, café, restaurant, food bar and many other restaurant.

Wallpapers of parallaxes attract particular interest to the menus and other promotions. As always, this was the most up-to-date and simple to adapt to my customer's requirements. Some things got caught up, but the help was useful and simple to use. The Lavinia G. WordPress templates is a great way to create a business-related website.

It is absolutely compatible with SQL and is supported with the multi-language plug-in. Simple topic to upload. The topic is simple to post and the tutorial seems to be good. The Speed WordPress Parametric Flash shows a tidy and eye-catching look with various multi-media functions such as roundabout, slide, isotope as well as Accordion scripting, as well as streaming videos and music.

Simply bind yourself to your potential customers with this wonderful topic! -Yannis S. -Happy with the templating. As always, the standard designs and encoding are very high, as is the case with the re-written manual to a high standard. Using Cars and Bikes WordPress Parallaxe Submission Creation of a Website for a Car Workshop becomes as simple as an ABC!

Using this topic, which is built on the Cherry Framework, you can quickly adapt your resources to any type of commercial approach. Archer's S. I. bought this original on the basis of my own suggestions, which I was able to fully modify without programming expertise after I had uploaded the original. I was disappointed when I realized that I could only slightly modify new contents that were not available.

Parkallax is another Parkallax website design that is best suitable for a banking or a company website in general. powered by Cherry Framework and decorated with bootstrap, it is simple to setup and customize. WordPress. From using the paraallax scroll effect! You will also need to register with Motopress in order to use this form, which will cost you more than you initially thought.

I then had an old Motopress release that came with the original - once upgraded, everything worked - hew! The Houston is a fast-reacting WP topic with lots of whitespace, succinct text sections and simplified symbols. As well as providing a user-friendly interface, this style can give your website an extra stylish look.

The Parallax effect generates a fake effect in the 3-D blocks with dynamical counter. Regarding the topic's functionality capabilities, the feature-rich bundle includes bootstrap features, contacts, Google Maps, MotoPress sliders and editors, etc. Surprising template ! The Carlos M. Antonín H. 33 Channel is an appealing WordPress topic that can help you create a full-fledged multimedia platform.

With Parallaxe you can scroll through your polygonal background in style. Google Maps are kept in the darkness, which forms a great stark contrasting to the bright contents. S. Supreme is a state-of-the-art WordPress topic suitable for fashions and page use. It' s reactive, user-friendly design makes it feel vibrant with a clever mix of lax and floating effect.

Topic comes with a complete set of tools you need to build a compelling picture for your market. Plenty of free room and a range of blacks and whites make this a visually appealing product. This fast-reacting WordPress topic was developed to encourage dynamic extremist sport on-line.

This is made possible by extensive animation, from distinctive transition in the MotoPress slide control to parallel and floating effects in the entire lay-out. Contents are masterfully enhanced with large symbols, polygonal background, spirit button and vertically timed event area. It also gives users easy entry to a variety of online tools including Google Maps, Google Maps, Google Maps, etc. The topic also gives them easy entry to various online tools such as Google Maps, Google Maps, Mega Menu and many other things to create a fully featured website.

Buying and installing a beautiful subject was child's play. I was very touched by this draft. The Luke K. WordPress Website WordPress Website Parametric is a great tool for a website of a finance consulting firm thanks to its front page information about the company's objectives, staff, service, references, blogs and client areas.

Powered by Cherry Framework, this redesign is extremely mobile-friendly and has several features that allow you to adapt its look. When you are looking for a contemporary look to present your web site services, a completely reactive, cross-browser web site creation. Let yourself be inspire by this topic of qualitiy in the online demonstration. Make yourself in love with a great topic on the online demonstration.

Zero, this topic gives you as much flexibility as you need to use it repeatedly on different sites. Take advantage of a variety of topic customization tools to help you personalize your topic with WordPress Live Customizer. With TM Drag-and-Drop you can create simple but progressive page compilations. Create a pleasing effect with soft wallpapers, soft, bright sounds, breathtaking videos and a stylish parallax motion.

Experience the glamour of PhotoPrint in the online demonstration. Cherry Framework 5 and SEO-friendly Caldera has been developed to present your company brilliantly. Watch the industry performance in the demonstration. Experience breathtaking designs with wallpaper videos, colourful wallpapers, clean sounds, parallax animations and legible type.

These designs will be an enormous pleasure for any public and will help you to make the development of your website a pleasant one. Experience the force of color expressivity in the real-time demonstration. First-rate WordPress travel templates. Auto-Prepare WordPress Parametric WordPress is ideal for a garage workshop. Based on the Cherry Framework it is simple to setup, adapt and use.

Completely reactive designs, complete cross-browser compatability, ease of use are just some of the characteristics of this area. WordPress Communications WordPress Parametric Presentation is a professional WordPress website wordpress topic suited for creating a professional website. Elegant looks, a range of high-quality utilities, reactive designs - all of these ensure superior power on all modern gaming devices and desktops.

The Gulliver WordPress templating is the ultimative answer for a hospitality website. Topic includes information areas for the kitchen, dishes of the day and a dinner meal. The Ruben A. WordPress Parametric WordPress Studio is another classy example of a fully reactive WordPress Parametric WordPress artwork. It' s a great way for an artists or a designer collection to be included in a blogs, or a great way for an artists or designer collection to be included in a blogs.

Because of the clever use of the Parallax scroll effect, the title page conveys a feeling of dynamism. WordPress Template is a web template agency perfectly suited for all types of web sites. An appealing look and retina-capable pictures help your website look great. Topic is related to Web Company and it has taken only 1 hours to get alive as all the stages were mentionned.

Parallax WordPress Consulting Co template is perfectly suited for any website. The Dave M. This has a great look and feels, is very simple to set up, easily changed, the look of the finish and feeling with the Kirschbaum option. Such great styling and great customer service. Parallax WordPress school district template with expert designs is just one thing for any education website.

The most important factors in the selection of the original was the responsiveness, as well as the beautiful look. Being a ZT business, but also want a user-friendly look, and once bought, we could see the management panels and found it very simple to administer the site.

Introducing the Parallax WordPress Template is a whole thing for angling sites. Web user attention will be drawn to the easily understandable layout of the website. Various functions and an appealing layout will help you launch your high-performance website with easiness. A practical layout helps you to easily manipulate your contents.

Catch the crowd with stunning sport designs, eye-catching wallpapers and an extensive collection of legible typefaces. A complete package for a beautiful look and high qualitiy, this themed site will convince you of the advantages of the online demonstration and make your website more user-friendly. Experience the elegance of the classics and the strength of excellence in the real-time demonstration and select the one best suited to your type of work.

Please note that all our topics have a contentment warranty and a kind and efficient customer service. Try your best to create 2017 breathtaking sites with our themes! What is the importance of the para-lax effect in a design for you? Which is your favourite topic of your choice in WordPress? Hopefully we were able to show you the real force of the para-lax effect in our currently discountes.

Visit our full WordPress page with WordPress topics. Did you ever experiment with Parallaxe in your webpages? What topic from this collection do you like best?

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