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DJ 101.1 WIXX FM. One hundred and one WIXX, Green Bay, VI. WIXX was invited to the picnic of the KI Furniture Company and he has the time of his life!

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We' ve found that your web browsers are blocked - please note that the streaming of our stations can also be deactivated by Adblocker. Choose your favorite and win! Let us hear your opinions about our work! Choose your favorite and win! Pink has set cash register record at the disco "Pray For the Wicked Tour" at his latest shows in Auckland, New Zealand.

Ariana Grande broke her silence by writing an homage to her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller one weeks after her sad dead..... Now we have our first preview of Avril Lavigne's first new piece of work in three years. For Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin the wedding was apparently so "no problem" that they just couldn't hold their breath.....

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Quizzes 10 a.m. August 2018

To find an answer to last month's quiz question, click here. 29.08.18 - The mean familiy has 9 of them when they start their schooling. 8%/28/18%The mean of this article is 2 years old in most homes. 27.08.18- About 1 in 10 on a first date would like to know about the individual they are traveling with.

Thanks, Todd, for filing today! 24.08.18 During interviewing, about a third of respondents said this was the most terrible thing about their former work. 22.08.18 - The mean female will do this 500 time in her lifetime. 21.08.18 - Around a third of respondents say they would be more prolific at work if they had.

16.08.18 - Almost a third of the population has left someone because of this. 14.08.18 - Almost every fifth man finds a wife appealing, if that is so. 18.08.08 - Almost a fourth of the children know this about their parent, and the parent has no notion. 8/7/18 - Almost 1/2 of the population never washes it. 8/6/18-Overall, the female has about 9 of them.

and Susan filled out for trivial. I' m afraid I don't have those replies. To search for last month's quiz responses, click here.

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