Top Church Websites 2016

2016 Top Church Websites

Are you looking for the best designs for church websites? From Steven Snell - April 21, 2016 - In galleries. These are some of the trends we see in some of the best church websites. at 4:24 a.m.

on 29 September 2016. This Best Church Websites Award and Winners page were created to inspire and motivate people to create good church websites.

Forty Beautiful Church Website Design

Their website is a valuable means of communication for many of them. Your website can be very useful to help newcomers find the church, which can help the church grow. In addition, the website can help frequent participants and church members to learn about community programmes and activities.

In spite of the tremendous opportunities for church websites, many of them are useless. In this sense, we take a closer look at the topic of church websites, what makes them efficient, and present some of the best practices for church website design. Features of Church Web Sites Effective: When you design a church Web site, there are some unique things you need to consider in order to maximum the site's efficiency.

Below is a brief look at some of the most important items of church websites. Most church websites have two main target groups and these target groups have very different needs. While the first audiance is made up of church members and frequent participants, the second audiance is made up of those seeking information about the congregation.

Affiliates and participants usually go to the site to search for information about forthcoming community meetings or services. Those who are considering attending the church are likely to look for things like the place (address or directions), worship hours, and what the church beliefs or practises. For a church website to be efficient, it must meet the needs of these two target groups and make it easier for them to find what they are looking for.

Over the past few years, a number of denominations have shifted to plattforms such as ÇongreGATE to manage the needs of the ecclesial organ that is leaving the church website to primarily minister to those who are new to the church. Every church has its own civilization, its own styles and its own practice. Web site users looking for a church will usually want an understanding of what to look for when attending a church meeting.

Web sites can and should do work effectively to communicate the styles and cultures of church to those who have never participated. It should clearly indicate the scope of the service (date and time) and the postal or local addresses. Provide website users with an opportunity to know when and where they should be when they want to go to church.

When the church has more than one worship meeting or location, give a lot of information to help clarify the issue to those who have never participated in a worship meeting. The information should not be more than 1 or 2 klicks away from the homepage and should be extremly simple to find. A few website users will want to be able to find out what church amenities the church offers.

Members and participants may be interested in this information to find ways to get engaged, and those new to the church may want to see what a church has to say, or they may be looking for a particular programme or service. As a minimum, the website should contain fundamental information about the various community services and should include ideal contacts for an individual concerned or responsible.

A number of website users will come to find information such as a telephone number or e-mail adress. Each church website should contain at least one telephone number for the church offices and a completed enquiry number. In many congregations there is also information on how to get in touch with ministers and co-workers.

It is also useful in today's environment to have an appealing look to present the website efficiently to smartphone and tablet users. Let's plunge now and take a look at some well-designed church locations and see what distinguishes them. Classical colours and a clear, easy to understand lay-out give this pattern designed for a very demanding and varied look.

Navigating gives church many opportunities to publish what they can on their website, as well as preaching, organizing meetings and -my favourite ones- a page where they can publish stories of family members of this church. It'?s a very sophisticated navigational system. Click the "Times & Places" button in the headline to highlight it and make it easier to find.

Additional navigational hyperlinks such as "I'm New", "Next Steps" and "Get Help" make it easier for website users to find what they need. My Long Hollow" in the head area allows church members and participants to log in and view related information. You will find a number of useful information on how to get there, our services and our contacts right in the centre of our homepage.

It' s a pretty touchy sticker that makes navigating a little simpler. It' s also a fast reacting redesign and lay-out, so it works well on any machine. Who we are " and "Next steps" link in the navigational menus offer easily found information for those new to the church.

Locations & Services" at the top of the page is easily found. I am new" in the top left corner of the page gives first-time users the information they need. Beneath the slide control you will find graphs and hyperlinks to "Get Connected", "Give Online" and "Prayer". Those graphs look great and also help make the site easier to use and navigate.

There is a "Calendar" hyperlink at the top of the website to help church members and participants find event dates. It is a multi-site church, and in the head area you can use the drop-down list to get information about all three sites. You can easily find the hours of your services thanks to the buttons in the headline.

These are the types of contents that many first-time users want to find. It' s a fast reacting designer and lay-out that looks great on large or small monitors. Location and schedules are easy to access via the navigational menus. Use the About section, the drop-down hyperlinks under About, to provide information of relevance to those who have never attended the Church.

A fullscreen slide control on the homepage offers a strong optical effect for the website visitor. This website uses a clear and concise design that presents information efficiently and makes navigating logically. The colour schemes are appealing. It has a great deal of information about the site and many pages, but it is well organised and the dropdown menu makes it fairly simple to find something.

Our "Online Visitor Centre" (linked directly below the slider) offers all the information first-time users need. Servicing hours and instructions are very simple to find, with a hyperlink at the top of the page. Large parts of the website are easily found with a clear navigational structure. Below the slide bar are hyperlinks to "Online Services" and "I'm new here", which are probably some of the most important areas of the site.

Headline headers with soft symbols make it easier for users to link to their favourite online site. Principal navigational hyperlinks are clearly communicating and make website browsing fairly simple. I am new" and "Who we are", the first two buttons in the navigational menus, make it very simple for church novices to find the desired contents and information.

Also other important points like servicing hours and route descriptions are to be found easily. There is a full-screen slide on the home page that makes a powerful visible impression and allows the Church to support specific activities and services. Via the links "Plan a Visit" in the Hauptnavigation, first-time users receive the information they need for their first church-tour.

It''s a fast reacting designer and lay-out that works well on tables and smart phones. Beneath the slide bar are useful hyperlinks to find some of the most important information on the site. You can get information from there for a first trip, how to become a member of the church, how to get to know the ministry of the church, find a place to minister, and much more.

Servicing hours are clearly displayed in the headline. Navigational menus (I am New, Ministries, Services, Media, Calendars and About Us) make the site simple and intuitive to use. Stylish layouts look good on a desk, tray, or smart phone. You can find information about the servicing hours on the homepage pagelide, and this information can also be found under the sliding control.

They have a very neat and professionally designed and laid out work. Drop-down navigating under "Who we are" and "Connect" makes it easier to find information. You can find our office hours and our location directly on our homepage. With Facebook and Twitter hyperlinks, it' easier for users to get connected via online and offline channels.

I' m New Here", "Connect", "Go" and "Media & Resources" on the homepage make it easier for the visitor to find important information. All in all, the website is simple to browse and well laid out. Click on the button "Visit" (first button in the menue) to get all the information you need to get started in the church.

Drop-down menus help you easily browse the site. It is something that many participants will look for when they miss a particular one. On the homepage with many different graphs there is a great deal going on, but the left in the basic nav gives the site a clear layout.

Design is highly reactive, so it is easy to use on any machine. At the homepage, on the right under the central picture, the church hours are shown together with the church adress. New to Glad Tridings? page (included in the home menu) provides all the information you need for those new to the church.

Even though the styling and lay-out is quite straightforward, it looks professionally and gives a good first look. Principal navigations are logic and the most important information is quite straightforward to find. For newcomers to the church, the "Visitors" page contains information and the graphics and links to visitor information below the slide make it easier to find.

On the homepage you will also find some current preaching sound data, a listing of forthcoming meetings and schedules. Above page, the first page in the top menu, contains all the information for those who are new to the community. Preaching medias can be retrieved from the homepage and information about the services can be found via the primaryavigation.

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