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Best 35+ Portfolio WordPress Topics 2018 An orderly investment must contain a great deal of basic information. In addition, it must be well enough laid out to attract people's interest without turning the spotlight away from the work itself. Searching for a topic from the variety of topics available may be tricky, especially if you are not sure what features you need.

You are looking for an easy way to organise and present your work, along with appealing type and design possibilities. Think about combining a topic with slide control and/or light box plug-ins to further improve your work. Instead of going topic by topic, however, let us provide you with our selection from the pile - below we have provided over 30 of the best available presentation choices for your portfolios.

Attractive portfolios can open up new opportunities for you, so a topic that helps you present your work well is a must. Uncode can meet these needs with customisable labeling and a range of styleful styles. An issue that is meant to present your work would be nothing without a set of lay-out choices, and Uncode provides in every way.

More than 16 built-in folder and blogs posting suites (all with user-defined options) and more than 70 ways to view contents - plus bricklayer, subway and roundabout suites. Pages are designed with the Visual Composer plug-in provided - this release is designed for some optimized page layout choices - and six menus to help you build the right navigational style for your website.

All in all, Uncode is an almost flawless design for presenting your portfolios in a stylish way. Briefly, workshop is a contemporary, imaginative portfolios topic with a host of breathtaking layouts. Keeps a stylish and minimal look while providing countless ways to present your work. Fifteen asset management models, all benefiting from a drag-and-drop user experience, make customizing a breeze.

Visual Composer creates each demonstration, and each item can be easily shifted from one item to another. Opportunities with this topic are virtually unlimited. Offering many ready-made layout templates and many customisation functions to make them your own. To sum up, Werkstatt probably has everything you need to build a unique and effective web site, and it's rewarding to think about it.

When you create a Web site for your portfolios, there are two ways: you can use either a niche-specific topic or a multi-purpose one. Short-circuit response is to choose something developed for the kind of website you are building. But a large format topic like TheGem can have much more to do under the bonnet.

It is a particularly good topic for visual strong portfolio. There are four different themes in them, each of which puts the pictures in the foreground. They can be used to get a QoS pipeline up and run in no more than a short amount of your busy schedule, but you can also invest as much of your own effort as you want to adapt it to your unique needs.

For this purpose, the included Visual Composer Page Builder plug-in provides a drag-and-drop user experience and a variety of contents to help you build your own layout. In addition, the administration of your portfolios via the WordPress backend is child's play. It is a prime option, regardless of your needs, and we suggest you review it further.

There are many features to a powerful asset allocation, but only one goal: to keep an eye on your work and attract your people. In this sense, smooth-ly is a scaleable asset that can help you build almost any basic or sophisticated design you want. There are six "concepts" (or demos) to select from, and while some are more aimed at agency and company, others are only interested in presenting your work.

The Pol Solsona demo, for example, brings the Pol Solsona website to its final close. Except for a seperate over-page there are no other pages, i.e. your real estate is in the foreground. With the Visual Composer plug-in, for example, you can customize your layouts exactly to your needs, while with the Image Carousel plug-in you can view pictures in a slide bar - perfectly suited to present your best work.

We recommend that you immediately include this topic in your short list - it could be the perfect option for you! Many issues are claiming to be agile, but do they really support this demand? There is no discussion among current OShone practitioners - they already know how strong and how adaptable this issue can be.

Though it is promoted as a multi-purpose subject, Oshine really focuses on creative people such as photography and design. This is nowhere more evident than in the opportunities for developing a portfolios. Note that we said "options" rather than layouts. This is because you can rebuild your portfolios from scratch and define features such as profile channels, pillars, overlays and more.

Put in simple terms, with Oshine virtually any design is possible and will please even the most discerning designer. It is often a disappointment in an area where topics are often sold as flexibly, when they fail to meet your expectation. This is not the case with Oshine - it is a subject of superlatives that is equal to the challenge of presenting your product range with the highest level of service to you.

Truly an exceptional subject will combine beautiful images with easy navigation. Although most portfolios provide many ways to create brave, distinctive images, optimising usability could cost work. The WPBakery Page Builder plug-in (formerly Visual Composer) is included with Pofo and allows you to easily move your page layouts using simple simple simple to drag and drop. Click on the desired page to create a new one.

Pofo also comes with the Slider Revolution plug-in, which lets you create beautiful, fast-response movie assets. It' s countless demonstrations, menus and headers ets make it perfect for creating a website, whatever your needs. It is also W3 Total Cache plug-in compliant and can be easily integrated into WooCommerce!

Whilst the plethora of choices Pofo has to offer may be discouraging, it will be perfect for anyone looking to build a resilient asset management site that is scaleable and agile. Pofo, in a nutshell, is a worthwhile investment for your web-site. Imaginative work demands a one-of-a-kind approach. Collective and other topics can be vital to the effective promotion of your portfolios when it comes to differentiating yourself from your competition.

Surely, the vizuals in this topic are eye-catching. As the first impression counts, there are a number of homepage themes to select from, most of which are in full screen mode. With the supplied Page builder you can customize your page design to your needs, although there are four demonstrations and 12 homepage suites to help you get up and running.

Every one offers a choice of templates and virtually limitless asset allocation layout options that are perfect for presenting your work, regardless of your market area. With this topic you have a state-of-the-art product range at your disposal that is worthwhile for you! There are many issues that make you decide between usability and versatility.

This is not the case with LEVELUP, which succeeds in combining user-friendliness with a multitude of functions and sufficient adaptability to achieve a truly individual, practical design. The LEVELUP is a universal subject that comes with over 60 ready-made originals and pages to help you get on. Featuring an attractive design - which makes it simple to use despite the many high performance functions - coupled with a renowned track record of dependable client service, LEVELUP is a topic you should look at if you are looking for something creatively and flexibly.

Whatever your market segment, a topic with a sound base of top-grade encoding and awesome customer service allows you to concentrate on the job of creating your website. The Elegant Themes is an important WordPress topic creator, and Divi is one of the most widely used multi-purpose applications. Even though the base grids and the single-column layout are working, they are still a great one.

You can display chessboard type and carousel type portfolio, and you can also use the clustered drag-and-drop Divi Builder to build impressive pages for each one. One of the most loved, efficient, flexible and best backed themes, and that' s why you get a world-class site themed for your website, regardless of your market segment.

An ultramodern web design needs an ultramodern web design to set itself apart. While there are themes that offer one-of-a-kind design possibilities, none are quite like PILE. PILE's design is designed for full-screen cropping, bulky headlines and lots of whitespace. The text is clear and legible, and by using the included Intelligent Layout-Builder, you can create an appealing design.

Whilst PILE provides PILE wallpaper scanning (like a number of themes), this is the first topic we have seen that provides PILE contents scanning as you move further down the page. Combined with a range of page transitions lets you build a very contemporary, classy website that stands out from the crowd.

The PILE contains a number of nice design integration, as well as a page styled page navigation for each product. Overall, PILE's effect and transition is a winning one, and combined with its wonderful design, it should be your first choice when it comes to selecting a product area. Knowing what you are doing, a multi-purpose topic can be meticulously executed with a smart asset design and act as a thoughtful presentation tool for your work.

But choose a specific topic like Adios and you'll be sure to get a product that focuses on presenting your business in the best possible way. Adios, another topic that stands on the tails of the minimalistic design train, nevertheless tries to distinguish itself by nine well thought-out homepage-layout.

When it comes to product design, there are four ways to present your work - the omnipresent raster and brickwork layout, and a clean vertical design. It' s a mystery that a subject promoted as portfolio-oriented has so little to offer for the presentation of your work, but there is enough here to make adios a go-to subject - especially for low conceptualists.

It' s rewarding to remember that your investment is not the only thing that should set your website apart. Reflecting a sense of elegance and quality, this subject has a touch of Nordic minimalism. Breathtaking looks go even further with a variety of product line styling. Default portfoliolayouts (such as grids and masonry) are as beautiful as they are, but the other variants are much more forward looking.

We' re particularly excited about the Split Slider Showcase, and the way its transitional motion brings live to statics is something you can see for yourself. Assemble will improve its appearance if your portfolios have an artistic inclination. But if your work is a little less sophisticated, this subject will lift you up a few steps due to its breathtaking design and motion graphics.

Arnold is an excellent choice if you want great value on flexible construction of a product range, but still want to work on a usable surface. Simply and clearly, the topic could be perfect for creativity pros who want to build a beautiful website. Arnold's sophisticated, minimalistic front end hides a host of useful adjustment functions that make it easier to build a truly custom website.

With 600 Google fonts, over 400 Font Awesome symbols, countless page layouts configuration, eight headline choices, and nearly limitless colour scheme possibilities, you'll be able to create your own, personalised, and personalised pages. Arnold, however, features an easy-to-use, customizedtfoliobuilder that lets you organise (and insert pictures into) your portfolios in seconds using simple drag and drop. What's more, you can create your own portfolios in a few seconds.

It' especially useful when you want to view a large number of articles and make sure each item is visible in detail. Arnold, in short, is an excellent way to present your asset class for maximal attractiveness, which makes it much simpler for you to make commitments to your asset class.

A stunning mix is an important element in showing your value to prospective customers, and a design that sets you apart from the rest could lead to the transaction being closed. If you are looking for a topic that focuses on presenting your work with a touch of style, take a look at Forion. Featuring four homepage themes and a hand-picked range of Google fonts, Furion's Visual Composer plug-in meets the requirements for further layouts.

But it is the adjustment of the portfolios that really makes Furion shine. Multiple portfoliolayouts to select from (including grids and walls, with different columns to select from) and six different hop style modes for stunning navigation between each. Every element in your inventory also has a user-defined page with six possible layout possibilities, plus the ability to view pictures on a slide bar (courtesy of the supplied plug-in Revolution Slider), a library clip, or with tacky information.

Overall, Furion is the perfect fit for sites that need an outstanding library with stunning motion and design choices. StudioPress Modern Portofolio Pro offers a clear and easy design that is perfect for creative people looking for a minimized design that focuses on their pictures and contents rather than the design of the website.

It is a versatile topic with a reactive design. Featuring user-defined menu, tagged pictures, a fix width, bottom line widgets, a target page style sheet, and plenty of extra topic choices. The Modern Portfolio would work very well to help you create your own trademark with a professionally designed, highly visible design to create your best work and present the service you provide that your customers need.

The topic is very reader-friendly and navigation is simple. There is a recent tendency in web design towards minimumism, but those who choose the minimal style often tend to miss one thing: when it comes to your product range, your website can only be as minimalistic as your work. Against this background, Notio is perfect for presenting artistic, complicated and complicated work.

Notio has a variety of asset allocation philosophies, although designers hate to call them template. Every design is made with the included Visual Composer plug-in, so in fact almost every design is available to you. Design itself is a raster design, with each miniature image almost bigger than living on the canvas.

What we like most is the unusual design - the vertically and horizontally full-screen portfolios are impressive, while the text-based ones are punk and canted. Bramble, another example of a minimalistic portfolios themes, does not have the eye-catching animation of other samples in this range, but can still attract attention.

There are nine different homepage lieouts to select from, but we focus on the product range one. Instead of the usual headline, this topic uses a leftside menu that is a bit too tight for us. Go to thetfoliolayouts. They are bulky and striking, and the styles are easy to vary from raster or brickwork outlines.

This is not a very bad thing, because the design does not distract from the most important element: your work. Bramble is a sound subject for lovers of minimumism. Listen to you - another minimalistic topic that adds to the countless possibilities. At first sight, Avoc may be another monochrome, minimalistic subject, but it uses contemporary interaction that makes it perfect for innovative people.

Using some contemporary design features not found in many other themes, Avoc elegantly adds them to your design collection. As an example, layout is built on superimposed contents - it's trendy and hard to do without serious encoding chopps. While some themes use all the charms of a humping bronze with your own parallel scroll, Avoc's Adaption is more of a charming training show.

Quite a welcome departure from minimalistic statistical models, it provides subtile motion. Are you a fashionable creator looking for a minimalistic subject with something different - then you've come to the right place! Avoc should be one of your first port of call when it comes to presenting your product range, with its cleverly used minimalistic design features.

Potassium has been developed specifically for portfolio use, making it a great option for creativity pros. Its design features a number of different themes that can be tampered with using the Visual Composer, Revolution Slider and LayerSlider plug-ins - all of which are priced towards $63 in savings for your $6 premium plug-ins, plus a range of customizable features such as user-defined scripts, site icons, page style footers, colour matching and embedded community content.

Besides listing projects, the design can also be used for other purposes, as Kalium is equipped with an extended WooCommerce integrated solution. It is in additon to a number of other functions in the topic, such as a service modus, multi-page laysouts and para-lax supports. Of course, the topic is also very reactive.

Potassium also earns a blogger credit; the topic stays neat and conspicuous in blogs. That makes it a very simple to use design for the creation of nice portals and possibly even an inline-shop. Marked as an excellent choice for designer and agency, Pitch offers a variety of breathtaking product designs to set your work apart from the game.

Since Pitch uses the colouring that is so much loved by contemporary stylists, your work takes centre-stage. A number of different types of portfolios are available to select from, among them raster, brickwork and faux-pinterest style. Every lay-out also comes with an adjacent design so you can make a patchwork-like design.

Also the single pages of the product range have a large number of possibilities, which are either animated or arranged according to the pictures. Overall, the variety of available minimalistic themes makes it increasingly hard to produce an outstanding offer. Often portfolios profit from a contemporary elegant look that is hard to match in many subject areas.

However, in this respect it is not Dazzle's minimalistic yet distinctive design that is disappointing. The ingenious design includes eight beautiful looking demonstrations and 12 artwork samples, so you won't miss out on any design opportunities. Adjusting your layouts is a breeze within the easy-to-use Visual Composer plug-in that comes with other premier features like Revolution Slider and Templatera.

Varied headline choices and a variety of navigational menus allow you to present your work in an appealing and user-friendly way. Designed with all the features and functions you need to make a truly iridescent product line, this slim, stylish design has the power and power to deliver a truly immersive experience. The Creative is a breathtaking collection developed by the cutting-edge heads at UpThemes.

At the same design stage, it is packed with several design features. Generously designed to use icon and large image, both emphasized by complimentary ribbons and nice type. As far as features are concerned, Adobe is quite extensive. Typekit Font is available for one year, on a WordPress website.

FreeFolio, a plug-in specially designed by UpThemes, acts as the portfolios plug-in. Various style, view and adjustment settings are integrated into the plug-in. The Lobo is a strongly stylised subject; ideal when your designs blend perfectly into such a design. For those who are not so familiar with WordPress, Lobo is another worthy service.

It is a feature-rich design, which means you can use a customized modules constructor to build the content instead of getting your HTML to get your palms soiled. Lobo features a distinctive and contemporary design that responds to a number of different units (the pull-down menus are particularly user-friendly for portable users). While Milano has a variety of layouts for all types of creative visuals and agency, we focus on their asset management work.

But before we start discussing that, let's get down to the overall design of the subject. Milan is a minimalistic and monochrome subject for the presentation of a breathtaking optical portfolios. Continue to the product range, where there are seven different styles to select from. No one really pushes the boundaries of texture - Milano only features raster, brick and full-width design variation - but the motion animation is cute and soft.

But we would have liked the product range to have been more focused - the headers are almost full, pretty naked and feel a little like waste. Yes, Milano is another in a long line of minimally charged themes, but it provides everything visually creative people need to provide an outstanding range.

Use it for a Spin, and your quest for the perfect subject could be over! The Grand Portfolios is developed to serve all types of design needs and agencies: professional photography, blogging, music, design, architecture and more. Although we are not convinced that one topic can provide a functional solution for so many niche markets, the overall design of our portfolios is of unquestionable excellence.

Grand Portfolio contains an absolutely wide range of different portfoliodesigns to match. As the omnipresent raster and brickwork layout emerges, there are several other excellent options. You''ll find many variation in a split-screen design, an OS X-like cover flow feature, both striated and horizontally laid out cover art, and a para-lax feature that you have to see to believe it.

Whilst Grand Portfolios may be blamed for distributing itself too thinly in terms of its demonstration layout, its design is out of the question. Grand Portofolio is the perfect solution for creative professionals with breathtaking artwork that complements them. Even the fundamental layout looks breathtaking, and for creative professionals with breathtaking artwork that complements it, Grand Portofolio is an excellent option for presenting your work.

The proton topic, on the other hand, tries to throw a blast on the minimalistic topics currently on the scene. Whereas other themes purport to be minimalistic, they often lack the two main elements that make the design so appealing: the right choice of typefaces and the use of spaces. The Proton is distinguished in both points - think of a Saatchi & Saatchi sketched Twenty Sixteen, and you are almost there.

In contrast to other themes, Proton only offers raster and brickwork portfolios. There is a little bit of motion from some tasty animations, sure, but the emphasis is on functionality - a real minimalistic aproach. We are sorry to say that Proton may not be appealing to occasional adopters who want to present an attention-grabbing product family. But this is to their disadvantage and to the advantage of other people - Proton's minimalistic design is stunning.

With so many themes bombarding the user with unusual layout and animations, Proton's measurement methodology is a real feature among product portfolios. Snazzy' is a creatively illustrated subject. It' s quite simple and light, with few functions other than portability and a few shortcuts. Nevertheless its design is breathtaking.

Snazzy is not in any way a traditionally topical product line, as it is immediately ready for use. You can filter the filter portfolios (with Ajax), for example - but the coolest thing is that the filter is placed in the same design room as the navigation area. Nonetheless, the asset allocation is not Ajax-expandable. There are user-defined areas for each asset in the collection where you can enter specific information, such as the date of the investment and the customer name.

Topic option panels are inscribable and can be translated, with the . po and . mo file supplied. The Milo design is beautiful, clear and minimalistic, making it perfect for creative people to present their work on-line. It is also designed to host your own videos or use YouTube or Vimeo to host them instead.

The topic was also developed for inclusion in your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest application, so you can enable your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest icon. The Hazel is an unbelievably practical and well-designed subject. First of all, Hazel's creators demonstrate the diversity of the subject by making 35 original demonstrations with different layout (that's right: 35!).

Because of the many different options the topic has to offer, it is interesting to adapt it. It' s an absolutely stunning collection, with great motion graphics and multiple button icons that become visible when you move your mouse over a collection object. Visual Composer, the premier Visual Composer layouts designer, is free of cost.

More than 30 shortcuts and 600 Google scripts are included in the topic. Much of the themes presented in this listing are stylised and vibrant, but elegantly pursues a much more, well, elegantly touch. A full-width design with giant pictures and typefaces, Elgant doesn't claim to do anything other than attract your audience's interest.

While I could discuss the different page styles (features, agencies, shops, etc.), page style choices, picture filtering and customized headerstyling, Elegant is a topic that will either get you excited or seem to impress you at first as well. Portfolios is a breathtaking new design version of MyThemeShop. Multifunctional function and an attractive appearance are combined in one single product.

In spite of its short and rather evident name, Portfolios is anything but mediocre. His design defines unpretentiousness in a new way, combining style with style. Large, fat pictures fill the filtrable and extendable range, but almost all the rest of the design is an empty room, a great addition to the series. Contrary to most of the themes in its alcove, Portfolios also has a great blogsayout, which underlines its diversity as a WordPress themed.

A minimalist WordPress dossier topic, Doctype is an excellent choice for creativity pros who prefer a slim design and clear, crisp-style. It has a rugged power and fast pace so that your website can be loaded quickly for the traffic to your website. It is well researched, but also has its own technical staff if you encounter a challenge.

At Doctype, we also provide regular topic upgrades to help maintain optimum interoperability with your business technology. You' ll certainly want to be a minimalist design enthusiast if you decide on this subject, because Dorsey is about as minimum as they come. Since the goal of a web site is to present your work - put it in the foreground - Dorsey does little to divert attention from your work.

Although this topic is certainly not suitable for everyone, Dorsey can be the best choise if your designs fit into a minimalist setting. The HUGE is a singular and contemporary portfolios topic developed especially for creative people. It has the options for an extensive or simplistic design, as well as pallax and 3-D effect.

They can work with either the classic or Masonic style layout and also select from a permanent or automatically hidden side bar. Select from three different projects laysouts (modal windows, full verticals or full horizontals) or use them all. Extremely customisable, fully reactive and reactive, this themes ensures it looks great on all kinds of equipment.

The Almera is a smooth and nice WordPress topic, ideal for professionals in photography and art. From the inside out, this topic will amaze you with its stunning design and high-performance features. It includes fantastic slider controls that allow you to present your recent and past work. Three different homepage layout options are available so you can make the right choice to present your work in its best possible way.

Designers make it easier for you to organize your pages and contributions with just a few mouseclicks. The Quantum is a little riddle: an all bell and pipe design kept in a basic and minimalist frame. Besides the simplicity of the design, Quantum is a 100% reactive, Ajax-controlled CSS3 animated theming.

There are a number of different homepage styles (portfolio, agencies, photographs and sliders) and three different kinds of pages (classic, case studies and full picture gallery). A fast-reacting topic, it's a joy for the frontend; the shallow design is perfect supplemented by images that are appealing for blog and pages and even nicer for portfolios pages.

Using a tessellated galery effect, works are presented in a minimalist, yet highly sophisticated and breathtaking manner. Blogs are not quite as inspirational as the portfolios. It' still nice to look at, however, with many different mail styles and layouts. It is also available for pages, with a sitemap page integrated into the topic.

In addition, with Wired two very different layout for the entire site are possible, as it support a one- or multi-page views. They can be modified using a variety of different settings (including a variety of scripts and colors). This design is also supplied either preinstalled or with a range of practical plug-ins for compatibility.

Revolution and Nivo and Flex sliders are also included with the themes (no Nivo and Flex sliders, but then the themes only cost $49). Wired is a very sound option for anyone looking for a nice topic to present their work on. All you have to do is warn that you have to optimize your data to prevent a slower page load on such an image-heavy topic.

Using a high-visibility Pinterest-style design, to present your portfolios, there' s very little to keep your audience distracted. If you click on some elements in the example folder, you will see a number of ways in which the contents can be presented: from controllers to picture piles and galeries to video, and more.

You can categorize and filter your assets according to their types. And, as you would have expected from such a contemporary design, Peak is fully reactive, HTML5 and CSS3 conform, and retinalized.

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