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The list of the best free WordPress themes is by no means the ultimate. Best 40+ free top WordPress themes for 2018 - Breathtaking themes! Best 40+ free top WordPress Themes 2018 - best user reviews and popularity! Do you want a great WordPress topic, but you don't want to buy, do you? But thanks to the largesse of WordPress developer, you can actually find a ton of great free WordPress themes.

In order to go along with our article about the best free WordPress plug-ins, we have put together more than 40 of the best free WordPress themes for you.

Maybe you're asking yourself what makes a WordPress topic one of the "best" free WordPress themes? I will try to alleviate this by providing evidence of's proactive installation numbers and reviews. This way you will know that not only I think one topic is best - there are also thousand of other humans!

The Astra is a very multi-purpose and highly appreciated topic that focuses on power. It' s unbelievably light with less than 50 KB filesize - but it still offers many functions and allows you to customise your website with the WordPress Customizer. Best of all, the free Accompanying plug-in makes it easy to bring in websites created with Elementor or Beaver Builder.

The Hestia is a free WordPress topic for materials designed to be used in a multitude of niche applications. It' built on the WordPress Customizer, which means simple customization, and you can also find a number of different free Hestia Childrens Themes that make it easier for you to change the look of the themed.

Another light, versatile multifunctional topic, OceansWP lets you make it look like... Anything. Its integration makes most folks opt to link it to a Page Builder, and like Astra, you can also easily get up and running by importing free pre-configured demos. The GeneratePress is one of the quickest free WordPress themes I've ever used.

On my web site I changed over to it, and it immediately shortened the loading time of my site by ~40%. It' not just about performance - it's also amazingly versatile, and its multi-purpose nature means you can use it for just about any kind of WordPress site. The Sydney WordPress free WordPress application is a very much -loved free WordPress word processing topic that is a good choice for both companies and contractors.

One of Automattic Corporation business news, Storefront is one of the best free WooCommerce news stories you'll find. Coming from the same WooCommerce plug-in development staff, you can be sure it's following best practice - and it's simple to customise and expand as you need it. This is a great free blogs topic that is particularly suitable for anyone who writes about eating or traveling (although you can use it for other subjects as well).

Mesmerize is a beautiful multi-purpose topic that will help you create your website with WordPress Customizer using real-time edit. The Zerif Lite is a favorite, free, one-page WordPress topic that is a good choice for contractors, agents, and other companies. Based on Bootstrap, it provides a simple adjustment via the WordPress Customizer and a tidy parallel effect.

The Kale is a free WordPress topic that is perfect for blogging about foods, travelling, fashion trends and lifestyles. One Page Express is a free one-page WordPress topic that will help you create your page by dragging and dropping, as you can probably imagine from its name. And Ashe is a great free topic for life style or mode Blogger, as well as other related Niches.

The ColorMag is a favorite free WordPress topic mag from ThemeGrill. Therefore, it is a great choice for any kind of publication site. The ShopIsle is another favorite free WooCommerce topic. The WooCommerce products have a neat look, and the original WooCommerce filters look great. When you need to construct a WooCommerce shop with a budgeted price, this is a good start.

Totally is a free multi-purpose topic with a detailled homepage, completely with full scale scroll-effect. NewMag is another stellar-free WordPress magazines topic that is a good choice for publishing houses. As ColorMag, it has built-in slot locations for either Banners or Adsense ads and also has four different types of blogsite style to select from.

ThemeGrill is a free WordPress themed game from ThemeGrill - the same manufacturers of the ColorMag themed game. It' s great for building a commercial or asset site and comes with a wide range of layout and template options. is a free multi-purpose topic from SiteOrigin, the creators of the beloved SiteOrigin Page Builder plug-in.

The Customizr is a light, versatile design by Nicolas Guillaume of Press Customizr. There is a beautiful scrollable pallax and it is easily customizable via the WordPress Customizer (hence the name!). This is a free multi-purpose GoDaddy topic (yes, the GoDaddy - they do designs now). Undoubtedly there was some debate when this topic was published, but it is quickly gaining in popularity and it makes for a great basic topic.

And GoDaddy has also published some free children's themes to give you a different look. Hemingway is a free topic that is especially liked by blogs and authors. The Checathlon is not very much liked in, but I overwrite the quantity because I like all the themes of Sami Keijonen, and this earns more heed.

is a free bootstrap-based WordPress topic suitable for any kind of website. A nice thing is that it is conceived to work well with user-defined mail and taxonomy items, which makes it a good choice if you plan to use non-standard mail as well. The Olsen Licht is a free blogs topic that works especially well for mode and life style blogs.

The Make is a free make topic from The The Thema Foundry that comes with its own light weight page creator. The first time I made my briefcase it was with make, so this subject has a place in my hearts. Simple to adjust and manage, it is still a good choice for building any kind of WordPress site.

The Hitchcock is a free collection of themes for artists, photo professionals and other creative visuals. The Travelify is a free travelling blogs topic from the Colorlib series. This top has a fat mail slide, and all single blogs also have big pictures to help you present your trip photos.

The Nikkon is a versatile topic, which has a good brickwork pattern on its homepage. AccessPress Perallax, as you can imagine, has an integrated one-sided Perallax pattern. This is a free WordPress blogs topic from themme freesia. Featuring a clear layout, it uses the WordPress Customizer for simple, code-free changes.

As with some of the other themes, you can also find free Edge Kind themes that provide a different look. Such as the topic Alternatives Kind. The Vertex is a fast-reacting imaginative subject that makes very good use of the minimalist look of whitespace. The Baskerville is a free, retina-enabled bricklayer topic that is ideal for exchanging all kinds of information - from quotations and pictures to complete articles.

When you want something neat and light for a corporate or web site, Ultra is a sound one. They use the free SiteOrigin Page Builder for ease of page editing and the Smart Slider for slider controls. xMag is a free WordPress Magazin topic and provides a basic look for a blog or message website.

A free blogs topic, Flat provides a vertically navigated pop-up window on the top right of the page. Other Norén has already made several performances on this schedule with the themes Hemingway, Hitchcock and Baskerville, and Fukasawa is another of his favorite free themes. Its minimalistic brickwork makes it a great choice for photographs or other fine art.

Himalaya is a free one-page palladium topic that is a good choice for companies, portals and even tourist logs. Its one-sided look offers a wide range of areas that you can navigate, and the Blog layouts have a large picture that is perfectly suited for travelling snaps. A modern, free and barrier-free subject that is designed for legibility.

Offers you a daring, full width slide control at the top, with a filtering stack at the bottom to show the different areas of your work. It is a relatively new offer (at the moment of writing), but it has a great contemporary look and comes with many adjustment possibilities in the WordPress Customizer.

The Pixgraphy is a free WordPress topic for photographers that is intended to help you view or resell your pictures. The Hueman (not human) is a favorite free journal and blogs topic that comes with a variety of customization features via its free Companion plugin and WordPress Customizer. It also has a beautiful colourful look that sets it apart from many other magazines.

Virtual is a free multi-purpose offer from Kadence Themes. Employs built-in schemas. org micro data to help you get extensive clippings in Google, as well as a neat bootstrap-based look and feel and WooCommerce features. Uses any of these topics? All the other premium free WordPress themes you'd like to refer? is a free-lance author and long-time online marketing professional.

His specialties are WordPress and online publishing.

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