Top free Wordpress Themes 2016

Featured Top Free Wordpress Themes 2016

This summary highlights 100 of the Top Free Themes. best 30+ free WordPress themes from 2017 To find a good WordPress topic is always a difficult job. Several of the beloved Free WordPress themes out there seem to have a few functions that you like, but it lacks some apparent functions that you really need. Everyday there are published literally hundred of topics to meet the requirements of the look and feel of thousand of WordPress sites that are generated every single day. Every WordPress site is designed to meet the needs of the most demanding users.

Free-of-charge WordPress topics are the fastest way to get your WordPress website up and running in just a few moments. A further benefit of using the free WordPress themes is that most of them are published directly as an officially WordPress topic, so that the topic is thoroughly checked for safety questions. Thus, topics gathered by are 100% safe.

In order to get a good free WordPress topic, you need to make sure it is safe, user-friendly, perfect and well supported. We' ve created an exhaustive listing of more than 30 free WordPress themes in this themes library, all of which comply with current encoding techniques, are user-friendly and have an innovative look.

It will be periodically refreshed so that you can add a marker to your go-to-theme collections with it. It is a free multi-purpose WordPress topic that anyone can use to build nice WordPress sites with web page panels, lived controls and pull & fall widgets. What's more, it's a free, multi-purpose WordPress topic. Just a few and a half years after its publication, it was very well accepted and commended by the large WordPress series.

It has an easy-to-use, easy-to-use Topic Option Panel and beautiful designed Widget, allowing you to build your own corporate, portfolios, blog, photo and agencies website in just a few moments. Some of the most important functions that make it one of the best free WordPress themes are: Build Web sites with the Adobe Acrobat Web Site Option Dashboard and drag and drop widgets.

Build infinite Landing Pages. Incorporated videos inside the subject. All popular WordPress plug-ins supported, incl. Woocommerce, cbPress and Page Builder. Great themesupport ( Also for the free edition ). Bellsini is a Woocommerce WordPress topic with many choices with which you can quickly build nice e-commerce WordPress web sites. Its design is optimised for SEO' and incorporates the Schema Mark-up, which helps you to place better in key SEO' s such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

It is also fully compliant with Mailchimp, Google Analytics, Yoast, Jetpack and most WordPress plug-ins. Unnecessary to say, the design is 100% portable, so your website looks fantastic on any machine. The Tar is a light, free multi-purpose WordPress topic that lets you build stunning online businesses, start-up sites, land pages, portfolio and photo sites with just a few mouse clicks. What you get is a great way to get started...

Allows you to tailor and rearrange each section of your website using the Topic Option panel. The Tar is 100% portable, fast, secure as well as willing to translate. Sliders, call to action, portfolios and blogs can all be displayed on the home page of your website by customizing just a few items. The Tar is also fully compliant with all popular browser and retina readers, so your pictures always look crisp and clear on your portable device.

is a free WordPress submission that allows you to use the Custom themme options Panel to build your own custom corporate, blogs, or portfolios Web sites. It has a very clear styling and fits neatly into your portable device. It comes with 2 different designs - Responsive & Fix. There are also 2 wonderful sliders - Flex Slider and Nivo Slider.

And you can also make beautiful blood logs with different blood logs. It is also SEO-enabled and is available in English, French, German, French, Vietnamese, Spanish as well as Seoul. It is also SOE free and compatibility with the most popular WordPress plugins. The GeneratePress is a WordPress module that allows you to build rugged Web sites with your own customizations.

This design is safe and 100% portable. Its design is very light, so it can be loaded quickly on most web browser. The GeneratePress is a full-fledged scheme. org integrates micro data and optimizes topic optimization using search engines. Topic creators also included Google scripts along with a favorite symbol typeface, FontAwesome, which lets you view nice symbols.

Design is immediately ready for use. It is also interoperable with WPML, Yast SOE, BBpress, Woocommerce and all important site builder plug-ins. WordPress is a free WordPress topic with many customizing functions. This topic contains several useful chapters for creating a fully-fledged website.

They can use the topic for any kind of commercial website. This topic also support the most widely-used plug-ins like WPML, Woocommerce, Contact 7 and much more. And it transforms your dull WordPress galleries into an improved one that looks great on any machine. There is also a customized style sheet available where you can customize the design by adding your own style sheet.

It is also translation-ready and SEO-friendly. Sensitive is a multifunctional, free WordPress topic that is very versatile and feature-rich. With this appealing design, you can design any kind of website. This topic is best suited for various companies, agencies, blogs and e-commerce sites. Offers limitless colour choices and offers thousands of Google typefaces and other typefaces.

The WordPress themes customizer allows you to fully Customize the design. Its design is also plugin compliant and optimised for use with most plug-ins, including those optimised for advancedEO. There is also an example demonstration that you can always bring into the design to prevent you from having to recreate the design from the ground up.

Also, you can view your home page's socially profiled symbols to improve your audience experience. The Refur is a free WordPress topic developed by TeFox specifically for commercial and blogsite. With the design you can show nice call to action and feature nice paragraphs on your website. There are 2 different layout options that allow you to build both company and blogsites.

The Refur WordPress templates also come with 3 one-of-a-kind wide areas where you can view any kind of wide to differentiate yourself from the others. With WordPress you can customize it with just a few mouse clicks. With WordPress you can customize the themes with a few mouse clicks. of course.

Growing is a free WordPress topic from Thinkup Themes that lets you build stunning web sites in just a few moments. They can also make nice blog with easy. Now you can insert your own logotype into the headers, show the sliders and the functional area on your homepage. This topic is optimised to achieve better performance in Internet Searchengines ( SOEO ).

It also comes with 10 beautiful designed Widget that you can easily attach to youridebars. And you can also show your head with your own symbols to get more sympathy for your pages. You can also use your website on the move and make it look good on any kind of equipment.

The Freesia Empire is a versatile WordPress topic that lets you build Web sites in just a few moments. There comes with many customization choices to suit the different areas of your website. There are several different layout choices for the design. With just a few mouse clicks, you can also show your cover page with socially relevant symbols.

With Freesia, you can work across multiple web browser platforms with most popular webmasters. Topic is fully compliant with the most important WordPress plug-ins like Woocommerce, B2B, contactcr forme 7, Jetpack, Breadcrumb NavXT &WP-PageNavi. Coporate Plus is another multipurpose WordPress topic that should make an impression. It can be used as a portable unit and is outstanding on all types of equipment. Topic comes with a nice sliders section, about section, services section, para lax section, blogs section and contacts section.

Design includes several enhanced adjustment choices such as custom CSS, social media inclusion, enhanced slide control and more. It is an perfect topic for any kind of website that needs a new and contemporary look. With a few mouse clicks you can also build a page-long website with your ready-made WordPress themes from the WordPress themes canvas.

Businessso is another contemporary WordPress topic for those who want to quickly build nice web sites. This topic contains various chapters such as Slider, Portfolios & Blogs, which you can display on your home page using the "Homepage Page Template". The Businesso is also 100% quick to respond and shows itself to be excellent on any portable phone.

It is also well written, so that when you eventually customize your site, you can go by the topic document. There are also 3 page styles that you can use to view your pages in different layout. The Mudita is a state-of-the-art multi-purpose WordPress site that allows you to build any kind of website, such as web site for your online marketing needs, consulting, corporate businesses, contractors, portfolio management and weblog.

It' Optimized to achieve better performance for the main searching machines. It is also designed to load more quickly on all kinds of equipment. View your meals at 2 predefined positions, view a services area, view a testimonial area, and view a teams area to enumerate your members.

It also comes with detailed instructions on how to customize the design so it's easy. i-excel is a WordPress topic developed for businesses sites, portals, personal sites, and blogs. i-excel is a high quality, adaptable WordPress topic developed for your website, portfolio, website, and blogs. It comes with several premier functions like unlimited color, custom background, boxed/wide layout, custom CSS, social links, various blogs and more.

In contrast to other themes, i-excel saves your themes via a plug-in, so that the themes remain unchanged when you change the theming. Included with the topic is a plug-in named "templatesnext toolkit" which will add many additional functions such as custom sliders, shortcodes, advanced search engine management (SEO) choices, portfolio, blog, carousel, services and a call to action area.

Its design is also 100% portable, so it works well with any unit. One of Themezhut's most popular multi-purpose WordPress themes for business and portfolio sites is Enliven. Your portfolio of jetpacks can be customized with different designs supplied with the design to make it distinctive and different from the game.

With Jetpack you can also show your front page endorsements on them. There also comes with various different widgets that help you to build your own website without having to touch any coding. It also comes with a full-screen slide bar, icon blocks, a call range, and more. 100% Enliven is 100% portable and can be translated.

It is also compliant with most popular WordPress plug-ins. Kaos is a contemporary blogging topic with a nice look and feel. It is designed for bloggers who want to view their own favorite postings with luxury eyecaching motion graphics. Also, you can view customized menu items in your headline and various symbols for your site's search engine profiles to improve your user experience.

It is also 100% portable, so it looks good on any machine. Also, the topic creator regularly refreshes the topic to keep it up to date. The Evolve is a favorite multi-purpose WordPress topic that was recently recreated to look impressive. Topic has several headline layout, parallax slider with 5 sliders that can be shown on each page.

The Evolve Topic Option pane also includes Google font so you can customise your website with over 500+ type. It is also compliant with most popular plug-ins such as Buddypress, Woocommerce & WPML. Also, unnecessarily to say, the topic shows up well on any unit since it already reacts wirelessly.

This is a WordPress topic that was created by the thread group. This topic is intended for photographs, gourmets and artisans. Postformats can be used to nicely present various kinds of contents such as pictures, quotations, videos, etc. on your website, as the postformats are arranged to look better.

The Dyad also has a large featureured contentslider section under the heading that allows you to view your gooey postings. It is also possible to view your site's socio symbols by using the function for them. It' s also retina-ready and portable, making it look great on all kinds of equipment.

One of the most beloved free WordPress themes, Customizr has won the hearts of many new WordPress entrants along with the experienced WordPress developer for its capability to be customised with hook and feature and with the rugged Theme Options-panel. Although its option pane may look unwieldy to some once you get the knack out, anyone can create nice, reactive WordPress sites without any programming.

Allows you to design any kind of website: commercial pages, blog, portfolio, Landing Pages, forum, shop, etc. This topic is 100% portable and can be easily converted into different language versions. It is also fully customizable with the best WordPress plug-ins like WooCommerce, JetPack, etc. The Flat Commerce is an e-commerce WordPress topic developed by the Palace for web pages that use woocommerce to construct their e-commerce website.

It comes with different style choices so that you can change the look of your website by just customizing some of them. It can also be used on the move and is available for translations. It is also possible to view your product using the Frontpage templates associated with the topic. Though it was designed specifically for e-commerce sites, you can also use it to easily build any kind of website with it.

One of the best free WordPress themes, you can use to make stunning portfolio and blog posts with just a few mouse clicks. What's more, it' s a great way to get your WordPress blog up and running! Using the Customize your website within a few moments with the Customize your website previews using various fitting functions such as colours, types, logos and headers fitting option. WordPress Postformats are also supported by the topic, allowing you to present another kind of beautiful work.

It is also fast reacting, translatable and cross-browser compliant. The Fortunato is one of the best WordPress blogs on the market. You can use the topic to view your nice full width head picture that enhances the overall aesthetics of your website. It is also possible to show a different head screen on different pages.

The Fortunato is also compliant with Woocommerce to show your product in different layout. WordPress Postformats, RTL and all common browser are supported. And of course it is translatable and can be used on the move, so it looks fantastic on any machine. The Fukasawa is a WordPress photographic subject, equipped with several useful functions and already popular with WordPress people.

You can also use it to easily build nice blog and magazines sites. Pinterest's topic is similar to Pinterest's design, so it's best suitable for a photographer. And you can view your gallery as a slide show on any of your postings. Customise the look of your website using the customisation window with built-in colour, type and layouts choices.

It' s also designed to display well on any phone, from a large iMac to smaller iPhones. It is a well-known, versatile WordPress document, created with great attention and attention to detail. You can use it to create commercial, Portfolio, and Web Sites.

Also comes with fantastic slide control, colour choices, logotype choices, type choices and a bright and dim colour pattern. It is also fast, translatable and interoperable with the most common WordPress plug-ins such as Breadcurmb NavXT, Woocommerce, WPML, and many others. Virtues is another multi-purpose WordPress topic Kadence themed, which was very well accepted by the WordPress comunity.

Discipline of the subject is very contemporary and minimum what makes it best for all kinds of sites. It is best suited for building your own website, including your own website, portfolio, business website and more. Virtual offers rugged choices and functions such as several home page layout, customized font, Google font, slide control, customized style sheet, and much more that can only be found in high-quality WordPress themes.

It is also 100% portable and works well with the most important WordPress plug-ins like Woocommerce, WPML, and more. One of the best WordPress themes on the market, Hueman has become very popular due to its advanced layouts and ruggedization. This topic was adopted by the press customizer crew a few month ago.

Topic already has 70-k WordPress Web sites up and running and has earned 100's of 5-star reviews. The Hueman offers many useful features like Next/Previous Posts, Related Posts, Extensive Styling Option, Infinite Widgets, Fixed/Wide Layout and much more. With this design, you can also place advertisements in different parts of your website.

This topic can be easily scaled from full-hd-displays to small, low-resolution mobile phones. The Edin site is one of the best corporate WordPress themes ever designed by the people. Allows you to view a Helden headers picture, post in your inventory layouts and 2 broadget areas where you can view 3×3 broadgets side by side.

The Edin is very simple to set up as there are not many complex features. This topic also comes with 2 different page styles - Full width and alternative sidebar style. Extremely reactive and portable, it is 100% translatable, so you can effortlessly convert it into any desired foreign currency. The Advertica Lite is one of the less known WordPress themes that really has a high level of appeal.

Generate professionally designed web sites, web sites for agencies, portfolios and start-ups with useful features designed specifically for the topic. Marketing professionals can also benefit from using this topic as it allows you to build nice landing pages. It is also compliant with the most important WordPress plug-ins such as Revolution Slider, Woocommerce, WPML and the like.

Their website will look good on any kind of equipment because the subject is portable and reactive and the eye lens is on. The Minamaze is a free design that comes with many features to help you build your own commercial, investment, or blogsite by just customizing a few of them. It' s an appealing lay-out and is capable of high-definition retinal, so it looks great on any machine.

There is a slide bar on your title page that you can add to various paragraphs and link to your favorite people. Minnamaze also has 10 user-defined Widget and Logos upload and layouts selection items integrated into the Topic Option pane. It is also compliant with the main WordPress plug-ins, translatable and compliant with top-level web browser.

The Olsen Light is a great free fashion/lifestyle blogs topic for WordPress created by the CSS-Zünder family. Enables you to delight your audiences by displaying the most important hyperlinks to profiles with nice symbols. It comes with several different Widgets that allow you to customise your pages as you wish.

It is also possible to view your Instagram photographs using the built-in Instagram sliders. It is also fully translateable and multi-lingual, so you can view your contents in different tongues with any multi-lingual plug-in. It is also optimised to achieve a better ranking in the most important keywords like Google, Bing and Yahoo. The Interface is a neat, reactive, network-enabled design for WordPress.

Easy to personalize with various themes choices such as logos up-load, favoricon, style symbols, user-defined video and much more. It is also possible to customise your website using the customised CSS function included in the design. You can also view your website in box/wide layout and with a featured slider.

This topic also includes important WordPress plug-ins like Wordpress, Kontaktformular 7, WP-PageNavi, Woocommerce and much more. The Arcade Basic is a free, light WordPress topic created with HTML5 and CSS3. Use the WordPress Customizing to include a headframe, page layouts, page width, and more.

It is best suited for business and blogs sites that have a lot of contents. Acade also has WordPress postformat printing capabilities, such as It' s fully compliant with the best WordPress plug-ins like BuddyPress, Jetpack, bbPress, WMPL and Woocommerce. Incorporating Arcade's mobility, it responds perfectly to preforms on any kind of portable devices, even trays.

Ildy is a fantastic free multi-purpose WordPress topic created with Bootstrap. Use the WordPress Customizing tool to customize any section of your website with ease. It is designed for land pages, business and blogs sites with a lot of contents. Illy works with the most beloved free and free WordPress plug-ins such as Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, Yours P.E.O., Jetpack, WP Super Cache, NextGEN Gallery.

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