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Conducting interviews with local bands, concert reviews and the live music scene. DJ-Bend Beograd, Belgrade, Serbia. HER HOME FOR THE BEST MUSIC OF TODAY.

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As The Soft White Sixties came into the studios to produce a new Alta California release, the members wanted to catch the ghost of their lives, after producing Elijah Thompson pointed out how clean the atmosphere can be in comparison to the power and grain of a show.

Celebrating the development and expansion of Wounded Tropic: When we last met Elijah Goodall, the head and muscles behind the locally based Electropop experiment This Iceland Earth, he was telling us about Wounded Tropic, his three-album conceptual design about an isle and its people surviving a violent tropic tempest.

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The Lot is a unique restaurant in Bend, Oregon that brings the dining car to a whole new world.

The Lot is a unique restaurant in Bend, Oregon that brings the dining car to a whole new world. Offering the diversity of five cars to chose from, there are many ways to meet your craving for road cuisine. There is a neat, contemporary atmosphere with built-in table and drink bars with beers, apple juice, wine and combucha.

There are 16 rotating tape grips offering a large selection of locale and region pin sizes to try out. Summertime, you can sense the breezes flowing through the open gates of the garages as you nip at a cold, foaming drink and wait for your meal to get there. And The Lot is family-friendly and dog-friendly.

Feel free to join your loved ones or eat alone. Many thanks for the support of our small business.

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