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This site does the work in a way that is beautiful and effective, but absolutely accessible, even for those of us without design chaops. ristin Wong is a personal financial journalist and author of the book Get Money. Freelance author, content marketer and most recently editor of the HubSpot Sales Blog. Personal development blog examples. Personal website is a great tool for content and portfolio.

35 best personal websites we've ever seen.

It is not difficult to build a personal website. However, the construction of your personal website - the most important property you will present to the whole web? It' s simple to get a little bogged down when it comes to creating your website, creating the right colour schemes, selecting great portfolios and creating texts that give your pages character.

In order to help you get getting started, we have put together some of our most popular personal sites. Whether it's a basic one that anyone could build, or a seriously stunning one that we can only marvel at in reverence, take a look - and you'll get an idea on how to make your website even better. This site does the work in a way that is nice and efficient, but absolutely accessible, even for those of us without designer chaops.

In addition, her "Services" section clearly states what she is looking for so that they can easily comprehend how they can work with her. Create such a website with the Avenue templates from Squarespace! This website features a sleek, neatly designed website that makes the colours of the Vengoechea images and screen shots really popular - adding even more glamour to your work.

Using her website to tell a convincing tale about herself, and then giving a clear call to actions so folks can get to her and work together. But besides the easy to use welcome display, Stank does an excellent job incorporating information about his capabilities and skill sets with just enough personalities to make him stand out.

Create such a website with Squarespace's Bedford submission! Since Hines has been able to visualize the samples of her paperwork using publishing emblems, her recommendation page is unsurpassed. Also, it looks like it was really simple to setup by adding Nuths LinkedIn and Blog directly to the page, which means she hardly had to type a single letter.

Create such a website with Squarespace's Adirondack submission! That simple one-pager shows just enough of Enders' work to arouse your interest - and just enough of his character to make you smile. She does a great job creating her text-heavy essay specimens visually and appealingly. In addition, the bite-sized passages on their "About me" page make it easier to get to know them.

This site takes things to the next step, either with stunning graphic art, especially with jagged text, or with nice, easily searchable design. Somehow this page is both plain and visual and lets you say "wow" as soon as you hit it. Covers does a particularly good job dividing its portfolios into different abilities and really emphasizing its best work.

Create such a website with the Aviator templates from Squarespace! The website presents Koloc's work and backgrounds in a clear, concise and easy-to-understand way, and is endlessly more concerned with large logo and example link pages. That beautiful site has a consistently branded and thoroughly styled look, thanks in part to the fact that Smith himself created and encoded it to demonstrate her abilities.

It' s a portfolio-like site that makes it really effortless to flip through various samples of Reagan's work without much website styling distracting from her lovely work. Create such a website with the atelier templates from Squarespace! And Ramsdem does a great piece of work by just summarising himself over the pleat, with his graphical photo/logo and slogan.

Silverton follows her with great samples of what she can provide, testimonies from previous employer and a nice range of work. Stadd makes reading her copy enjoyable and gives you a great feeling for her vocal and personal qualities - which is great because she sells herself as an author.

McCartney will make you smile about his personalities on the page landed on the page dedicated to him, but the remainder of the page will seriously amaze you with its working stories and easy project abstracts. The one-page website does an excellent job of creating a compelling story about Pal's passion for eating, while also containing stunning work rehearsals and accounts of her experiences.

Riley's smiley face and eye-catching logotype immediately make you think, "She'd be fantastic to work with" - and then her easily searchable and handsome work seals the deals. Create such a website with Squarespace's Adirondack submission! Okay, these pages are a little ambitious; without a programming or designing wallpaper (or the attitude of someone with these skills), you may not be able to create them for yourself.

Sure you' ll miss all the information about McCarthy, but you'll see some really amazing animations - and then probably want to go back up and see everything about the guys who did them. Whilst this page looks unassuminated - and doesn't even really look like a personal website - it's a great example of how well blogging can be an efficient way to get your audience to know more about what you're doing.

Create such a website with Squarespace's unique indigenous templates! We' ve been talking about Leonardi's amazing curriculum vitae - where you can run your curriculum vitae like a real videogame person - before. We had to put him on that roster because his motion picture is just as catchy and stunning. Thanks to its simple scroll and beautifully rendered motion graphics, this website will keep you seriously familiar with the history and experience of Tonnina.

The page seems amazingly easy, but becomes more complicated and stunning when you move the mouse over it and click on the different words that describe Tan. Gotthardt's website contains beautiful drawings that express Gotthardt's aesthetic designs and architectural styles directly in the website layout. Sample work only serves to support his references.

Create such a website with the Frontrow templates from Squarespace!

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