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Selecting the right theme for your portfolio is not easy, and this is where Uncode comes in. Let's take a look at some of the most important Uncode portfolio pages on the Internet! Best 20 new portfolio locations, February 2018 Besides, humans make a particular attempt to show those who are important to them loving and caring, which is also cooling. Topic of this months is Minimalism and Motions Design Portfolio, about that. Please note: I judge these pages by how good they look for me.

Many of these sites, for example, rely on JavaScript to view their contents at all; this is a poor idea (TM), kid.

See, he's a frontend dev/motion singer. Sites created by animation artists usually fall victim to the user-friendliness and access section. The book calls for a passion for the aesthetics of the 1980s. Less+More may next be the incarnation of the college of architecture "White Spaces and Thick Heading Types".

Whenever I see a page that is as shamelessly colourful as Marina Rachello's portfolio, I always wonder if my trend towards monochrome pallets is somehow incorrect. So the only thing I would do ( besides fix the possible problem of contrast) would be to make the backdrop an SVG and not a PNG. Antonio will bring us another portfolio of videographers that focuses entirely on movement designs.

It has an optically appealing mix of wallpaper videotape and plain, sturdy minimumism that would just shout "professional" if it wasn't so damn professionally. Pandazaras' portfolio is as artistic as his photograph, which is important for photographers' web sites today. You' ve got the minimumism, the somewhat unorthodox look and even a more artistic feel.

The Dow Smith follows the tendency towards ever more minimalistic pages, with large, thin text and a passion for the literally blank world. Every portfolio item is presented as a brief HTML5 encapsulated videotape showing how a visitor should interactively work with the website. Although it relies much more on typology than images, this website still seems alive.

This is what they are about, so get some wallpaper and photos from their work. Especially I appreciate the filmed representation for her entire work. gallgo. studio's minimalist approach will certainly reminds you a little of Google. You' ve worked with Google on at least one of your projects, so that seems right.

Bonnemoy's portfolio captivates with rather messy Lavalamp effect before she reveals a stylish lay-out, which is reflected in its symmetry and pictorialness. My feeling is that this is one of those sites that may have survived a little. The portfolio of Mitsugu Takahashi is stylish. But I don't mean that it uses the fantasy kind (well, it does) or that it uses images to display a high quality mark (it does, too).

These are only superficial hints to a deep sense of how something should look like. It'?s just all the right sounds. The Paper Tiger is your classical minimumism, in which only a few color-filled ballons were tossed onto it. Paper Tiger's folks seem to be good at casting things, as the use of colour doesn't overload the remainder of the outfit.

Just take an already sound look and make it a little more. I' m not sure why Powerpoint-style designers so much like the site, but James Merrell Architekten is a good example of shape. What's really awesome is that CSS (and JS) has come far enough to make such sites reasonably useful and even beautiful.

Although construction sites run counter to my own preference in this way - and although it doesn't make sense to hide the navigational information behind a Hamburg menus on the desktops - I have to say that it just looks good. Not only is MoreSleep a good concept, it's also a good designer as well.

We have a portfolio of Nathan Young's slide shows. Actually this kind of portfolio is increasing a little, although I would try to create purely pure css slideshows myself. The Jack Davidson portfolio makes sure that you get the right track for each of your projects by substituting that track for the current one.

Do you see how the pictures are prevented from intersecting with the titles of the projects you are currently seeing in the preview? SIOVANNA SILVA has taken the unorthodox path of enabling humans to create their own collections of their own. Select a country/location and then click away to see each image in the work.

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