Top Portfolio Websites 2016

2016 Top Portfolio Websites

Best new portfolio locations, October 2016 Whilst we can certainly learnt a great deal from the brutal design's achievements in certain areas, it is doubtful that anyone will hop on this train. Yes, everyone will realise that the triumph of (some) brutal websites only means that they are likely to weaken animation and the use of videos.

Let's look at some nice websites, shall we? Hegel is a Geman company focused on marketing and web development. Combining it with a sound piece of symmetry and a thin lay-out, they create a website that is easy but looks one of a kind among the trendier websites. The FLOW4 gives us the now classical portfolio look for full width section.

Seasoning things by subtly and playfully interactively attaching to each of the portfolio items on the home page. She is a Simone Viola brand with a strong emphasis on simplification. Its website retains the same sound, with the awesome use of literally whitespace, a full-screen lay-out and our classical thinanserif.

It is a basic website, for a simpler product designers, and it looks good. UX designers and coders in Singapore. Its portfolio keeps things easy with a text bar and no pictures until you open a portfolio part. It is a sleek, contemporary, minimalist styling that is enhanced by subtile setbacks to older, technology-related pages.

Radwan's Lukasz One-Pager is one of the most stunning sinister websites I've seen in a long while. I' m assuming an exemption from the fact that he calls the portfolio section a "flowcase", but only because I didn't think of this word game first. The Umeed Emad portfolio is the second page on this page that contains a few items that take me back to the 90'.

It' a small gamble as it initially only shows the logo of your customers and another to directly hyperlink to their pages, but otherwise it's a nice - and quite light - outfit. Pedrina Andrea Pedrina is one of the few who, I would say, actually need a pre-loader because there are a lot of videos and motion pictures here along with everything else.

Oh, have a little interaction with him, and you'll see colours, sure..... but I really enjoy that monochrome look when it's done right. The High Contrast system is a combination of a fairly traditional lay-out and a sensibly employed symmetry. The rest of the course is largely taken for granted. The HTML Boutique is similar to the High Contrast page above and blends traditional layouts with symmetry, but it is definitely;y has its own character.

Mendili uses great type, tonnes of subtile and not-so-subtle animations and vibrant colours to achieve everything with his portfolio. Undscore is a brand- and designer-authority. You use a brickwork plan to present both your work and the essays you wrote, and it works quite well. So long as guys clearly distinguish which bit leads you to their portfolio and which leads you to an item, I think it's a great way to show both things together.

Web pages for interiors are usually minimalistic with interactivity. Apart from that, this page shows some amazing minimalistic layouts for other pages of its kind. Perhaps make your navigational experience clearer when you create your own designs. Here is something we don't have on this schedule every day: footwear!

Suddenly the portfolio site for Anni M is contemporary, creative, fashionable and generally just good at presenting them. Ibrahim's photo portfolio gives us more of this lovely monochrome quality, with a side order of rolling horizontally and small elegantly shaped flowers. Another one for the somewhat characteristic - but still well done - shortlist.

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