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You are not sure which Website Builder is best for you? Web portfolio sites, blogs and e-commerce sites are often seen as sources of inspiration for design, but today we focus on corporate sites. Topsites by category: The Business Approximate amount of site visit (mm:ss) per day per site user. Updates every day for the last 3 monthly periods. Charged per day page views per user on the site.

Updates every day for the last 3 monthly periods. This is the percent of all recommendations that came from search engine searches over the last month. What is the best part?

Update every day. Biggest US commercial lending firm. Offers a broad array of cards, travels and finance related activities for private and corporate customers. One of the world' s biggest emitters of credit cards from the world' s leading brands. Corporate Messages, Track & Trace, Softwares, Job Information and FAQ. Carrier providing end-to-end forwarding, information and logistic systems.

Provides a broad array of bank product and finance solutions for businesses and individuals. Internationally and nationally published business and finance planning messages. Provide long-distance, global and cordless service and provide full connectivity to the web. Produces equipment for home computers, networks and communication related applications. The CBS TV company's on-line newscast.

Best 25 Best Business Website Design Responsible Samples

Reactive web designing has been on everyone's lips for some time now. Not only does a fast responding website help you get a better ranking in your ranking in searching machines, it also increases your page convert rates and increases your travel time. Remember that a fast-response website can provide your site's users with a better viewing environment and can help you build higher value links and help raise your bottom line.

What is even better is that creating a fast website is no longer as difficult as it used to be. Multiple template and theme types make it easy to turn your unresponsive website into a reactive one that leads to more visitors and more sales. A fast reacting lay-out is not enough. Today we' re presenting some samples of the most reactive business websites so you can use them as a source of inspiration. Here are a few of them.

How does a website look like? Fluids, reactive imagery, and reactive requests for information are the basic principals of reactive web designs that enable adaptable layouts, but there are a few other things every visual reactive website should have. Appealing designs. Of course, your website should have a visual appeal that will help you present your product or service in the best possible way.

Whilst appealing designs are very personal, you can adhere to some fundamental principals, such as the use of readable type, the use of spaces, and the avoidance of colliding colours, to make sure your website is esthetically appealing. Optimised pictures. We' ve talked about the importance of fast response pictures, but your pictures should also be optimised for the web.

That means that they should not only be well scaled with the layouts, but also stored in the appropriate formats. JPG can be used for pictures such as portrait, scenery, or other pictures that have an appropriate number of colours. You can use PNG for pictures such as logo, symbols, and any other pictures that require a clear backdrop.

Deactivate light box for portable equipment. When you have a web site in your portfolios, you should turn off the box effect on your portable equipment. Testform panel dimensions on each instrument. If you are the proprietor of a business website, you probably have a few formulars on your website. Test the blanks on each machine to make sure the blanks are displayed properly and are large enough on smaller monitors.

Deactivate pop-ups on portable computers. Like pictures opened in the light box, newsletters pop-ups can be more difficult to shut on smaller monitors, so you should turn them off with an appropriate check. Appealing release keys are available. Lastly, make sure your release keys respond and don't interfere with your contents on smaller displays.

Sites on this page have an appealing look that looks great on both desktops and mobiles, as well as an overall look. So let's take a look at some samples of fast reacting web design: As for the wallpaper edition, the menus are small and inconspicuous, and the homepage immediately shows what the salon is known for.

In the case of a portable unit, the menus switch to the top of the display, and since they contain only a few left-hand side items, it is not necessary to use a Hamburg symbol. Pictures move between each other so that this website is simple to use regardless of the unit. Caver is a Stephen design and development company, so it's no wonder that his website is a great example of a highly reactive web-site.

It also uses nice and neat typeography and lots of whitespace to give the designer enough room to breathe. Featuring a two-column lay-out on desktops and laptops, this feedie blogs changes to a pad lay-out on smaller monitors. Located in the side bar on the right, the logos and menus move upwards without being difficult to click or hiding behind a Hamburg meal.

The Made By Hand is a great example of how you can ensure that your medias respond. The website example shows a range of shorts that show how celebrating is done, making things by hands and using pictures and videos as such. Pictures as well as videos look great on desktops and mobiles, and the sleek serial script makes the text a pleasant reading experience.

It is an e-commerce site, so an appealing look is critical here. When you change the size of the website in your web brower or go to it on a portable computer, you'll see the skilful use of a mega-menu that widens when you move your mouse over it and makes clicking single menus incredibly simple.

The fast-reacting website is another example of an e-commerce site. Users on portable equipment can readily navigate to both options, which are positioned above and below the logos. The Boston Globe website is hidden behind a Hamburg meal on desktops, so the reader can concentrate on what is most important for news pages: the contents themselves.

The Starbucks site makes great use of drop-down lists and a concealed portable menue to concentrate on your site's contents while providing your users with an easier way to browse your site. Your keys work great even on smaller monitors, so they're easily recognized and clicked. Sasquatch Music Festival's responsive website is a great example of responding smooth.

Pictures resize elegantly when viewed on portable equipment, and it's simple to get the information you need. On-line shop that sells temp testoos does a good job of making the purchase process easier on portable equipment. Simply click on the Amazon Pay link or go on below to fill out the order forms, which include beautiful large boxes and simple to click buttoms.

On its homepage, the winegrowers' association of Italy uses a special type of videos that is simple to watch even on smaller monitors thanks to the clearly visible playback buttons. Apart from fast reacting medias, another thing that makes this website right is the use of the sticker menus, which facilitates accessing other pages.

Playing the song on the screen, reading the text, downloading the albums and much more. Go to the website on the portable unit and you will find only the absolute minimal information, along with the possibility to get the latest albums. If you are visiting Illy's website on a computer screen or on your computer, you will see a 15% rebate email with a 15% rebate on your subscription.

The pop-up on portable computers, however, is substituted by a subtile page key and a top panel that doesn't stop you from seeing the primary contents. Streamlined menus and galleries are the two greatest benefits of the Sweet Hat Club when used on a portable unit. Light colours make the keys easily recognisable.

The fast-response website also shows that subtile animation on smaller monitors works great to attract people' awareness to the prompts for actions. Alessandro D'agnano, Italy based artist and artist specialises in fast reacting designs, so it's no wonder that his range is optimised for all display heights. It is an on-line repository that looks great on both desktops and mobiles thanks to a classic listing format.

You' ll see the subtle changes in filtering choices that switch from a location on the side bar to a drop-down above the top level when you' re visiting the site on a portable phone. DO Lectures use a three-column format, which makes it possible to show a large amount of information on the title page.

As such, the menus on portable terminals are clearly printed in fat and the video and contents are shown in two separate column. St. Paul's School keeps its homepage straightforward and minimized - you'll see a large wallpaper, paired with a few button icons that make it easier for you to browse to the most important areas of the site.

Wallpapers on portable computers scale nicely and the keys are piled on top of each other to make navigating easier. There are two Call to action Buttons on the top of the website and they move on the bottom of the screens on portable terminals, so you can't miss them.

Together with fast-reacting slide controls, pictures and an easy-to-read script, all Ts cross each other on this website when it comes to fast reactive web designs. The Rally interactive is a great example of typographic styling that shows that you don't need pictures to create a website of visual interest. Not only is this site simple to use and looks great on both portable and desktop computers, it's also highly engaging and engaging.

Desktops users will find a easy navigation, so no Hamburg icons are needed. Twocolumn theme is stapled when you are viewing the website on a portable unit. Large ink consumption and large types, coupled with colorful call-to-action keys and a liquid screen, are the key features of the LifeSeasons website.

For this reason, you can purchase additions readily or find out more about them, regardless of which unit you use to display the website. The Open Wear website not only responds, but also provides visually pleasing micro-interactions that occur when you move the mouse over different menus. Long's fast-response website is a great example of the use of vibrant colours to achieve the strong focus on call to action visuals that work very well on portable equipment.

Keeping its homepage to a minimum, however, instead of a large wallpaper on portable equipment, users choose a single wallpaper sample. It is easy to navigate to other areas of the site with shortcut icons that grow slightly on smaller monitors while the Hamburg symbol conceals the menus. Above are just the tip of the ice when it comes to appealing website samples, but we sincerely hopes they have inspire you to take the first steps and make sure your website responds.

Choose an appropriate website templates or themes, then use our web site designing hints to easily build your new website.

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