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Choosing a free theme when creating a WordPress site is a logical choice, although some paid themes are quite affordable, as I explain in this article. Featuring Top Free and Premium WordPress Topics for 2018 Proud to present you our fifth edition of our best WordPress topics for 2018. WordPress was still the most widely used CMS and many new themes were created for it. And there are also old themes that have been reworked and made even more astonishing.

Knowing the good thing is that WordPress issue designer and developer have continue to provide high value product, both free and paid. WordPress is the world's leading developer of WordPress. In this way, you can find a topic that fits your own needs and objectives, both personally and in your work. Choose from a wide range of themes, from classy and professionally designed to easy and neat.

Continuing our practices from past years, we have divided WordPress topics into free and paying category. Under the name of each topic you can see a picture and a link to the topic creator, the topic demonstration and further topic information. In addition, after examining and examining each topic, we prepared short but very instructive testimonials in which we concentrated on understanding the essentials of our experiences with each topic under test.

These short stories tell you more about the theme's styling, the purposes for which it's best suited, and whether it's reactive and adaptable. Because choosing a WordPress topic for your website is a choise you must respect for a significant period of your life, we recommend that you take the opportunity to check the demonstrations we provide via our link, view the description, and contact your developer if you need to make custom adjustments.

Here you will find our WordPress Topics Topicks for 2018. is a one-click install topic that is easily clicked to install by clicking the Activate icon under WordPress Dashboard. The Elena is a classy and very adaptable WordPress blogs topic. It' neat, fashionable and easy to use WordPress themed.

Eleena's themes are ideal for fashions, the arts, lifestyle, travelling or blogs. The Hestia is one of the most beloved free multi-purpose WordPress themes. The Jason Lite is a brave but super-friendly WordPress topic designed to meet the needs and desires of blogs and story-tellers. Whether you want to compose long essays or shorter plays, Jason Lite houses all types of contents and brings them out contemporary.

The Julia Lite is a creative foods blog for those who want to present their own recipe and cooking story. Featuring a powerful emphasis on creating a pleasurable reading environment for your reader, this WordPress jewel creates space for you to fulfil your passions in an intelligent and engaging way. is a free, scaleable, search-optimised Responsive WordPress themed framework that allows you to build any kind of website you want using the WordPress themes.

The Patch Lite is a free WordPress topic from the Pixelgrade range that will help publishing houses attract the right kind of interest. Creating a unique look and feel for your magazines and impressively adapting the layouts to the contents make this a unique area. The Rife free comes with many customizable features that you can customize with the use of WordPress.

The WordPress topic looks great on your laptop, tablet, phone or any other display. It is designed to look fantastic on your website and to draw all the focus to your contents with neat layout. Adrenalin is a WordPress topic for companies that want their hearts to beat faster. The AlphaColor is a new WordPress style with a very strong look and feeling.

A super slim, surprisingly agile, completely reactive, Avada has unbelievable topic choices to quickly and simply customise the whole site. It' elegantly, professionally, wonderfully and user-friendly WordPress themed for bakeries. A very minimalist but creative WordPress topic for agency and freelancer, BeAgency will help you set your projects apart from the rest.

Designed for serious users, it works on all types of equipment. This comes with lightening speed loading time, flawless local skeleton management and best for Adsense blogging. is a WordPress photographic subject for fine artists who want to imbue the art world by presenting their work in stylish ways.

This wonderful piece has been created with great love of detail and love of detail and is designed to meet the actual needs of the photographer and fine artist. Finder is a fully functional property topic for WordPress, a great tools for property agents, realtors and listing webpages. Embroidered Foody is a premium WordPress topic for restaurants, groceries and recipes and other web pages related to the topic of groceries.

The Foundation is a contemporary WordPress topic with a three-column, appealing design. Movie playback, 4 built-in colour themes, infinite colour variation and simple customisation make this a great topic for any kind of work. Fornde is a one-of-a-kind and state-of-the-art WooCommerce WordPress purchasing topic for WordPress, created with Bootstrap and supported by Visual Composer.

As the subject itself is harmonious and user-friendly, your offerings and sevices will be presented in an appealing way. WordPress GrowthPress is an all-round WordPress topic that is perfectly suited for almost any type of on-line commerce. Featuring a nice contemporary look and high performance functions, GrowthPress can be used as a Landing Page for your SOA (Software-as-a-Service) businesses, as a presentation page for your portable applications or just as a website for your SOE-Agentur.

A beautiful, flatulent WordPress topic for presenting your art, photos and words. HealthFlex is a premium healthcare & medicinal WordPress topic that focuses on medicine, spa and other health-related healthcare outcomes. Heaven is one of the most stylish, cleanest and creativ WordPress blogs on Themeforest. Let us make your blogs a resource of inspirations.

The Juliet Pro is the ultimate life style, nutrition and face-to-face blogs topic with a girlish, stylish and female atmosphere. Stylish hits simple in this professional and meticulously styled female blogs themed. The Jupiter is the ideal choice for all types of companies, from corporate groups, storekeepers and small business to start-ups, artisans and blogs.

Newest makes it really simple to start a breathtaking WooCommerce-based e-commerce store, an stylish magazin, a newsagents or blogs and much more! The Lavish is a great topic for a portfolios or blogs with a minimalistic outline. Among the incredible designs and functions, the accessibility of many shortcuts, two slider controls, 5 blogs and an extended contact page, this site can be combined to a great store mix.

Featuring various post-layouts, multi-layouts for the asset management suite, picture mail formats supported, headline variants, and more with the high-performance customized tool. Get your portfolios, blogs or websites up and and running in just a few moments. This is a wonderful subject for bridal shooters. It is that the classical marriage photograph website look, but with sleek pixels perfectly designed.

Comes with a homepage slide show, various weblogs, page and mail masters. The Luminate is a light, agile subject. It is a neat and simple WordPress diary topic. Maximism is a great topic for any blogsmith, with clear styling and minimum layouts, and with a portable, fun looking look. WordPress themme is the ideal tool for creating your own website for your website, your web site, your web site, your blog or any other project.

MikrojobEngine is a WordPress topic with appealing designs and integrated functions. Newsspaper is a favorite WordPress topic with an appealing, user-friendly surface. Hand-made and SEO-optimized WordPress topic for hospitals, mansions, vacation homes, flats, hostels and similar companies. The Oceanica is your fantastic showcase with integrated on-line reservation machine - everything you need to run your on-line hospitality operation like a professional.

All of the demos associated with this topic have been meticulously customized to the specific type of business and conceived and developed in such a way as to incorporate all the features and functions you might need for your use. This is the best Wordpress topic for building a Microsoft Jobs website. The Public Opinion is a topic for magazines that offers a versatile answer to every need for publication.

The RecipePress is a premium WordPress topic for prescriptions and other food-related web sites. An adaptable, free WordPress CV topic that allows website publishers to present their resumes professionally and elegantly. The Resumee is best for the WordPress CV topic and has many cover page widgets that can be rearranged and adapted to your needs.

RichOne is a wonderful portofolio and minimalistic Scandinavian styled WordPress topic designed for professional bloggers. Highly reactive, it looks sharper and brighter on all state-of-the-art equipment. Scheme is the quickest charging, ultra-SEO-friendly WordPress topic. The ShopApp is a nice WooCommerce topic that is perfectly suited for small businesses. Its clear styling and distinctive animation sets your website apart from other WordPress themes.

Shopping is a versatile WooCommerce topic that will help you create professionally e-commerce pages in just a few moments. Comes with the Themify Builder and many eCommerce functions such as Ayax Carts, Wish List, Quick Look Flash Box, Ayax Fast Look, Camera Zoom/Gallery and tonnes of layouts available. This Soundstage topic for groups will delight anyone who appears in a matter of seconds with its impressing slide control and the elegant homepage design.

Featuring a beautiful look and many options, this subject is guaranteed to meet your needs! The Sprinkle Pro is ideal for companies that offer product, service and context that needs to be considered. The StartUp application uses user-defined Widget to turn the WordPress Customizer into a Pagebuilder. The StoreBox is the ideal and most affordable way to start your shop.

WordPress is a classy, flexible and high-performance e-commerce wordpress application developed to take the worry out of webdesigning. The Studeon is a great choice for education institutions such as universities and secondary education as well as for training and education, both physically and on-line, including voice centres, private tutors, etc. Style is a great topic for those who want to create an appealing and appealing website that is characterized by style agents, beauty, magazines, tunes, films and many other kinds of sites.

These beautiful recess motives are constructed and are suited for your tattoo and piercing shop. We' ve fully implemented the topic so that it looks unbelievable on all portable equipment. When you' re looking for a WordPress blogs topic that's well-structured, diverse and full of fat items, take a look at the latest ThemeShift topic, Underwood.

The VAN is a minimum, neat and contemporary WordPress template for anyone who wants to create an astonishing and contemporary web site that offers a wide range of services. is the most favorite WordPress application for WordPress. That' s not all - it is completely fast responding, i.e. it scaled perfect on portable equipment.

The WebNews is a contemporary but fast-loading topic for magazines, specially designed for Blogger and Publisher. The WP Generic theme is a free Wordpress topic, perfect for businesses, corporations, portfolios, blogs, agencies, e-commerce, freelancers and any other contemporary and imaginative website with colour choices in the customized version. The WPLMS is a learning management system for WordPress.

It' not just a WordPress topic, but a full e-learning suites.

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