Top Rated Wordpress Themes 2016

High rated Wordpress topics 2016

WellLife - Responsive Magazine Theme. Editors - Magazine, Blog, Newspaper and Review WordPress Theme. Flows - A fresh creative blog topic. The BoomBox - Viral & Buzz WordPress Theme.

The Flatsome is an e-commerce theme that combines the best trends in online shop design to help you build an attractive and highly converting marketplace.

Best WordPress Topics in 2016

Like you already know, we go through all kinds of WordPress themes, both free and prepaid. In addition, it is clear that there is generally no optimal topic; there are only those that can optimally fulfill your requirements. You should consider many factors when selecting a topic, such as performance, look, built-in utilities, functions, price, and more.

Your design should match the website you want to build. If you are an advanced practitioner, you can of course always exploit the full power of a particular topic. So many WordPress themes, all in all, that you will definitely find the right one.

The only thing you need to do is do a thorough research, i.e. go through a few listings like this and through some users ratings that will eventually take you to the topic you need. Take a look at our listing, see what we have considered when assessing the topics, and hopefully it will help you make your choice.

BRILILANCE is a very mighty, versatile WordPress topic, developed with an eye to versatility. It gives you complete oversight over every facet of its designs, so you can customize it to your needs and more readily meet your website objectives. The Meeta is a basic blogs topic, full of a lot of premium functions, among them uniquely designed widgets and user-defined template.

Pixel WordPress is a pretty easy but very useful desktop WordPress template. Even though the colour of the primary site is deep, this subject does add some colour with the rainbow-style backdrop, giving it the ideal equilibrium. Lily is a single two-column topic. Blogs appear in the three-column brickwork on large monitors and look best with large pictures and a minimum sideline.

The Athena is a multifaceted, full-fledged, highly qualified topic for WordPress. You can configure it to present a company, a small company, an on-line shop, an art collection and much more to perfection. A super slim, surprisingly agile, completely reactive, Avada has unbelievable topic choices to quickly and simply customise the whole site. Speck is the ideal meal & prescription for you!

The Bauhaus is a versatile subject, arranged in such a way that it fits perfectly into the appearance of your brand. Adjusting your wallpaper design to your own logos, colors and lettering is simple. A fast-reacting, grid-style WordPress topic with the look and feel of a high priced newspaper. Its design is for portals and blogging that are defined by high-quality imagery but still value publishing grade typeface.

WordPress is a fast reacting topic for dental professionals that makes a good first impact and professionally presents your dental office. This topic is designed for building technology, architecture, engineering, cleaning and other construction-related work. Bundle is a WordPress blogs topic with a fat look. He' s got a contemporary character that would be great for a blogs, and especially a weblog.

You can click on the free topic on the displayed picture to enlarge it to a fullsize. For bloggers who want just the right amount of choices without having to deal with page builders and shortcuts, Carbon is an incredibly versatile topic. Featuring simple customisation, retinal displays, animated styles, fast response designs, and a translation-ready user experience for global companies, this software combines enthusiasm with business acumen and usability.

This is a topic in your portfolios with which you can present and market your work. Nicely crafted, full of customisation features and powering by Zillacommerce, it gives you everything you need for a breathtaking on-line inventory. Extremely ease to use and no programming skills are needed these words that best describe INK, this is a magazin and private WordPress blogs topic with sleek and stylish styling for those who want to share their tales, memories, travel, fashions, meals, photo collections or lifestyles.

The Jarida is a cleanly responding WordPress mag, message and diary message. Full of features that allow you to fully customize your website to your own needs. Potassium is a WordPress topic that presents your portfolio, your agency, your photography or your blogging (and much more). Featuring a variety of layouts, themes, and extensive drag-and-drop functionality, you can build your ideal website in just a few moments.

The Kleo is a response, retina ready, community/social network WordPress themes that comes as a full bundle with BuddyPress and great demo to help you get on. MaterialsMag - Material Design WordPress themes are intended for magazines, newspapers & magazines. Metall is a strong and singular model of doing business developed specifically for the civil engineering world.

The WordPress thematic multi-author blogs is an absolute singular thematic approach - never before made. Now you can turn your WordPress website into a multiple authors' web site for online blogs. User can sign up themselves and begin writing their own blogs and managing their own medium. is the bestselling WordPress topic for newspapers, magazines, blogs or reviews of web sites over 40 years old.

Based on state-of-the-art technology, this site is full of enhancements and functions specifically designed to get more people to your site and turn any blogs, messages or magazines into a winning website. Featuring over 20 one-click pre-defined demonstrations that give you a great launch, an sleek look, built-in translation, an smart ad system, and no programming knowledge, Newspaper is the great topic you've been looking for to make your website a stand out.

It is an ultra stylish, customisable, easy to use WordPress topic for versatile e-commerce pages. In line with new styling fashions, this is an eye-catching and uncomplicated topic with a slim look, 7 homepage laysouts, 10 colour preferences, clear typefaces, seamless browsing and a well-structured outline. The NinetySix is a cleaner and more imaginative product for those looking for a refreshing store and a portfolio-based website.

The NUVO is an elegantly designed, contemporary, functionally designed and simple to use palladium motif designed specifically for the hospitality world. WordPress topic based on a magazine with an algorithms experimental approach that skilfully creates the best possible page layouts for your work. The Photocrati is an epic, very favorite WordPress topic for photographs and fine arts.

The Radiance is a completely new one-page response business wordpress from SketchThemes. Cleaner, fast reacting, fashionable and stylish, this design is easy to use and fast to use. Radiance is featured with an SEO-enabled function and is developed to help you attract new clients and satisfy your current website traffic. The ReviewPro is a premier issue of magazines with ratings reviews and deals/coupon features.

It' a great addition to your newsgroups page, especially if you want to view review articles and review articles for your affiliated product, service, business, audience and more. is a new WordPress themes product developed for agencies and contractors. Artists, visual artists, visual artists, photo artists and other creatives can now quickly and easily build a library to present their work with a unique and original note.

The Startbiz is a flexible premium WordPress topic that is very well suited for the website to present its products, service, products, portfolio as well as members of its teams. Starbiz is quick shopping with neat styling that strongly focuses on the consumer experience that the corporate website needs to expand its businesses by turning traffic into consumers.

The Teletype Plus is a minimalistic and adaptable WordPress brick-built topic that supports Web sites for creativity agents, graphic artists, photo professionals, blogs and those who enjoy creating. The Trend Salon is a nice WordPress topic for hairdressing parlours, hairdressers, spa centres, SPA and all your healthy and aesthetic shopping sites. Velocity, which provides the full performance of the WooCommerce plug-in, adapts to the topic of your choice.

The WP Residence is a premium property topic developed for freelance brokers and agency, but you can also allow others to enter their property for free, for a charge or on a one month subscriptions basis. and we call these styles "stacks." Our design templates are a collection of different and individual styles within a single high-performance topic.

It' s like purchasing a subject and having constant recourse to new design!

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