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is the best website creator since today. #3 Best Website Builder for Photographers | 2018 Building a website with Wix is fast, from registration to selecting a site submission to managing and posting your website. Also Wix has awesome website layouts that will give you the bone and texture of your website. They look neat and contemporary - a good looking website is important if you work in a professional area.

Thanks to Wix's easy drag-and-drop editing, you can modify almost any part of the original. However, a disadvantage of Wix is that you only get 20 GB of photo space. That should be enough to save several thousand photographs, but since other websites offer you limitless space, it's not perfect.

As with Wix, Weebly is fast and easy to set up - in most cases you can be up and running in less than 20min. You will also find that Weebly provides amazing looking originals that you can switch between as you like. Offering a notable choice of over 300 different applications and plug-ins that can help extend the capabilities of your website, it appears more professionally and useful to prospective customers.

But Weebly is quite pricey - especially in comparison to Wix. Lowest budget begins at $8 against Wix's $5, most costly Weebly budget comes at $38 a months against Wix's $25. Squarespace is perfect if you want to create a website that looks great over everything else.

There are only about 90 patterns, but they are all, without exceptions, great looking. Unlike Wix or Weebly, Square Space doesn't have a free map. You will receive a 14-day free evaluation version instead, after which you must select a bundle to register for. This is slightly more expensive than Wix - the cheapest is $12 per months - but it provides unrestricted space for your photographs (Wix will limit you to 20GB).

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