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At that time, the answer to the question "Which Squarespace template is the best?" was really based on what your website was designed for and what functionality you wanted in your website. However, today there is a pretty solid consensus within the Squarespace webdesigner community about the best Squarespace template. At the moment and for good reason, Bedford is a popular template.

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It'?s no mystery that I'm a big Squarespace aficionado. However, choosing the right pattern can be a bit overpowering. Square space has so many nice templates that it can take a long way to really examine them all. Several templates exist that are referred to as a particular "type" of website and are more diverse than they appear.

This means that you have to try a design to reach its full capacity. It'?s gonna take a while. Instead of having to compare each Squarespace artwork, I will be saving you valuable information by designing the 3 best templates for entrepreneur. Also the fact that it is sold as a yacht servicing has not helped the case.

However, if you're really into the Five feature, it's one of the most diverse templates Squarespace has to offer. So if you have the feeling that you need a side bar on your website, this is the one for you. At the moment and for good reasons, Bedford is a favorite model.

Bedford's index pages are ideal for producing pages with oversized paragraphs. A few month ago, if you had asked me if the Pacific was a good place for business people, I would have said it was only if you had a lunch. This is a good example of how the way a design is promoted can impact your expectation of it.

Only at the beginning of this year it became clear to me that what is presented as a great choice for a dining experience is actually the most potent theme Squarespace has to present. Whilst I like Five and Bedford and strongly commend them, Pacific is my favourite one. I' ve done so much that last week I moved my own website from Bedford to Pacific.

Whilst Bedford has astonishing index pages that can be used to produce full-width picture galleries, there has always been a restriction. Squarespace is not a block. Pacific, however, brings the index page to the next stage. Rather than having a full-width "page" with a full-width headline flag, each page in the Pacific is actually a full-width section of its own.

When you want a personalised Squarespace website (and don't need a sidebar), Pacific is the ideal solution for you. Would you like to check all the templates? Rather than rebuild the bike myself, I would like to provide you with this extensive comparative table of Using My Head: Are you willing to change templates but don't know where to begin?

So what is your favourite one? Divide your website (and what kind of templates you use!) in the comment below. Personally, I like to see everyone take a Squarespace artwork and make it their own!

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