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Equipped with CSS Design Awards. The Cool Club website contains many interesting micro-interactions. It is also an excellent example of a minimalist web design. Utilize parallax scrolling design to highlight visual hierarchy, layouts, and important products.

The top 19 best website designs for your 2018 inspirations

There are 19 of the best website designs and artwork in 2018, plus creatively designed WordPress/ECommerce/Minimalist websites, gathered to increase your creativeness. As website styling changes every year, the first half of 2018 saw some new tendencies such as raster breaks, type animation and flowing effect. Still we see some web designs from 2016 and 2017 or sooner like minimalistic/clean web designs, shallow web designs, reactive web designs and interaktive web designs, etc.

Would you like to keep up with these website development tendencies of 2018 and create a website that is UX/UI-based? We found 19 of the best website designs samples and artwork in 2018, among them some cool and imaginative WordPress sites, e-commerce sites, and the best clean/minimalistic web samples to increase your creativeness and inspiration.

The Cool Club website contains many interesting micro-interactions. In this way, for example, the user can simply click on the map field to hand out individual maps. All in all, all these micro-interactions make for an interesting and appealing webpage. In addition, this style also uses the whitespace to enhance their product and attract users' interest.

Advice on designing prototypes: UX/UI has widely used micro-interaction designs to produce an interesting and convincing website prototypes. You are strongly recommended to free of charge and use a high-performance rapid prototype utility with extensive interactive instructions. The website uses a full-screen movie to show the dynamic manufacturing processes of its product as a backdrop.

Because of the attention to detail of each individual item of jewellery, this method forces the consumer to buy a high-quality one. In addition, the matching of the wallpaper with the overall look and colour adds to a general feeling of style and style. It is also an outstanding example of minimalistic web designing.

Advice on designing prototypes: The website of the Designstudio uses text animations to awaken the interests of the user. Those designs are designed to be efficient in arousing user interest and promoting interaction with the site. This does not mean that you have to use asymmetric raster layout in your web/app designs. One of the most popular websites in the world, this website uses very clever fluids to draw and bind people.

In addition, the illustrative styling is eye-catching. Influencing fluids are becoming more and more common in web/app interfaces. It' s rewarding to include this feature in your UI designs. In contrast to other horticultural sites that use fixed photographs and text, this horticultural site botanically blends vibrant text and high-quality photographs into one. The user is pampered with high-quality photographs that show nice landscapes coupled with information about the gardens while walking through them through them.

In addition, in certain cases to make your website more stunning and look good, you can also adjust some text and photo text effect to the user interface. The jeweller's website offers intelligent search, filter and navigation functions and contributes to a stylish and optically pleasing look. In addition, this website also offers a variety of pointer style for each jewellery group.

By browsing through different jewellery catagories, the user changes the pointer type over time. The result is an inter-active and appealing designer feature. Improve your website with more humanised styling according to the website or your brand attributes, such as different pointer types, font types, colours or colour scheme, etc. Uses this pattern for the furnishing website a specific roundabout to advertise hotspots on the home page.

Advice on designing prototypes: Simply click and drag the Image Carousel feature to view various images of the products. The " Symbol and Label " feature is also useful for making an symbol key with text. The e-commerce site is equipped with a sophisticated on-line help system that allows the user to ask for help at any time.

The site has an incredible parallel axis effect that allows the user to browse through a range of video by using the mousewheel to move the cursor. The website uses an illustrative styling to show all the interfaces that make the whole look nice and interesting. Because of its one-of-a-kind and interesting aesthetics, the stylistic Illustration/Cartoon/Chinese Incesign has become a favorite among graphic artists.

Your UI website can be made ultra nice and appealing by the use of a special kind of online cartography. Clear/minimalistic web sites are often easy, clear and user-friendly. In the first half of 2018 there will be many outstanding website designs, which will be cleaned and minimalistic. The website is an outstanding example of a minimalistic website. In addition, it also uses a very striking selective effect, which makes the overall look more appealing and interesting.

In order to enhance UX, this site has a menu item on the top right that can be either fully or partially concealed, depending on the user's needs. Easily customize your websites/applications with real-time interactivity to make them easier to use with UX, like fading out navigational panels, side rails, etc. The website example uses nice, vibrant colour transitions to draw visitors with high levels of visibility.

Improve the look and feel of your website with the right colour scheme or gradient. The site promotes the sale of products through the use of plain text in various formats and typographies, combined with tempting photographs of products to encourage people to click on detail or buy directly. The prescription approval website is a fast-reacting website that is designed to work well with multiple machines with different platforms or display screens.

In addition, the prescriptions of this website are presented in an attractive way with high-quality photographs and text. The website organises text with a very clear and intuitional descriptive structure that is very useful for the user to quickly browse and find the information they need. Easily build a clear and easy-to-use graphical hierachy for your website by using different typographies, dimensions, placement, colors, orientations, layout, and other approximations.

Advice on designing prototypes: Our website allows our customers to interactively browse and listen to our website and make your own songs even if they don't know anything about them. Today, the UI designs of a Web/App no longer depend solely on viewing power. More and more people are adding sound or audio to their designs to improve the user interface and UX.

The website has a 3-D sphere that can be rotated by the user. Furthermore, the website also uses a hunting effect on several badges. The website uses a minimalistic web styling approach for easy and understandable user interface. Combines the look with a lively colour pattern to attract the user's interest. Advice on designing prototypes:

Whatever kind of web sites they are, all of the best web site redesign samples and patterns above have proven to apply favorite web site redesign trend and web redesign capabilities more or less. Hopefully, these samples will help you to build your own website or application that is both inspiring and convincing.

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