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Take a look at our list of simple, easy and cheap website builders. Every function is designed to make this simple and successful. Which is the best website maker for personal pages? Choose Dot-Com Available Domains or a Top Level Local Domain.

There are 10 ground rules for a compelling website

Their website is where almost all your clients will land first. Recently it was a problem to design a website yourself. Thanks to new tools like Online-Website-Builder this is no longer the case. These days, anyone with a computer and a few simple things can create a website with just a few mouse clicks! Just one computer and a few simple things!

However, this means that there are tens of millions of well-designed sites to be visited, with tough competitions that make it harder to attract visitors' attention. So if you are a non-specialist trying to get your hands on a do-it-yourself website, keep reading! Just a part of the traffic to your website will actually become your clients, so build your website with them in view.

When you have the opportunity to speak to people with different languages, don't think that because they can all speak English, an English website makes the difference. At some point you will need to have your website in the local languages of your customers.

Make sure that everyone who comes to your site knows exactly what you are offering or what kind of service you are offering. No more than a few seconds should pass before your customers know what the heart of your company is. Thus many websites only speak about the advantages they bring (e.g., cut your costs), or a kind of higher level quest, and forgot to tell in a few words who they are (e.g., consultancy vs. editing software) and what they yours.

Their website should be supportive of the product or service you are selling. Design it so that it mirrors your product and allows your customers to get in touch with you. If, for example, you are selling high-tech goods, you should select typefaces and layout that have a technical look. When selling high-end goods, your website should mirror the quality and luxuries of your goods.

When you' re not quite sure what to select, use template and layout as a foundation and adjust them. They are always in a rush and will be flying through your website quite literally. Make your website feel easy and well organized. There is no need to put in all your contents, everything you need to persuade a user to take the next steps (an on-line sale, fill in a form,...) and nothing more.

Long charging times are a big barrier for your guests and will turn them off. When your picture file is too big and it takes too long to download, folks will be tired of just sitting around watching it or surfing your website - and you can say good-bye to it (and its money).

Ensure your pictures, video, and all other contents are optimised for the web. Again, you can use template structures to organize your website because they are already optimised for fast loading. A lot of website creators will also optimise your online mediafiles as well. Remember that you have about five seconds to forward your messages to the people who visit your site.

Many of your users will come to your site because you have something that others don't. Then it will be simpler to suggest related items that may interest your clients once they have what they came for. Build custom land pages from the Google requests you want to wear or are about to wear (Google Webmaster Tools can help).

While it is important to show your guests what you do, the second most important goal is to show them what you can do for them. Humans look for more than just an object or a product to buy - they want to know what distinguishes you from the others. What is the users feel about the website?

No matter whether you are selling a product or service, what will make your customer more satisfied is what they benefit from putting you above another salesperson. Several of your clients will want to get in touch with you. Obviously, it may seem to me, but I found many businesses that had their telephone numbers stashed somewhere on the site.

Many of your clients will want a quicker response than you can give them via e-mail, and some simply choose to call you. When you can help it, also set up a "live chat" on your website. Right these few weeks, some of your website users will definitely be using their smart phones and tables and not their laptop or desktops.

Don't miss the chance to get in touch with humans on your portable device. If your website should have a portable website or be portable - this usually only requires a little additional expenditure when setting up your website, sometimes none! Make it easy, user-friendly and above all easy, as humans are likely to use their 3G or 4G portable files.

Have the feeling that it will be too costly or too wasteful, they will go and probably not come back with their portable one. Large numbers of visitors to your site may have used a web browser (such as Google, Yahoo or Bing) to find your page. We all know that a Google query usually yields tens of millions of results.

Well, it is best if your website is on the first page and as near to the top as possible. The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is what humans use to do this. Linking to your pages is important, other signs that your contents are important and legible will help: online community share, friendly mobility, proper page layout (such as headlines,...), etc.

Select your Website Builders wisely: Few will suggest to you any of your corewords. Once you have finished building your website, there is only one last step: Ok, so I know this is technologically an eleventh move, but you want to take your website to the next stage, right? You want your website to work for your users, so it's important to make sure they like it.

Encourage those who know you to try your site and tell them what works, what doesn't, and what could be better. As soon as your website is released, you can follow your website visit and especially the most frequently viewed pages using analysis tool. When something in particular attracts the interest of your traffic, that's what you should emphasize on your website.

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