Top Wedding Themes 2016

Wedding Topics 2016

10 most popular wedding themes right now. Stylishly relaxed, natural and full of local, homemade accents (like handmade wooden tables and chairs in a barn), rustic weddings have been number one on this list for several years. These are the top 10 trends that we are most excited about in 2016! Jennifer Taylor's top 3 wedding theme forecasts for 2017 by Jennifer Taylor. Jennifer Taylor, Taylor'd Events Group - November 7, 2016.

Jennifer Taylor's top 3 wedding planner Taylor's wedding topic forecasts for 2017

Marriage themes and wedding tendencies go together seamlessly when it comes to compiling an outing. Often beloved decoration tendencies can determine the wedding topic and the other way round. Are you looking for a neutrally tinted wedding? But if a horticultural wedding is more your style, it is the right way to have tonnes of green (which is trendy).

Let's take a look at three favorite themes you will see in 2017: Colour! Colour, colour and more colour will definitely make a difference next year. This topic has been given the well-deserved nickname "Rainbow Wedding", which is a suitable name for such a lucky one!

A further favourite wedding topic in the limelight is everything that is tropic. Whether it's always been a fantasy to bring your wedding to the seaside (metaphorically or physically), look no further than the light and funny tones that are at home in the rainforest! Depth orange and pink coupled with large and light coloured tropic leaves like White Star and Bismarkia give the show a feeling of beaches that everyone will like.

The Glamorous Romantic is one of the most beloved themes we saw in 2016, and we don't think it will lead anywhere! High centrepieces with elegantly floral motifs blended with reddish shades, candle light and metal detailing make this a favourite for pairs who want to emphasise privacy and romanticism on their particular days.

The Top 10 Wedding Topics

I have so many awesome wedding themes out there right now and each trendy is further enhanced by the different colour varieties and choices, but to make it easy for you I have selected 10 of the best fashions that are all really loved right now when chicks around the globe choose some of these fashions.

Another thing we have seen happen quite a bit throughout the year are chicks who choose less formal as well as less traditionally wedding themes and opt for some imaginative items that make a wedding truly unforgettable and talk to the couples personality. And, really, that's what a wedding is about.

It is your only chance to make your days shiny, to give your lives a little glamour and to make a memorable experience that lasts a whole lifelong. My doubts are that an elegantly crafted wedding will ever be totally out of style, as so many chicks are still attracted to this beautiful wedding themed. is that there are infinite choices.

The addition of references to your favourite colour is as simple as the addition of a flower petal pink or a set of footwear in the colour of your choosing. We have seen some bright thoughts on how to make a wedding pin and strass pin shine here and there, giving the decorations surprising deepness and personality.

Women can't withstand the glitter and whether you're an all-embracing kind of gal, or a delicate glitter here and there, you have to concede that it's a must to give your wedding a little sheen. Of course I am a little selfish, so this is just the thing for me.

Definitely a topic for the braver girl who likes the roar of the 1920s and all the glamour she had to show. There is no question that females from that period were powerful and self-reliant and loved to let their personalities glow. One big Gatsby themed wedding is all about glamour and self-confidence.

It' s my favorite how soft and female the top motif is and in some places it overlays with the very beloved vinyl look. Tip can be integrated into any area of your wedding, from decor to footwear, making it a good option for a wedding day at home. B&W photography, like the wedding topic whites, the vinyl topic is to remain here.

Personally, I like how this subject is so adaptive to the way those who create a wedding wear the old-fashioned look. Liberty of soul and soul determines the topic of the Czech wedding. It is a breathtaking subject and is well suited for the wedding ceremony with a beautiful, inspired feeling.

Boho is by no means a minimalistic subject, but it is wonderfully easy in the material used and focuses more on elemental things like soil, mind and outdoors. Or you can choose to wear this up or down or just use functions from it on your wedding outfit. It is another unbelievably varied wedding subject and when coupled with other subjects it can change completely.

As an example, an open-air wedding in whiteness is elegantly slender and with a touch of nature and elegance, while a country-style open-air party in the gardens focuses on the unique nature of the functions used for the wedding. At the right season, at the right hour of the year, it takes astonishing photos.

In my opinion, an open-air wedding tends to be more relaxing and child moments of children laughing while adult people enjoying each other's companionship after a beautiful wedding almost always come to my minds with this subject. No wonder that this topic has really flared up in the last year and is becoming more and more beloved.

I have seen sleek marriages in whites with a hint of shade of green in their decor and floral arrangement, which is unbelievable. I have also seen this fashion take on a more naturally wedding feeling with beautiful, laid-back desks bordered with notes of greens and blossoms. Without the subject of beachside wedding, this would not be a complete one.

Whilst I am not a big supporter of the traditional maritime topic (for marriages, that is), I have recently seen some stunning wedding themes on the subject of the sea that merit a special note.

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