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Amazingly robust Host & Site builder

First thing you need to know about Weebly is that it is a Site Builder. This means that Weebly is a blogshare hosting service just like a cab is a hire carshare: you are paying for the use, but someone else takes care of the running and upkeep. Just like a cab, Weebly is simple to use and you only need to buy what you need.

Firstly, full-fledged web hosts demand more hard engineering from blogs, but the advantage is that you get more features and greater visibility into the way your blogs are designed. On the other side, Site Builder are designed for performance and usability, mostly with drag-and-drop drawing utilities that almost anyone can use immediately.

WEBLY is aimed at those who want to start a web site - but that doesn't mean it's a poor option for blogs. Quite the opposite, for some Blogger Weebly could be the one. WEBLY has a variety of functions that allow even experienced users to try out new things they may not be able to do with a normal webmaster.

What kind of blogger is Weebly best suited for? Established in 2007 and with over 40 million clients, Weebly is a business that has developed its products for those seeking an easier way to get up and running quickly. WEBLY is the best for blogs that remember to build their blogs by add functions like a corporate website or an on-line shop.

WEBLY is not perfect for hard-core Keeky blogs that want to work with programming devices. It doesn't hurt to try it, however, no matter what kind of blogs you are, because Weebly has a free schedule. If you log in to Weebly, you will be guided through a page assistant that will ask you what kind of website you want to create.

Just select "Blog" and then select a topic. Maybe you're asking yourself, "Can I experiment with the styling of my Weebly subject after choosing a subject? WEBLY allows you to insert HTML and customize the stylesheets (CSS), but it won't let you fall within the scope of the topics they deliver.

Weebly for Blogger's one of the most cool things about Weebly is the possibility to build photo galleries that contain only contributions from certain galleries. This can be a clever way for designers to enhance their portfolios by blogging each of their works and then making a section that appears on one of these art house look like a galery.

WEBLY will help you in adding some important features of your blogs to make it easy to discover your site, such as site descriptions, subkeys, Google Analytics tracker code, Google Webmaster Tools, and 301 Remedies for pages you have shifted or removed. Another cute thing for blogs with an ubiquitous clientele is the immediate translations into 15 different tongues - even if you don't use them!

Creating extra blogs with the Weebly App Store is a little simpler than going alone with some of the more complex WordPress plug-ins. A few desired features are included with your Weebly website. They can also open an on-line shop or donate via PayPal. However, Weebly also provides several hundred extra applications that work similar to WordPress plug-ins.

Weebly' appeals are available in free, chargeable and free version. Several free applications will be added to your blogs once you've setup. You can, for example, allow your readership to become members, allow extra members to join, or block your blogs with a passwort. Any other free or free applications that are of interest to bloggers:

At Weebly we also offer third-party chargeable applications that either cost a one-time charge or have a current subscription: They can even open an on-line shop (up to 10 articles) with Weebly's free Blogsheet! Best of all, opening your shop next to your own blogs only requires a few mouse clicks. What's more, it's easy to get started.

In all Weebly schedules, our support services are at the same standard with the option of sending e-mail and instant tickets or accessing the online Forums. Only support enhancement you get with a prepaid support schedule is the possibility to call and speak to a technician. Weebly' schedules are payed in 1-year blocks; you cannot afford to spend from year to year.

If you do not need any of the chargeable functions, you can use your free Weebly subscription as long as you like. WEBLY provides flexible hosting for the domains of your blogs. Buy a direct from Weebly, use a existing one, or use the free Weebly site while keeping track of the entire site.

Though you may not think of Weebly first, it provides the blogger with a flexible and simple set up that is suitable for both novice and advanced users. But if you've considered a blogs, but fear the thought of using WordPress or Joomla because you think the learn bend is too sharp, Weebly will get you into the action faster.

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