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Nine weak websites that don't really shit. I' ve never been a fan of websites that provide a basic drag-and-drop website and free web host. Undoubtedly, the websites that come from these places are horrible, amateur websites that have no shop that exists on the Internet. Pages made by Weebly belong to this group, with some very interesting exception.

you' ll understand what I mean. You' ll find pages with terrible colour patterns, inappropriate typefaces, non-professional header and other mistakes in your work. It looks just like the kind of websites that were built in the'90s before we had the common use of popular style -setting and easy-to-program page scripts.

Rather than concentrate on the negatives, I wanted to try to search the web for all the Weebly pages that stood out from the workers. Weebly''s best locations are well constructed, esthetically appealing and could possibly be so well landscaped. Join Dr. Colleen Georges, a Piscataway Township, New Jersey based careers professional who will help individuals design their best CVs and help them find jobs.

The majority of those who run such a company need a website, and Colleen turned to Weebly to build their website Colleen's Career Creations. Colleen wrote in the Weebly community forums that she used Weebly to build this website, but unlike most Weebly community members, Colleen has put money into her own domains to help run it.

Obviously Colleen also spent a great deal of effort on the website as well. There is a professional cover picture, logotype and cover, a well styled menubar and even a working online enquiry tool, a guides shop with a PayPal shopping basket system and video footage of their presentations and interview.

But there are still a few construction errors. Nevertheless, this is probably one of the best Weebly pages I have seen on the web. Pix Fix is a New Zealand company run by "Richard" (no last name on the About me page). There is a restauration shop, and an attention to graphic art shines with the imaginative and well-matched background used throughout the site.

Home page includes a well featured sliders with client feedback, a small picture galery with previous picture improvement work (complete with an unobtrusive popup of before-after pictures), a free offer popup sheet, and a really clean, full-page embeded card in the bottom line. A thing that Weebly is probably quite good for is to create a personal biography for yourself.

This page was made under his name giveromain. There' s nothing about it really jumping out since it's somehow better than the everyday profiles pages people have out there. The pattern happens as a respectable place, although it was constructed on the draft and fall of Weebly. Galeries page offers the same interesting popup function as Pix Fix, so it's probably a widget that' included in the Weeblyoolset.

Shelly' s also Creative Side is another proper site made by an artists. It was a page I discovered years ago when I was writing about Weebly, and it is still here many years later. It' s a very easy site to create, just like Chris' profiles page, but in this case the ease really adds to the site' s sophistication.

Headers are a fun typeface, apparently designed by Shelly herself. Cover fonts and text colors over a dark backdrop are tidy, the cover picture is professionally designed, and the menus are uncomplicated - it stands out with a headline that points to the currently highlighted items. The site is the creativ result of what seems to be a proper humour.

Elvis Presley and Sierra Ruhm. He designed an ivatar that looks like a mixture of Sierra Ruhm's and Elvis Presley's leather suit Larry. He has kept the site going for the past five years despite no update, but still the website is a good example of what can be done with Weebly, with neat colours, headlines and scripts that merge well and look good.

Probably the best use for Weebly is to either build a private portrait on-line or a virtually managed inventory of your work - especially if you are an performer. This website is a collection of hand-painted works of art and wall paintings by the painter "Bibi". Unfortunately there is no further information about the artists on this page!

On the other hand, the headers offer a beautiful work of art, the menus are professional and work well. Many years ago, when I searched the internet for the best Weebly pages, the website Stick and Strum was my favourite. Shane Nicholas, who has been learning to play guitars, percussion, piano and even ukuleles for pupils for over 8 years, designed this website.

Here Shane introduces his pupils, shows off some of the best things from his evenings and informs current and future pupils. My favorite topic - the cover picture hovers over the deep bluish backgrounds and the backgrounds melt from deep to clear when you move from right to left. What does it look like? On the first page there is also a slide show and a proper shop integrated on the website.

A slide show portofolio with some of the customers is available on the homepage. There is a paralleled blogsite showing more breathtaking samples of the photograph taken by the Magnolia Visual Artser. Some of the above websites may not be the best on the Internet. However, within the painful inadequacy of the Weebly web designing environment, these web developers did some amazing work, considering what kind of finite resources they offer.

Did you ever create a Weebly page?

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