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You' ve already seen a million "best WordPress plugins" this month and can't possibly read another one. The best WordPress plug-ins go into the year 2018 Its three best WordPress plugs that I would suggest are all WordPress bloggers use, all about empowering are done the right way. Shea Bunge's coded scraps. My favourite way to reduce superfluous gas is to find useful pieces of coding that I can replace with whole plug-ins. This way, the Snippet' snippet' s code plug-in has actually significantly reduced the number of plug-ins I have to install - and thus the number of plug-ins I have to configurate, upgrade and service.

Thus many themmes have their own set of shortcuts that are not separate in another plug-in. Some, if they are separate, are conceived in such a way that they work exactly with this topic and with others not at all (or at least not well). For me it is not only a bad service to violate WordPress norms and best practice.

That' s why I was very interested instead in this solid (free) short code bundles from Vladimir Anokhin, which is conceived to work well with any topic. Rezensent WordPress Plugin from evoG. Similarly, many WordPress topics are delivered with built-in reviews. It looks great as a sales argument, but many shoppers don't realise that they are building a pile of subject matter related customized mail items, such as a reviews, that they will fix forever in that topic.

If they ever choose to change the subject. I have used and loved this plug-in on my site. There may not be the reviews plug-in for everyone, but the point is that when you check things in your blogs - use a plug-in!

This way, if you need to modify the topics along the way, don't let a pile of your best contents be left behind in the trial. Of course, as someone who always writes about topics and plug-ins, there are more who could have created this one. So, finally, I'd like to take a second to thank everyone in the WordPress Fellowship who worked so hard to create and create the utilities we all used and loved.

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