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Top 30 websites & blogs operated by WordPress. I have always claimed that WordPress is one of the most user-friendly CMSs, especially for non-technicians. I' ve bragged on several occasion that you can build WordPress sites and process a relatively large amount of data. In addition to its remarkably ease of use, WordPress can be used for a variety of applications.

It' now up to you to test this bragging, I will be listing some of the most frequented sites in the word that run on WordPress. Be aware that some of these sites may not be rated as high as you might want from Alexa. When this is the case for a particular site I have added, it covers a corner that is not so much loved, or there are no better WordPress-based sites in that corner.

This article's rationale or rationale is not just to showcase WordPress's strength in creating high/medium-volume websites. It is also intended to showcase the ease of use of WordPress for a broad range of possible uses and how organizations, enterprises, small business, non-profit organizations, popular celebrities and sportspeople are using WordPress for their on-line communities.

Not in any particular order, here are some great sites that run on WordPress. A superb press agency founded in 2012 to provide businessmen and women around the globe with information and coverage of every facet of the new era of internationalization. Developed and engineered to fit the needs of the contemporary web, where the readers of the messages are always on the move, this site looks great on trays and cell phone devices.

Quarz is an outstanding resource for believable information, with an accent on digitial story-telling rather than how they work. What follows is great contents with well selected types and few pictures. It is a week-long publication that offers a mix of information on global issues, pop cultural, art, economics, sciences, technology as well as political issues.

In principle, you can log in to be able to view your favorite and most popular contents from anywhere in the globe. This website is littered with pictures of all scales and yet there is plenty of whitespace on the website. WordPress's publication engine allows creators and performers to simply post assets through ordinary writing, podcasting, video, slide shows, and more.

Much of the website's material is primarily about television programmes of different types. Furthermore, planning information is made available in great detail, there is a great deal of teaser based videos and lots of blogs about the TV shows and the consumer electronics industry.

However, I must point out that this will lead to a BBC affiliate site that does not run on WordPress. Indeed, the program page of BBC America seems to run on Thematic, which is a free WordPress themed. The site is truly multi-faceted and offers a variety of different kinds of contents.

Much of the information also seems to come from the BBC's parent site, which is creating a roadblock. The website has a broad range of menus referring to the BBC's main messaging website. They also run their website on WordPress.

Although some of their trademarks may have other WordPress compatible context managment or non-WordPress based platforms. However, it should all distract from the fact that WordPress is unbelievably diverse and can be used by a company that manages so much of the paper we use.

However, compared to most commercial sites, this site is not in the least arid or dull. A website is what you can ask of a press agency, the website is designed using a side panel. This site uses a great deal of reds, especially in the navigational features, and unlike earlier sites there is little empty whitespace.

Rather, the focus is on providing the fastest possible message contents, and there are also reports with great information penetration in the journal. It publishes on just about any subject you can think of, and the landings page has a great deal of contents on it. Pictures used by the site, some large and some miniature views accompanying the various items on the site.

Surely it must be helpful to have WordPress when you publish so much material that is created by a number of writers and then reviewed by several people. You are also working on a plan to subscribe to premiums. TecCrunch reports on the latest technological developments, writes about start-ups and a variety of web-sites.

This website menus is relatively easy and the contents themselves, consisting mostly of text, some pictures and videos, are presented in a semi-grid-like form that works with a timescale system that shows the contributions posted after a certain period of use. Because the focus is on the creation of contents over breaks before others, the axis timeframe formats are perfect for presenting contents.

There is also a pure video-based section on the website devoted to providing new technologies, interviewing technical industries professionals and inventors, and evaluating products. There is also information about films, two blog posts and some videos. Unlike most sites where more whitespace is favored, the site wallpaper is dark.

There' a lots of whitespace, while the text is whites on a dark backdrop. This website is modelled on a portfolios or grids, with the pictures compensating for what some might consider a colour shortage given the wealth of monochrome. Once you've thought about whether a WordPress site can be created for high-end branding, this site is a great example of how great a WordPress site can be when it' adapted by the right designer.

I have seen that many sites use minimum styles with blank wallpapers, here is a rather minimum site that uses a blank one. This website contains a great deal of information about their various items, many pictures of their catalogue and some video clips promoting the ingenuity of their apparel line. There' s a great deal of information about how our technologies interact with the way we know the underworld.

Website is what you might want from a tech website, many pictures with the items shown in a raster basically. Its main menus are tacky and always remain on the screens, which is a great way for a website to generate an incredible amount of traffic every day as it makes navigating easier.

This website is quite full of contents and there is much less room for each individual item or contribution on the homepage. It' normally on sites where the creation rates are very high and there are a large number of messages that should be reported in a short while.

Highly targeted website designed to present the latest information and revealing stories from the corporate community. This is one of my favourite sites, an absolute good reading for any free-lance author or online marketing company. It has a blogsite, podcasts, e-books and an unbelievably beloved jobs portal. It is a fairly uncomplicated way to create a blogs that offers expert guidance, tutorials and clues.

This website is a bit more than a page with some additional contents to the detailed information of start-up meetings. However, as far as its role in managing eventmanagement is involved, the website is more than sufficient and does the task very well. You can find all kinds of contents on this website, as well as a variety of stunning pictures, lots of information about activities and education programmes.

Certainly I would not have thought of a website for a WordPress based museums, so I was nicely amazed when I came across the presence of this particular website. This website has a great deal of work from its photo catalogues, large, fat, large pictures covering the target page of the website.

All in all quite a great site for a great musician. This website of the junior sportsman is devoted to his sports performances and contains many pictures. There is a full-screen slide, followed by a streaming of messages about his latest sports performances and his other adventure. You also have a timetable information section, a blogs and a shop where you can buy your favourite TV shows.

As one of the most famous groups and/or brand in the musical sector for more than half a centurys uses its website WordPress. This site has lots of brightink against a blue backdrop and lots of videos given the type of contents you might be expecting. This is at least the case for the Landing Page, but if you take a closer look at the website, you will find a great deal of text on it.

It is a highly featured online search engine that delivers more than 200 billion referrals a day. This website is well done, the website has a few full size pictures and uses the colour orange very well. Your major website has a great deal of contents and a fairly large menus with a variety of choices to make.

It uses a subgrid system in combination with page bar graphs that display a flow of new information as new information is created on the site. We have seen so many sites, from companies and small on-line companies to non-profit organizations and journals that use WordPress as a means of publishing on the web.

WordPress is also used as a weblog and is a fantastic plattform for your typical weblog. However, stop, it's not just the avarage Blog that uses WordPress, there are a large number of sites that use WordPress to run their own weblogs. Your offical weblog is running on the WordPress plattform, there is not much styling on the website.

This website is developed to provide a wealth of textual information about your company's various brands and different types of specifics.

Another non-profit organisation that uses the powers of WordPress to share information via the Web is TED. One of the leaders in data supply infrastructures operates a blogsite that uses WordPress. This is a basic blogsite with articles subdivided into features and the latest articles. Apparently, the blogs of a hosting company there are a bunch of links to their hosting and parent site.

Yes, the blogs of the most used commercial networking site run on WordPress. The majority of the blog's contents focus on HR, talents and recruitment practice around the global. Your blogs deliver messages from their different companies from all their departments in different nationalities. WordPress is the authoritative blogsite of the world's most beloved online community.

This page is minimized and has a large image/video on a slide system, followed by text messages without miniatures. Hopefully I've shown in detail how WordPress can be used and how broad a range of purposes/business/niches is that WordPress can work with. It' s very unlikely that the website you want to build is not best reached with WordPress as your content management system.

If you' re a little sluggish like me, you can still reread an item I wrote some time ago - how to create a WordPress website.

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