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A WordPress news and magazine theme designed specifically for editorial websites. The five tools were tested at five different locations to see if they worked properly. The perfect solution for minimal but creative free portfolio pages.

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Explore some of the best free and premium WordPress topics and plug-ins, blogs, WP guides, WP tutorials, how-to's, and more. Connect with tens of millions of people who use our Total WordPress multi-purpose theme to build great web sites. We' ve compiled a shortlist of what we think will be the best WordPress topics for your website in 2018, according to feature, favorite requests and ratings/reviews.

This is our selection for important, indispensable WordPress plug-ins in 2018. Complimentary and premier plug-ins for your website's content: free plug-ins for site creation, page creation, contact form, site designer, safety, image slider and other features. New York WordPress Theme is an sleek and lightweight blogsite with a point & click stylesheet and full compatible with WooCommerce to create your own webstore.

Chic is a beautiful, classy and sleek WooCommerce Shop blogs and Shop Preferred WordPress theme.

Top WordPress Magazine Topics for Blog and News Websites

WordPress is at the forefront of the industry when it comes to magazines and messaging sites. Famous newsgroups like The New York Times, TechCrunch, CNN, Reuters, Mozilla's Blog and many others use WordPress as their preferred platforms and show how scaleable WordPress blogging can be. Chosing the right WordPress theme for your magazines website or your newspaper feed can be harder than you think.

In order to help you, we have compiled a listing of the most important WordPress magazines on Envato Market and Elements. We' ve kept this page up to date and up to date (all the topics have either been compiled or upgraded in 2018), so grab one and see what's new! Crammed with great stuff, PressGrid is a lot of pleasure!

In this way, publishers can post and create a community-based site; much more than just a face-to-face blogs. From a technical point of view, a "multifunctional" WordPress theme, Avenue offers a whole range of page layouts and website choices, but its sleek Magazin blogs are what put it on this rank. Avenue is well engineered and loaded with adaptable functionality, including Google Font and Typekit assistance, user-defined symbols, videos and para-lax wallpapers, and plug-in integrations such as Visual Composer and Revolution Slider.

Neither pretends to be "simple and functional", features that are often in high demand in the WordPress environment! It is ideal for any type of messaging website and comes with several plug-ins including: Bizi is a trendy theme on Themeforest and its opulent design is ideal for the gourmets among you.

Developed to make the most of high value images, its clear labeling and typeography make Bizi ideal for navigation and recipe viewing. Maybe most of all, this issue of the journal is about power and delivers some very attractive velocity test results. And Jannah is a theme for magazines that occupies a variety of recesses.

No matter whether you are looking for a theme for a trendy magazines, a technical magazines, a trendy newspapers, a sport magazines (like the picture below) or any other kind of magazines, Jannah has a variation that will interest you. Delivered fully with pushed alerts, AMP assistance and is designed for WooCommerce, BBPress, BuddyPress and other enhancements.

Scribbler offers a variety of neat and modern raster-based layout modules for the prospective journal writer or blogs reader. There are nine different homepage layout options, each with something different, while adhering to the Scribbler aesthetics. It is a clear-cut theme with crisp corners, fat spaces and high contrasts (ideal for visually impaired readers).

Called the "all-purpose virus mags theme," the BoomBox is really high-octane and packed with great stuff for your popular website. Post messages, listile, quiz questions, and then drive them through the common perpetrators of societal division - use trend, response, and vote-system. A fast-reacting WordPress theme with a slide control with three promotional box on the top, ideal for presenting different sections of your magazines.

There are also five different blogs with different lieouts, among them a full copy of each and five different mail sizes suited for videos, galleries, songs and standards. Simple customisation choices are also provided, allowing you to modify the colours (and branding) of your website with one click.

Voux is a classy, professionally designed WordPress publication that is both light and extensive. Design is fast and reactive, which means it will look great no matter what equipment your users use to display your work. Several of the functions of this theme feature distinctive emphasized pictures that attract your reader, endless scrolling, the possibility to split your contributions into socially integrated messages, and much more.

NewTube is a neat and well-organized topic that is perfectly suited for video-based sites. It' s fully reactive, retina-ready, features customizable theme layout, comprehensive theme choices, and supported footage from many of the most beloved websites such as Youtube, Vimeo, and Daily Motion. You can use this theme to send a front-end movie, make great movie and playlist tracks, or bring YouTube movies and tracks to your website.

The Flex Mag has a portable initial theme that gives your reader the ability to use alternate browsing to scroll through items ordered by feature or newest post. It' s full of functionality that includes customized fly-out navigations, a customized displayboard, autoload post, four different default skin, nine different feature post settings, eight different item styles, more than 700 Google fonts, WooCommerce and Script and more.

It is the flawless blend of strength and ease in a WordPress message and journal theme, giving you many choices and versatility to customise your website without being completely overpowering. The Bimber theme is great if you want to build a website similar to BuzzFeed. Fast to respond, optimised for advanced analytics, optimised for advanced analytics, optimised for Google PageSpeed, supports micro data, extensive graphics and multiple ad widgets. Bimber is fully integrated with Google PageSpeed.

In addition, the design can simply be changed through the WordPress Customizing and comes with a minor design that allows you to securely change the design without having to worry about loosing your changes with the next design upgrade. The Herald is a WordPress theme developed specifically for magazines and newsgroups. There is a high degree of customisation with more than 500 variants for your item list layout and many custom features to meet your needs without programming skills.

There are seven different layout choices for your website, according to the type of website you want to build. Every layout of the homepage is fast reacting and contains three different headers and intelligent advertising spaces. This theme is combined with several different plug-ins such as Visual Composer, Viral Quiz Builder, Maintenance Pro, Essential Grid and Rankie that provide extra interactivity and the possibility to build custom layout.

Goodlife is also available in Goodlife spool and velocity optimised with many customisation possibilities. When your website needs to publish the latest information, you've come to the right place. Featuring built-in individual timings, your reader knows that your website is the ideal place for the latest information.

Combine that with extensive snippet reviews, a high-performance front-end and back-end editing tool that lets you adjust every facet of your website (and see the changes you make), and you have a truly high-performance look on your palms. It is a fashion-oriented journal topic, characterized by an elegantly clear styling with meticulously chosen typeface that will certainly attract a feminine public.

Key theme functions included a portable, fun and reactive look, a slim slide bar that can be used in three different locations, WooCommerce assistance, five different page styles, four different headers and 13 user-defined broadgets. Featuring 14 different home page designs, four slide bar styles, a fully attractive look, and full blown typeface, Read & Digest is everything you need in a theme to build a compelling storeroom or newsgroup website.

Supplied full Optionen panels allow you to intuitively optimize each of your choices and give your website a unique brand. Further remarkable functions are the WooCommerce integrated contact form 7 and a subordinated design, so that you can securely modify topic data at any uptime.

Thusledad is a multi-concept blogs and magazines theme with over 200 slide and blogsayout combinations, three side bar story board style, five articles story board style and six different story board style, offering you a broad array of ways to make a one-of-a-kind and breathtaking look. It also comes with the option to have WooCommerce supported wallpapers and many customisation features that will satisfy even the most discerning website owners.

The creation of a visual attractive magazin or a newssite is not an effortless job. Apart from the fact that the topic follows the latest best practice, there are three important things you should consider when selecting a topic for your magazines website: As soon as you have selected a theme that meets the above mentioned needs and offers you the functionality you need, the next stage is the correct installation and setup of your new WordPress cartridge.

Using so many WordPress topics available, and the complexities of magazines and news pages, choosing the best topic for your website can take some considerations into account. Select a theme that meets your brand-name needs, presents your contents in a way that meets your creative objectives, and works flawlessly on all your equipment.

WordPress is a great way to get your website up and running quickly with Themeforest and Element's vast WordPress theme library.

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