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Best 15 Best Multi-Purpose WordPress Topics for 2018 Multi-purpose themes are some of the best-selling WordPress themes available, and since they allow people to create almost any kind of website with relatively little effort, they contain comprehensive function sets and provide a wide selection of high-performance integrated utilities, it is hardly surprising.... What is more, they are the most versatile and easy to use WordPress themes available.

In order to help you find what's right for you, we've reviewed the numbers of copies sold, reputations and uses, and compiled the 15 most common WordPress multi-purpose themes.

The Divi is the flag ship of Elegant Themes. It is one of the most loved multi-purpose WordPress themes - and for good reasons. Divi is not only loaded with ready-made page layout for any kind of projects, but also contains one of the most efficient and user-friendly point-and-click page creation tools:

Divi Builders (revised). Building a WordPress customized website has never been so easy with the new and enhanced Divi Builders. Using the front-end's easy-to-use draft and drope page creation surface, almost anyone should be able to create the ideal website for their particular projects (although the pre-built layout also offers great pre-built options). Divi's other features are: the possibility to easily create, edit and upload layout between locations.

The Divi is a complete kit that should help you create any website with WordPress. There may not be as many ready-made demo files as some of the competitors, but new designs are published on a regular basis on the Elegant Themes blogs. The Avada (review) is regarded as the best-selling topic of all times, and with more than 250,000 sold so far on the ThemeForest (read our practical guideline on purchasing topics on the ThemeForest) storefront, it's difficult to contradict.

Added new website demonstrations, updated Page builder, and enhanced mobility website creation tools. Further Avada features are: a very granular topic option dashboard. Avada provides all the basics for making a pro website with WordPress, with website demonstrations that cover a variety of different project types and a drag-and-drop page build utility.

This is another best-selling multi-purpose topic available from ThemeForest. By combining website demonstrations and customisation utilities, this topic can really be used for any kind of work. It' s difficult to surpass the third-party plug-ins and utilities that come with them. Everything that goes with it, from slider and gallery to a page-builder and lead generating tool, you probably won't have to buy new plug-ins for a while.

Further features of xtheme are: full e-commerce-enablement. WordPress The Core is a multifaceted WordPress topic from ThemeFuse. By choosing The Core, you get 19 full-fledged website demonstrations that cover a variety of project types. As well as the Hauptdemo for general purposes, The Core contains a good choice of other slot choices.

Like the best multi-purpose WordPress themes, you have an enhanced graphical Builder at your disposal to help you change the pre-built themes. Further The Core features are: full e-commerce functionality. Core's key demonstration does an excellent job and shows what this topic can do. But the more specific demonstrations can be a better option for your website.

The Enfold (reviewed) service offers demonstrations of web sites, create portfolio, shop on-line, land pages and a variety of blogs to name a few. Add new demonstrations and functions on a periodic base. Enfold Page builder helps you tailor your demonstration contents, while themes make it simple to personalise the overall preferences for your website.

Further Enfold features are: full e-commerce-capability. When Enfold doesn't have a demonstration that fits your visions, you shouldn't have a hard time creating your own customized website with this multi-purpose topic. Featuring more than 200 full website demonstrations, you can really use Bridge (verified) to build almost any kind of website.

Though the bridge demonstrations are diverse, most bridge demo choices come in the following categories: businesses, portfolios, blogging and e-commerce. Further Bridge features are: a choice of different plugs. No matter whether you build a website for yourself or for your customers, 200 demo versions to select from offer you many possibilities. No matter which release you decide on, you can use Page Builder to build a customized website and select from a burgeoning array of pre-built themes.

Further layer features are: a choice of enhancements. To get a better understanding of what this free-memium topic can do, see the page Build with Layers. With the frequent addition of new demo files, Total (reviewed) is hoping to attract website users who want to regularly update the look and feel of their website.

In addition to 42 and count website demonstrations, Totals is based on the power of Visual Composer's drag-and-drop page creation utility. Further features of this product are: full e-commerce-subscription. When the variety of website demonstrations is not sufficient, the Frontend Page builder allows you to give your WordPress website an individual look.

The WP Zoom multi-purpose presence has been developed to help you design any kind of website with WordPress. Presence has a great deal to deliver with ten demo choices and a comprehensive range of customisation utilities and customisation choices. Property, portfolios, hotels, musicians, agencies and health are just some of the kinds of websites that will help you quickly set up presence demonstrations.

Further Presence features are: full e-commerce functionality. When your requirements are not met by the demonstrations, Presence Drag-and-Drop Page builder can help you build a more custom website. Themify' Ultra (reviewed) is a multi-purpose topic for developers who want the liberty of creating any kind of website with WordPress.

Though Ultra contains a number of pre-built demonstrations, Themify Builders and a wide range of pre-built layout options are the major draw. Further Ultra features are: Portfoliovorlagen und Layout. The Ultra should be a good option for anyone who wants to use a high-performance page Builder and a variety of ready-made layout options to build their own customized website.

With over 475 shortcuts and setup choices, you can create a customized Web site with advanced Web site upgrades. Further enhancements of our product range are: full controls over typographic adjustments. In addition to the universal demonstration, there are a number of demonstrations for more specialized project sorts.

The Upfront (reviewed) drag-and-drop topic offers you not only an empty screen, but also eight entry-level themes that you can work with, all of which can be fully customised using the Upfront Builder. After a recent upgrade, Upfront Builder is now even more efficient and provides you with all the necessary utilities to build a WordPress user-defined Web site.

Upfront's other features are: the possibility to create, import and split user-defined WordPress themes. Join the member clubs and get instant use of many other WordPress plug-ins, utilities, and more. At Jupiter, we earn our multi-purpose registration information by providing more than 100 submissions suited for a variety of different project types.

But if you need a more focussed look, Jupiter has many choices. Further Jupiter features are: full e-commerce capability. Commercial, agencies, freelancers, restaurants, e-commerce and portfolios sites are just a few of the demonstrations that The7 covers. New to WordPress or with little free space, the Get Started Assistant will help you get your new website up and running as quickly as possible.

Further features of the 7 are: full e-commerce-capability. No matter if you are looking for a standard website or the possibility to build your own personal website, you should get everything you need from them. 40 unique ideas that together contain more than 150 ready-made page layouts to help you get started.

The multifunctional nature of this multifunctional interface makes it just as simple to select one of the standard demonstrations as it is to customize your own unique designs by shuffling and customizing the various pre-built page styles. Further features of ThisGem are: a variety of options and control elements for customizing themes. TeGem is suitable for those who are looking for a ready-made website resolution or a fully customisable look.

Think about your needs, what each topic has to say and how exactly these two things fit each topic you are considering.

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