Top Wordpress Themes 2015

Featured Wordpress Topics 2015

Best 20 Best RESPONSE FREE Business WordPress Topics 2015 In fact, I sometimes favor free themes - they're more geared towards a particular goal than trying to handle many different kinds of applications and get inflated with functions and plug-ins that you never have to use. We' ve put together a choice of 20 free themes for corporate customers in this line-up - all the themes featured have a contemporary and appealing look, will act on different sizes of screen to look good on mobile phones, spreadsheets and workstations. The Lawyeria Lite is a free WordPress Word themes, ultra neat and fully reactive.

The Incart Lite is a neat, reactive and versatile voocommerce topic that is best suited to any purchasing, company, investment or commercial location. The A1 is a light, fast, neat, ultra-manageable, bootstrap-based design for commercial or private web sites. The A1 themes are build on Twitter bootstrap, which means that your website can be viewed on any type of equipment (PC, notebook, portable equipment, etc.) without having to scroll horizontally.

This is a professional topic that is ideally suited for the creation of a company / professional website. Topic compliant with Whereocommerce. With the Ascent WordPress themes, Ascent themes are fully reactive and look stylish on any device. It' a WordPress topic that is easy, neat and light, using the latest technology such as HTML5 and CSS3. Oriwoo is an elegantly neat, versatile subject.

Created with Bootstrap. At Responsivo, we are your fundamental component for the creation of attractive, appealing, custom designs. It is a sleek and unpretentious entry-level topic based on HTML5 & CSS3. It is based on a fast-reacting 12-column raster. Featuring customized topic choices that are easily changed, a range of general themes, WordPress post format assistance, and the wonderful retina-friendly Adobe Awesome Symbol Fonts.

The Counsel is a nice, versatile topic that can be used for company, trade or journal blogs websites. When you want to customize a website without having to waste your precious moments encoding a powerful basis for a topic that is sleek and well displayed in all your portable and desktops, Catch base is the end of the road.

The Catch Base is a WordPress application that is easy, neat and reactive. Tanthanite is an elegantly designed WordPress word site that is suited to all types of web site - from blogging to businesses offering Tanthanite at all levels. An enterprise-wide and state-of-the-art WordPress topic. SingePage is a one-page WordPress topic created with the Twitter Bootstrap-Framework.

The user has the freedom to build the website that fits your look and feel, with comprehensive topic choices. An universal WordPress topic. Contemporary, slim and versatile design. MĂ©dics is a light, fast, neat, ultra flex and boatstrap free topic developed mainly for physicians and clinics, but can also be used in any commercial or private website.

The Albar is an appealing multi-purpose WordPress topic. Use Albar to create a web site, web site inventory, shop on-line or a basic web site for blogs that fits all your equipment. The Avrora is a fully reactive WordPress topic. The WordPress themes can also be customized on your phone, your computer or any other phone.

Thorch is a light, free WordPress topic. Using some customized Widget that you can include in the home page, you can build a home page that you can find in the Topic demos. The FlatOn is based on the latest trends in slim designs and has a contemporary and appealing look.

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