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Discover which are the best WP themes for automotive, e-commerce, food, photography and music. Top 20 (most popular) Premium WordPress topics of the year 2017 WordPress is so beloved because of the number of topics available for almost every conceivable area. If you need a small company website or a private blogs, you will certainly find a topic that fits your needs. Although there are many great WP themes developed for certain sectors, there are also multi-purpose themes that can be used for any kind of website.

These are also one of the most favorite kinds of WordPress themes, just because of their many-sidedness. Why is premium multi-purpose WordPress content so great? For a number of different reason, a WordPress topic is a good option for your website: Look at a multi-purpose topic if you can't find a look you like - Similar to above, if you can't find a look that fits your aesthetics, use a multi-purpose topic to create the website exactly the way you want.

Premier versatile WP themes often contain simple tools for creating websites - with page builder and tonnes of pre-built demonstrations you can combine them to quickly create a look for your website. It is important to use one of the most professionally designed WordPress themes that you can use to design your website. On ThemeForest you will find a large choice of premium WordPress themes, with the trendy bestsellers 2017 occupying the top positions in our week charts:

Let's go beyond the last WP (and WordPress web site host options) trend making weeks and take a look at which WordPress themes are the most liked and used this year: We present 21 of the most beloved WordPress topics in this selected list, which fulfill all the above mentioned requirements and continuously lead the chart on ThemeForest.

Featuring a rugged feature library and sleek design for great websites, these WP themes are extremely diverse. These are all topics that have been recently refreshed for 2017. These are the most professionally WordPress themes you can use. Avada has long been the number one topic on ThemeForest, and for good reasons it is the most favourite.

There are many customisation possibilities, demonstration suites for a wide range of niche applications and the Fusion Builder to produce a truly custom look. Also in 2017 this Premium WordPress topic is the most used. Quickly build a WordPress website with a sleek look using the Avada WP Topic.

Enfold's latest release (for 2017) contains over 100 page laysouts and a new lay-out designer that lets you view changes in real-life while you' re creating your page layouts. It is also optimised for the use of advanced graphics (SEO) and videos and has a clear and appealing look.

If you can't find a topic that fits your alcove, consider using the Be themes. Featuring more than 200 pre-built demonstrations that cover almost every conceivable alcove, this top WordPress topic is the perfect choice. There is also the possibility to include Envato hosted, our premier WordPress Manager based virtual office server host. Ensure that you use one of the most professionally WordPress themes to keep your website up to date.

It comes with numerous customisation features to take your website to the next step. WordPress Template 7 seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Outlook Studio CS 4 and Microsoft Outlook CS 4 and Microsoft Windows Vista, making it extremely simple to design stylish layout and achieve additional effects with breathtaking slide shows. Best of all, you can combine different layout styles to build a website that will delight your clients in 2017.

Get this topic and start your new WordPress page quickly. Four different design "stacks" are available in the main themes of the play, each containing at least 10 different demonstration layout. Combine that with infinite customisation choices and you can be sure that your website will never look like someone else's again.

There are also a lot of integration with plug-ins like Layer Slider, ACF Pro, Woo Checkout Editor and much more. Look at the Jupiter WP topic if you want a website that downloads quickly. This design was developed with particular emphasis on the page load time in 2017 and also allows you to store the progress of your work.

All of its functions, however, are not the only reasons why Jupiter is so popular: You can' t go wrong by choosing this topic for your website with flexibility in customisation choices and live web conferencing. It is also one of the most frequently used WordPress themes on ThemeForest. WordPress The Gem is a state-of-the-art and highly customizable WordPress submission that can be used for commercial or company Web sites as well as asset and agent Web sites.

More than 150 ready-made pages and more than 250 different style options are available. Get this topic and quickly create a great website with a great look. This WP topic is characterized by a refreshing and contemporary look with its own page builder and integrated with favorite plug-ins such as :

You' ll find a wide range of different layout choices and almost unlimited customisation possibilities to fine-tune every part of your website. Top WordPress Topic Info allows you to select with three different previews how you want to see the changes you make to your design: Life, Previews and Pad.

One of the most professionally designed WordPress themes you can use to create your website. In addition to 20 high-quality demonstrations, various navigational and headerstyles, this site is ideal for anyone who wants full command over the look and feel of their website. Fevr WP templates have an elegantly designed look that is ideal for creativity studios, photo studios or freelance professionals who want to present their portfolios and past work.

Bateaux downloaders of Bateaux have praised the topic not only for its simplicity of use, but also for its versatility and adaptability: "As soon as you learn how to create your pages, this style allows for a high degree of adaptation, which includes the ability to view each individual element on tables and phones. It''s perfect for preventing several sites from looking the same where you can see the topic you're using.

" The top WordPress topic is marketing itself as the only topic you'll ever need, and it comes with its own Blueprint Builder, ton of adjustment possibilities, easy to use back end, and dozens of demonstration layout. One of the most striking features of the RONUSUSUS topic is its pixel-precise styling with over 30 different designs and a series of demonstration-layout.

Design can be adapted quickly and simply. Flatsome's eCommerce WordPress Topic is a great eCommerce tool for your website or your web shop. WordPress has been developed to help you get more customers to buy your product through your shop and more customers to buy it from. There are also several slider controls and sleek page transition options, as well as an off-canvas meal.

It is one of the most professionally WordPress topics. Get this beloved look that has been upgraded for 2017. Total calculates the most important sales argument by dragging and dropping items into the right position to create your website. It is supported by Visual Composer and contains a wide range of adjustment possibilities and demonstrations.

This topic is fully reactive and optimised for 2017 when it comes to SMEs. Outshine is a WordPress flexibility topic with 27 incomparable demonstrations that has been ranked as one of the best photo and photo themes for 2017. It is the most favorite topic and comes with a fully featured page creator, pre-built conceptual parts and a full text webcutter.

In addition, it can be integrated with many common WordPress plug-ins such as Revolution Slider, WPML and more. And if you are looking for a multifaceted Blog or Magazin-WP topic, try Soledad. It is one of the most frequently used WordPress themes on ThemeForest. It has a clear styling that allows you to view as many tales as possible without overloading your pages.

There is also a user-defined post-type prescription plug-in, as well as a reviews plug-in and various item layout for maximum versatility. If you are a big fan o contemporary palladium designs, try the Brooklyn WordPress topic. This topic has a clear emphasis on creating layout and can be used by photography, free-lance designer or creativity agency in 2017.

Bridge WordPress is another bestseller in the Creativity section, with demonstrations for a wide range of small companies and creativity firms. Featuring many lifestyle styles, various blogs laid out, advanced features such as diagrams, graphics, progression bar, and more, this professional WP topic provides many lifestyle style management features, various blogs laid out, as well as full visual communication. One of the features of the Uncode WordPress style sheet is the Content Block function, which lets you build re-usable page items that you can use throughout your website.

Get this nice WordPress topic to create a one of a kind website. Some of the most beloved high-quality WordPress themes come with a range of different layout options to suit different niche markets. But the best thing about these favorite WP themes is the fact that you can adjust and reorder each of the layout to create a look that is truly original.

Below are a few more hints to make your topic better known: the best way to get your message across: Using the colours and design features of your trademark - A good way to highlight your website is to use the colours or unique pattern of your trademark for background. Merge and match items from different playlists - Some multi-purpose themes, such as 7, allow you to use playlists from different playlists.

But if you use a backdrop like the Bridge wallpaper, you'll make your site more engaging and attract your visitors' interest. Launching your website or just getting a fresher look has never been so easy today, thanks to a wealth of the best WordPress topics that can be used for a wide range of niche applications.

You can use this posting to scroll through the top 20+ of the most favorite WordPress themes to find the best one for your website. Or take a look at our ThemeForest space to find even more quality and beloved themes that will take your website to the next stage in 2017. Even if you're on a tight schedule, you can still get a free WordPress theme for your website as well.

Editor's Note: Our employees update this article on a regular basis and add the most favorite WordPress themes with the best, trendiest templates.

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